Sunday, February 28, 2010

Canada is on Top of The World!!! Crosby the hero in Gold Winning Game!

We are the champions - my friends
And we'll keep on fighting - till the end
We are the champions, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS
No time for losers, 'cause we are the champions - OF THE WORLD!!

We did it!! We've taken the Gold!! We've defeated the almost unbeatable Team USA! What a game!

Canada Owns the GOLDEN Podium! Does any other "Podium" even Matter?

No matter what anyone (hint hint USA) says about who the “winners” of these Olympics are, we all know who the TRUE champions are, and it’s not just us that feel that way.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why Don't Fish Get Electrocuted when Lightning Strikes the Water?

My girl asked me that today, and I thought that was the cutest thing I'd heard in a while. To my embarrassment though, I didn't know the answer to that question either...

Being an ex-lifeguard (a long long long time ago), I know that when I was guarding an outside pool, at the first sight of rain, we cleared it because if lightning hit the water, the swimmers would be killed.

So, I can totally understand her question...

Now, unlike her, things like this drive me crazy! Thank God we live in a time where if you have almost any question at all - and it's likely that someone else in the world is wondering the same thing - the answer is sitting at your fingertips!

Wall Street 2 Movie Trailers are out!!!

If you're like me, then Wall Street was one of your most favorite movies of all time!!

Well, Wall Street 2 - Money Never Sleeps ( is coming out this spring, and the trailers are starting to emerge...

Here are the first 2.. Enjoy!

Canada Holds On!!! Slovakia Just Wouldn't Let Go...

Wow, what a game! The last 5 minutes of the 3rd were insane!

So, that's it. One more game and our Destiny will be fulfilled!! Gold in both Mens and Womens Hockey sounds just about right for Canada.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Great Olympic VISA Commercial about Canadian Cross-Country Skier

During the 1st intermission of the Canada vs Slovakia game, they played a great Olympic Visa Commercial about Sara Renner, a Canadian Cross-Country Skier who broke her ski pole during an Olympic Event, and a coach from Norway gave her his ski pole to continue the race.  She ended up winning the Silver Medal because of it, while a skier from Norway ended up in 4th place.

Canada ended up sending a few tonnes of maple syrup to him to thank him.  Here it is:

IOC Looking to Eliminate Women's Hockey after Canada wins Gold

Yes, it's true!

Just seconds after the Canadian Women's team captured the Gold Medal in Hockey tonight, we heard that IOC President Jacques Rogge issued a threat that Womens Hockey's days are numbered if other countries don't improve their game...

Here's the story:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Destiny!! Canada Sends Russia Packing... No medal for you, NEXT!!

Wow, what a game!! Right out of the gate, Canada seemed possessed by the spirit of Team Canada Past!

Russia? Russia who?? Ok ok... They kind of put up a fight.. But hey, so did Germany and Norway! ;)

Getzlaf!!!! I didn't realize until tonight the skills this guy has!! I think he's just getting better as the tournament goes on (cough cough.. ankle healing.. cough cough)... I know we have a lot more to see from him on our quest for the Gold!

And Luongo! Imagine.. Ovechkin, Malkin, Kovalchuk, Datsyuk!! Wow, they have more heroes than the Justice League (no no, they have more heroes than NBC).. Great performance by Luongo tonight.

Now, is it just me, or was the Croszzz missing for the first 2 periods, and parts of the 3rd? I'm just saying... Relax..

Canada flattens Germany in the quest for Gold!! Bring on Russia!!

Didn’t I tell you to relax!! You all got so worked up for no reason…

Those poor, poor Germans… They got punished for a mistake that they didn’t even make! ;)

You know, it’s funny. We thought we got screwed by having to play this extra qualifying round game… But think of the Germans... When they found out that they would have to play Canada in the qualifying round, imagine how screwed they felt!!


Wow, tell me you weren't cheering "SPARTACUS!! SPARTACUS!!" after that last episode of Spartacus:  Blood and Sand!!  :)

If you haven't seen Spartacus yet, or you haven't seen the latest episode, then I would stop reading right now... (But go watch it and come back!!)

