Monday, February 15, 2010

Tiger Woods Cheated Without Protection.. :O

It looks like while Tiger was "playing the field", he was playing "dirty"...

I know, I know....  I couldn't resist... 

Frankly, I don't really care about Tiger's affairs anymore, and in fact, I'm almost exhausted of hearing about them...  But, I would have thought that Tiger would have at least wrapped up his "driver" before he went into the "rough" with these porn stars he was banging...

Apparently, that wasn't the case..

Tiger Woods' Porn Star Joslyn James: ABORTION, Pregnancies And UNSAFE Sex


"Joslyn James, one of two porn stars with whom Tiger Woods allegedly had an affair, is speaking out about their scandalous past.

The porn star says she became pregnant -- twice! -- after regularly having unprotected sex with the superstar golfer. The New York Daily News reports that James will tell "Inside Edition" tonight that the first pregnancy ended in a miscarriage, while she arranged an abortion during the second pregnancy."
 Oh Tiger, if you still had any chance of reconciliation with Elin before, you definitely don't have any now...


(Images taken from: (Tiger) (Joslyn James))

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