Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Ontario Sunshine List in Excel! Courtesy of jackandcokewithalime...

The 2011 Ontario Sunshine List (the list of Ontario Public Sector Employees who made $100,000 or more in 2010) came out today and is available for everyone to review. If you're looking for the official Ontario Government website link for the list, visit: Public Sector Salary Disclosure 2011 (Disclosure for 2010).

I took the liberty of pulling the 2011 Sunshine List into a Microsoft Excel file so that you can go ahead and slice and dice the data to your heart's content.

Here's the link to download the Excel version of the list, courtesy of yours truly, jackandcokewithalime:

The 2011 Ontario Sunshine List is Out! Here's The Link...

The 2011 Ontario Public Salary Disclosure (for 2010) is finally out!!!

Here's the link in case you are interested:

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Canada Defeats USA in Average Penis Size! Though, Both Lose To The World...

Yes, yes, I went there... ;)

Though Canadian men have an Average Erect Penis Size that is of longer length than American men (5.5 inches for Canadian men versus 5.1 inches for American men), overall, both Canada and the United States did pretty embarrassingly in a survey/study of Average Penis Sizes around the world (with Canada landing in 76th place overall, and the United States landing in 98th).

Here's a list of the results:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Torontonians Ignore Earth Hour Due To McGuinty Green-Failure Fatigue...

Last night on March 26th 2011 between 8:30pm and 9:30pm, the world recognized Earth Hour (see:, but if you were in Toronto, you wouldn't have been able to distinguish last night from any other night, as Torontonians are just fed up, and if Green fanatics and Eco activists are looking for someone to blame, you need to look no further than Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty.

With everything from McGuinty's failed Eco Fees (see: Ontario Eco Fees FAIL to Divert Hazardous Materials from Landfills... and Eco Fees Trashed! Another McGuinty Government Fiasco...) to his failed Green Experiments and Smart Meters causing skyrocketing Electricity prices (see: Dalton McGuinty's Energy Policy Costs Ontario 1,680% Extra for Electricity! and McGuinty's Former Deputy Premier George Smitherman Caused Ontario's Skyrocketing Electricity Rates...), Torontonians and Ontarians are so black and blue from McGuinty's Green abuse, that just the mention of the words "Green" or "Eco" has us feeling traumatized and reaching to protect our wallets.

What Torontonians and Ontarians need, more now than ever, is a "Wallet Hour", not an "Earth Hour", protecting our pocketbooks from McGuinty's relentless Taxation Warming.

Here's the Earth Hour story from the Toronto Star:

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Statistic: Median Net Worth by Age & By Annual Income - Are You On Track?

It's natural for people to wonder how they measure up against everyone else when it comes to what their Net Worth is when they're at a certain Age, or what their Net Worth is when they're making a certain Annual Income. I know I do sometimes...

Well, it turns out that Neilsen Claritas performed a study which measured this in the United States, and CNN Money created a great calculator as a part of their Retirement Calculators which shows the Median value (Wikipedia: Median) for Net Worth (Wikipedia: Net Worth) by Age and by Annual Income.

I thought it was pretty handy, so I figured I would share it with you.

The CNN Net Worth by Age and Income Calculator can be found at the following site:

Toronto's Leftist City Councillors Perversely Punish Torontonians via the TEYCC

(Wendy Hymus' House in Ward 22 where her request to have a parking pad installed was rejected by the TEYCC.)

Talk about sore losers...

In a lame attempt to punish Torontonians for removing any remaining power that Toronto City Council's Leftist tax-spend-and-waste contingent have in the city, Councillors like Gord Perks and Adam Vaughan have chosen to use the Toronto and East York Community Council (TEYCC) as a tool to make applicable constituents the proverbial whipping-boys on which to unleash their payback in the form of parking pad request rejections (among other things).

Torontonians residing in the Wards within the realm of the TEYCC are facing a firing squad of Leftist Councillors who make every attempt to reject their requests for parking pads on their properties, simply because Toronto Mayor Rob Ford won the election with one of the goals being to end the war on the car, and therefore, by rejecting these requests from car owners, they are winning a small victory against Rob Ford, meanwhile causing a massive loss for the TEYCC constituents.