So, were you like me, and you knew that that seemed to be too easy a victory over that monster dude, Theokoles, “The Shadow of Death”?  When he got back up, you can't tell me you weren't worried for Spartacus and Crixus... My girl was actually yelling at that point for them to run away!!  It was awesome!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Canadian Immigration Judge Steve Ellis Blackmails Refugees for Sex...

If Kim and her boyfriend didn't record (via video and audio) the blackmail for sex attempt by a former Toronto City Councillor and now Immigration Judge, would anyone have believed her??? That's the question that I wonder about...

Here's the story:

A Vote for Shelley Carroll (for Mayor), is a Vote for New Taxes in Toronto...

You know, I wondered how Toronto City Councillor and Budget Chief Shelley Carroll would even have the guts to reconsider running for the Mayor of Toronto, after being the #1 person responsible for the new Toronto City Budget (the perfect example of a spend more but get less budget).

I came across this article today... It's a good one.

Canada benches Brodeur!! It's up to Luongo now against Germany...

Well, you asked for it, so you got it.  Luongo will be starting for Canada against Germany tomorrow, and most likely for the rest of the tourney.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Leafs' Grabovski Arrested for Street Fight in Vancouver!!

Did you hear about this yet??!!

Leafs' centre in Vancouver bar fight


"The arrest of Leafs' centre Mikhail Grabovski after a street fight in Vancouver marks the latest offside in a sometimes controversial career.
Sidelined for six weeks since Jan. 2 with a fractured wrist, the 5 foot-11, 181-pound centre was arrested and jailed early Saturday in downtown Vancouver during a reported drunken brawl."

So, he's injured with a fractured wrist, yet, he's out there in a drunken fight on the streets of Vancouver...



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Don't worry.. Canada's Loss only means More Hockey! ;)

Yes yes, the Americans pulled a quick one on us tonight... But, it's all good Canada. All this means is that we get to see more hockey!! ;)

Instead of going directly to the Quarter Finals, this means we’ll have to play in the Qualifying Round against Germany.. Ooooh, big deal.. Relax..

I'd almost prefer that, as now we won't be just sitting and waiting. We'll keep playing, becoming more humble, more hungry and also more desperate. And that's exactly what we need from our Canadian team right now.

Dirty Durham Cop Assaulted his Wife and Bullied the Public..

Well, well, well...

So now it's coming out that the Durham Cop who beat up those poor teenagers on Super Bowl Sunday, also beat up his wife as well..

Awesome Molson Canadian Commercial!

During today's Olympic Hockey Canada vs USA game, they played probably the best Molson Canadian commercial I've seen so far!

Here it is in case you missed it -or if you're like me, in case you want to watch it again..

jackandcokewithalime - About Me

Well, after much demand from the jackandcokewithalime viewing public, here is the link to my new About Me page.

You know, it's funny.  The most popular page on my site (after my main page), was my Blogger Profile page.  Apparently almost everyone who has come to jackandcokewithalime, wanted to know who jackandcokewithalime is, and what he's all about.

Well, I've given in to the pressure.  Enjoy!


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Dirty Olympic Cops an Embarrassment to Canada..

(Image:  Vancouver City Hall and Olympic Flag)

Why? Why did they have to do this at the Olympics?? Did they truly have no concern for the embarrassment their stupidity was going to cause for Canada??

Friday, February 19, 2010

Brodeur Saves Canada in Win against the Swiss!

Yes yes, I thought I would be the one person who gives credit to Brodeur today (including having his name in the headline) for stopping all of the shootout attempts by the Swiss last night; as opposed to everyone who will be, "Oh, Sidney Crosby this" and "Sidney Crosby that"... "Let me bend over for you Sidney".. "Let me go on my knees for you Sidney"... "Sidney, oooooooh Sidney..." (Ok, I went too far..)

Yes, he scored the shootout winner.  And yes, I was as relieved as the next guy when he did.  And yes again, I am very proud of him as both a hockey fan and a Canadian.  But don't forget, he missed his first shootout attempt.  Mario Lemieux would have scored on both attempts!  Gretzky would have requested not to be selected to shoot, so at least Sidney showed he had more guts than "the great one".  (Yeah, I said it!!)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Giambrone Back to Business at the TTC... It seems...

I can't believe I'm about to say this, and I hope I don't regret it - and if you tell anyone I said it, I'll blatantly deny it!! - but Adam Giambrone actually kind of impressed me in his press conference that he had today.

