Monday, October 25, 2010

Congratulations Toronto!! Rob Ford is Your New Mayor!!

Rob Ford has won the 2010 Toronto Mayoral Election!!

Congrats Rob! We knew you would do it! We are all so happy for you, and for Toronto!!

With the Polls at 99% complete, here are the results:

Rob Ford 379,755
George Smitherman 286,777
Joe Pantalone 94,634

Other notable winners tonight were Doug Ford (Rob Ford's brother) in Ward 2, Mary-Margaret McMahon over Sandra Bussin in Ward 32, and unfortunately Paula Fletcher was re-elected in Ward 30 over Liz West by an extremely small margin (we'll get you next time Paula, next time!!).


Screenshot taken from YouTube video above at!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

George Smitherman Caused Ontario's Skyrocketing Electricity Rates...

If you're in shock-and-awe at the way your electricity rates have been skyrocketing, you have one Toronto Mayoral Candidate to thank for that, and that's former Ontario Minister of Health and Energy, and not to mention Deputy Premier under Dalton McGuinty, Frivolous George Smitherman.

Apparently, because of George Smitherman's leadership as the Provincial Minister of Energy, we can all look forward to our Electricity Rates Doubling in 5 years based on current estimates.

Here's the story from the National Post:

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rob Ford Retakes Lead in Toronto Mayoral Poll Headed into Final Weekend!

The latest Toronto Mayoralty Poll taken during the week of October 13th through until October 21st shows Rob Ford retaking the lead headed into the final weekend before the 2010 Election.

Here's the story from the Globe and Mail (it must have killed the Globe to have to release this one!):