It actually looked like he was knee-deep in the TTC's daily activities, and it truly seems like he's actually trying to do his job now.

There's nothing like a Failed Mayoral Campaign and a string of Personal and Public Controversies to give someone a true wake-up call, eh!!


Toronto Police Board Reviewing Bumbled Police Corruption Case

So, it looks like someone has been reading my blog.... No no, just kidding.. There's no way my drama was heard in regards to this, but nevertheless, it's still a great thing to hear, and I will be listening and watching closely to see what comes of this 'review'.

"Spartacus: Blood and Sand" is Crazy!!

If you're not watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand, then you're missing out on some crazy TV!!

I first heard about this show a couple of months ago, when mentions of a new Gladiator-type show that's pure glorified violence and blatant nudity caught my ear..

And let me tell you, it has more than lived up to it's name! If you caught the latest episode, then I'm sure you'll agree.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Khabibulin gets Nailed for DUI in Arizona..

He was apparently speeding in a black Ferrari doing 70 in a 45, when he got pulled over in a rich area of Scottsdale, AZ..

When the officer came over, he tried to pull the "I only had one glass of wine" maneuver... I guess it didn't work.. (Does it ever??)

Toronto Budget: Families Pay More while TTC Commissioners Keep their Perks??!!!

Mayor Miller truly has shown his worthiness for "King of the Douchebags" with this latest Toronto budget...

Aside from his raising property taxes and user fees on everything related to the city across-the-board, he is also going after the children and families in this budget.

But hey, that hasn't stopped him from allowing the TTC Commissioners to keep their perks... We wouldn't want to upset them...

Did you catch the latest episode of American Dad?

If you did, then you know that it was sooooooo classic!! I have to admit, it really had me laughing! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

As Expected, Canada Destroys Norway in Opener! Some Interesting Notes...

So, it wasn't the 27-0 lashing we were all hoping for (wink wink), but it was still a dominant victory (8-0) and definitely a great chance for Canada to build some chemistry and get their feet wet in this 2010 Olympics.

After a slow and scoreless first period where the Canadians appeared to be figuring things out and testing the Norwegians' abilities, they came back in the 2nd putting 3 past the Norwegian goaltender (who definitely played the game of his life in the 1st), and then put things away with 5 more in the 3rd.

It was a great game overall for Team Canada, and they have us all eagerly awating their next game on Thursday against the Swiss.

A few interesting notes for you (or at least interesting to me):

Even Americans are Excited about Olympic Hockey!!

Yes yes... Even in the US -where Hockey is the equivalent of bowling in terms of popularity, they are excited about this year's Olympic Hockey tournament!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Australians Whining about Canadian Gold!

Well, well... It looks like the Australians are whining like little bitches over Canadian Bilodeau's Gold medal performance in the moguls..

Tiger Woods Cheated Without Protection.. :O

It looks like while Tiger was "playing the field", he was playing "dirty"...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Canada Wins First Gold in Vancouver 2010!!

Congrats Canada! We've Won our First Gold Medal of the 2010 Olympics!! Hopefully the first of many to come!

The Honour goes to Alexandre Bilodeau ( from Quebec, who kicked some butt in the Men's moguls.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Quick GST Refresher for you...

So, McGuinty's $1.6 Million campaign of HST Manipulation has begun, and I thought it no better time to review what happened with the GST, how it started and how it evolved.. Mabye remember many of the promises made by politicians in regards to it, and whether they made good on them or not..

McGuinty's Campaign of HST Manipulation has Begun..

Its full steam ahead with McGuinty's HST manipulation campaign targeted at the Naive and Gullible sheep of Ontario!

No matter how many times McGuinty molests us, we continue to allow him to stick his hand down our pants as we close our eyes pretending that it's not happening..

Ontario Provincial Court Condones Racism

Court in uproar over racism sentence
Victim arrested after man who attacked Asian anglers jailed 2 years


“Emotions erupted in the Newmarket courthouse Friday as a Sutton man was sentenced to two years less a day in jail for a racist attack on Asian anglers, and one of the victims – upset at the light sentence – wound up handcuffed and arrested.”

Yes yes, Ontario Superior Court Justice Alfred Stone decided that Trevor Middleton, the epitome of racism in Canada, deserved 2 years in jail for gathering a group of his KKK-worthy friends and severely assaulting a group of Asian fishermen in an ongoing practice called “nip tipping”.
Let’s review exactly what happened again, and see if the punishment fit the crime.

Top Selling NHL Jerseys..

I found this interesting article at the Globe and Mail today..

The NHL's top-selling jerseys (as per


A commenter noted that only 4 of the top scorers in the NHL were on the list of the TOP 20 provided in the article.

I thought that was interesting, so here’s the combination of both the Top Selling Jerseys, and their current Stats for the season:

Friday, February 12, 2010 - Request to stop “spammy comment behaviour”...

So it finally happened.. I figured the day would come where I would either get banned from blogTO, or at least scolded by their Moderators for commenting and then signing my comment with my blog’s URL…

Details coming out about Giambrone's other women...

So, it was only a matter of time before we started hearing about the other young women in Giambrone's proverbial closet.

Rocco Rossi knows how to deal with the TTC!

Now, I'm still trying to figure this guy out, but at least he has the right idea about what to do with the TTC! (And that wins big points in my book!)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mayor Miller is full of crap..

Did you see this article yet?

Miller stands by his man

"Toronto Mayor David Miller is standing by TTC chair Adam Giambrone."

"The test I have for whether somebody should be in a leadership role is if they're succeeding," Miller said Thursday. "There's never been a time like this for public transit in Toronto and when there have been problems, chair Giambrone has accepted responsibility and proposed solutions."
So, let me see if I understand this correctly...

John Mayer is an Ignorant Racist...

I know I'm probably gonna get lashed for this one from his countless fans (one of which was me!), but oh well... I have to call out stupidity when I see it..

Did you catch "The Middle" yesterday?

If you did, then you must of heard that shot that Axl (the sterotypical teenaged son) gave Sue (the braces-wearing teenaged daughter) in regards to the overblown makeup and outfit she was wearing for her first Valentine's Day Boy-Girl Party..

It absolutely killed me last night, so I had to comment on it today (to lighten things up around here...).

18% of Torontonians Crossing the Border to Fly

On the way home from work today, I caught some of the "LiveDrive with John Tory" on NewsTalk 1010 (, and he was having an interesting conversation in regards to "Border Airports".

So, it appears now that 18% of Torontonians (I believe that’s the number quoted from the radio show) decide to Fly to the US via the Buffalo International Airport as opposed to our beloved Pearson International, simply because it’s cheaper and it’s easier.

And who can blame them? Money and Convenience are key in today’s super-fast moving world.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cop charged with Beating Up Teenagers..

It never ends with these Dirty and Corrupt Cops...

This latest story involves a Durham Regional Police Officer who beat up a couple of teenagers after the Super Bowl, who were just waiting for their rides home.

You see, the BULLY inside of these Cops never goes away...

Mission Accomplished!!! Giambrone Quits Bid for Mayor!!

At least we can feel safe that the next Mayor of Toronto won't be that useless lying disgrace Adam Giambone!

Today, Giam-phoney announced to the public that he would be quiting his run for Mayor of Toronto.

Cell Phone Ban Update - Stats in Toronto after 7 days..

So, it looks like some cell phone ban stats for Toronto (for the first 7 days of the law being in effect) are out from the Toronto Police...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TTC Union Boss Bob Kinnear is a Manipulative Idiot...

Today TTC Union Boss Bob Kinnear responded to the current storm of controversy surrounding the TTC employees and their uselessness on the job.

He took shots at the Public for pointing out the TTC's failures (via photos/videos on the camera phones). He took shots at the Media for publishing these photos/videos. And he took shots at TTC Management, for trying to discipline the TTC employees for these failures.

It seems like Bob Kinnear is blaming everyone for the TTC's problems, except for the people who are actually failing, the TTC employees themselves...

Giambrone Banging University Student on the side..

Well well Mr. Giambrone, now we're starting to see why the TTC and your Ward are both in shambles..

Maybe you should be focussing on your jobs (as TTC Chair and City Councilor), instead of trying to balance banging your "partner" (whatever that means), and banging random University Students in your office in City Hall.

McGuinty burns another $1.6 Million on HST Manipulation..

Really?? McGuinty is Manipulating People and Wasting Millions again?? No, it can't be...

I came across this gem in the Star today:

Province spends $1.6M on ads explaining HST


"In an effort to sell the controversial HST to Ontarians, the Liberals are set to launch a $1.6 million ad campaign beginning Thursday."
Queue the sad laughs out of pure frustration..

Olympic Hockey Starting Soon!!

Yes yes, so I was watching the Super Bowl yesterday, and I kept seeing the Ads for the Olympics (tell me that wasn't overkill... I swear, every 5 mins we're seeing the CTV Olympics Ads with the "da dana-naaaa").

Anyway, one of them said "Friday", and I realized that we're going to be having some crazy Olympic hockey soon! To me it's basically multiple NHL All Star Games, except the teams are Countries!! Oh yes.. This is what we wait for!

Ok, the other events are great as well, but Hockey, that's key, at least for me.

So I looked up the Schedule for Team Canada, just in case you were curious:


Monday, February 8, 2010

Avatar, Avatar, why can'teth I watcheth thou, Avatar?

It's almost like a Shakespearean tragedy the way that I continuously go to the the IMAX 3D theatres almost every weekend, and still every single time, the ticket lady tells me that Avatar is sold out (not to mention that she gives me that elitist look like I'm an idiot for even trying to get tickets 20 mins before the show).

Seriously though, it's been what, 8 weeks since it was released on December 18th? And still I can't get in to watch it? Wow.. It really must be something.

Now, I can admit that I'm infamous for planning to go to theatre about 1 hour before-hand, and actually ending up leaving for the theatre with about 25 mins to spare, just barely getting there 5 mins before the start time. But I've given it it's due diligence. I did't even try to catch the movie in it's first month as I knew there would be no hope. But then every weekend after that I've been trying and still getting disappointed..

TTC Employees are Nothing but Spoiled Crybabies

So, it appears that the TTC crybabies have launched a Facebook group which is their attempt at getting back at the Public (their Customers), the TTC Management, and the Media.

TTC workers fight back


"TTC employees launched a Facebook group listing their frustrations with the public, the media and a management many say isn’t doing its job. The site, Toronto Transit operators against public harassment, also includes photos of the litter, beer bottles, graffiti and window etchings left behind by passengers on subway cars. There’s even a picture of a passenger riding with his feet on subway seats."

So the poor poor TTC workers are upset that the public, the TTC Management and the Media are now publicly noting their constant failures and uselessness on the job.. Are they suddenly getting pressure to shapen up? Their spokespeople are tired of having to give false excuses day after day after day, and are now pointing the finger back at them? No more doing whatever they want, whenever they want with no recourse whatsoever?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The TTC's First Correct Step..

It's been so long since I've been able to say anything positive about the TTC. So this entry is even surprising to myself!

You see, I will always be the harshest critic, but, I will also always give credit where credit is due.

Leafs whip Sens! Giguere on Fire!!

Not that I want to get my hopes up, but it's been sooooooooo long since we've had a solid goaltender, that finally now I'm truly starting to feel like the Leafs can only get better going forward.

Gigeure got his 2nd shutout in his 2nd game with the Leafs!  What more can you ask for from a Goalie (hint hint Raycroft & Toskala)??

Not since Eddie The Eagle (minus his last couple of seasons) have I felt this secure with our goaltending. 

Saturday, February 6, 2010

TTC Driver Leaves Passengers Stranded..

In this latest story, another Heroic Public TTC Watchdog was involved in a heated argument with yet another driver who decided to take a break for Timmy's in the middle of a route.

TTC Driver Caught Smoking in Workplace

Yes yes.. Remember when I said:

"Drivers are given breaks between their routes. I'm sure you see them when you're at the station, standing in the NO SMOKING area and having a smoke.."

Well, I took heat for it, but the next day you see photos of it in the news (and thank you public for continuing to capture these shots of slacking TTC workers! That's what's going to make a difference at the end-of-the-day).

Big Bang Theory - without the laughs..

Have you ever been watching a TV show comedy, and noticed how the studio audience is laughing at stuff that isn't truly funny?

And then you realize that it's all just manipulated laughter that isn't really true, and moreso involves either "fake" laughter generated using a computer or laugh lights indicating when the audience is suppose to laugh..

I remember thinking that I hated being told when to laugh... That was until I saw one of my current favorite TV Shows, Big Bang Theory without the "Laugh Track".  Take a look:

Blood-Sucking Vampire...Shows!!

Yesterday while I was working on jackandcokewithalime, my girl was watching her current favorite show, The Vampire Diaries, and unfortunately, this was one of those times where I was stuck watching (reluctantly) along with her via my peripheral vision...

So I'm watching this vampire crap, and my girl's all into it, so ofcourse I have to ruin it for her.. ;) So it's time to start thinking of some smart-ass comments to make throughout the show (and I have to say that I'm a hero at it, and she'll back me up on that... angrily).

Toronto's Rich & Gay Enable Further McGuinty Corruption

With the Toronto City Centre by-election completed and Dalton McGuinty's puppet -I mean candidate- Glen Murray victorious, once again we see how Torontonians are just clueless when it comes to voting...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Slacking TTC Driver Suspended

A quick update to my previous post..

TTC driver caught on break suspended


As I suspected, the TTC has only suspended the Driver and not Fired him (yet)...

TTC Employees Don’t Care

You know, given the current situation the TTC is in, one would think that TTC Employees would at least be a bit more sensitive, at least right now… Yet for some reason, there’s still evidence that not all of them are convinced –either that, or they just don’t care.

And yet another Corrupt OPP Cop...

OPP officer charged with breach of trust


"ORILLIA, Ont. — Ontario Provincial Police have arrested and charged one of their own officers with breach of trust. The force says the charge against 28-year-old Const. Muharem Krdzalic deals with alleged disclosure of confidential information. The OPP's Professional Standards Bureau alleges the information was passed to an unauthorized person."

God, it's almost depressing how I can find at least 1 new article about Corrupt Police (either in Toronto, Ontario or Canada) almost every single day.

Winnipeg Police Beating - Update

An update on the Corrupt Winnipeg Police Scum who beat and tasered that poor guy (who I accept is a criminal, but "poor" because nobody deserves to get a beating like that, especially when the video evidence showed that he was co-operating)..

Fantino's Corrupt Crown Connections..

Charges against top cop Fantino dropped


Big surprise here!! As soon as I heard this story I immediately presumed Corruption.. Then I read this next version from the Toronto Sun, and had my presumptions confirmed.

Bones - Timely Toyota Product Placements

Yes yes, "Timely" as in a lot of time, at a very necessary time (for Toyota)..

Now, I don't watch Bones personally, but it's one of my girl's faves so I do have to sit through it occasionally. Usually I'll be working on my day-job work, or on jackandcokwithalime, but I still have to hear it.. And today unfortunately I still had to see it from my peripheral.

Lost returns for "Final Season"

Notice how they keep saying "Final Season"!!

I think they finally caught on that us 'Lost' viewers were fed up..

I mean, is it just me, or did you all feel like Lost just kept getting deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper, oh an explanation about something.. nope, just more questions, and deeper and deeper..

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

New Leafs Put On a Show!!

The New Leafs looked awesome in tonight's game!! Phaneuf kicked some ass, and Giguere got the Shutout!! What more could we have asked for??

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What, the Crown CHEATS to win Trials?? You don't say...

You know you're screwed as a citizen when the Crown Prosecutor and the Police CHEAT in order to convict you of a crime..

'This is a case about the Crown cheating'


"A panel of three Ontario Court of Appeal judges was urged yesterday to order a new trial in a double murder case because of secret vetting of potential jurors by the Crown and police."

Giambrone: Takes the Glory, but not the Blame

You know, whenever there's new Subways being created, or new bus routes being added, Adam Giambrone is all over it..

But when it comes time to take responsibility for the failures of the TTC, the TTC CHAIR says he has no control over the operations of the TTC and therefore isn't to blame for their failures..

You see, he's always there to Take the Glory, but never around to take the Blame..

Monday, February 1, 2010

Cell phone driving bans don't work

I came across this story on CNN Money today..

Cell phone driving bans don't work


I thought this was interesting given that the new Cell Phone Ban here in Toronto goes into effect tomorrow.