Car owners in these applicable Wards require parking pads (parking spaces constructed on their properties, sometimes above grassed areas on their front lawn) for all kinds of reasons ranging from disability issues, to security concerns about having to park countless blocks away and having to walk home at late hours of the night, to concerns with having to make their small children have to endure this long trek, simply because they cannot install this parking pad on their own property.  But, when residents raise these issues with the TEYCC Council representatives, instead of looking out for Torontonians and trying to help them with their problems (as they were elected to do), they instead do everything they can to make life harder for these constituents, a truly perverse and scumbag move.

Here is a related story from the Toronto Sun:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Milton Crown Prosecutor Fails Canada on PETA Pie-Terrorist's Weak Plea Deal

Last week, the Milton Crown Prosecutor made a shameful and disgusting deal with the devil, an American PETA Pie-Terrorist devil that is, essentially condoning the planned and calculated assault on a Canadian Government Minister and telling anyone that if they disagree with a Canadian Policy, they should feel free to go right ahead and assault the applicable Canadian Minister without fear of true accountability.

The American PETA-Terrorist, Emily McCoy, waited patiently tofu-pie-in-hand, at a press conference where Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Gail Shea, was about to speak. As soon as she got up to the podium and started her speech, McCoy ran up to her and slammed the pie in her face, after which she started shouting her verbal diatribe about immoral seal clubbing and the unethical treatment of animals and etc.

Here is a YouTube Video that shows the incident:

Friday, March 18, 2011

HST "First Look" Study Paid For By Ontario Ministry of Finance is Flawed...

The Ontario Ministry of Finance (obviously on Premier Dalton McGuinty's request given the up-coming election) cleverly requested a Study to be conducted now (barely months after the HST's introduction in Ontario), in order to measure the financial impact of the HST on Ontario families.

The results of this Study appear to show that prices increased slightly in Ontario by 0.9% in July 2010, and 0.6% in December 2010, compared to what would have happened had the HST not been implemented.

To see the study for yourself (and I encourage you to read it through, it's not too bad), please visit:

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

List of Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty's Scandals with Details...

With the Ontario Provincial Election coming up in October, and with Liberal Organizations like the "Working Families Coalition" out there spreading their pro-Liberal pro-Union agenda (see: Disgraceful "Working Families Coalition" Defines Anti-Family in Ontario...), I though it absolutely necessary to pull together a list with supporting details of 30 Dalton McGuinty Ontario Liberal Scandals that have taken place over his 2 terms as the Premier of Ontario (from 2003 to 2011).

Without a doubt, Dalton McGuinty is the most scandal-plagued, tax-spend-and-waste, unethical, integrity-deficient Premier that Ontario has ever had in its entire history.  And even though this should be obvious to all Ontarians, McGuinty's gift of being able to talk his way out of anything often leaves Ontarians questioning their hurtful experiences and falling for his "Premier Dad" routine of manipulation.  McGuinty could literally get away with murder by convincing Ontarians that "though this was not the easy thing to do, it was the right thing to do".

Given this gift of his, even I find myself sometimes caught up in his rhetoric about being responsible and taking our tough medicine even if it tastes awful, only to find myself later waking up in a proverbial hangover with my head pounding realizing that he got me once again!  This is why I compiled this list of many of Dalton McGuinty's more publicized scandals (along with links to applicable news stories from reputable news organizations that have reported on them).  Now every time I find myself questioning my disgust with Premier McGuinty, I simply just review this list and remember everything that he has done to Ontario and Ontarians.

Though this list has many Scandals, Broken Promises and New Taxes/Fees that Premier Dalton McGuinty has plagued Ontarians with since being elected, in no way is this a complete list.  If you find that I have missed any Scandals, Broken Promises or New Taxes/Fees, please feel free to add a comment and note them along with any supporting websites that readers can review to get further details.

Without any further delay, here is the list.  (Please note that this list is not in any particular order related to importance or timelines or etc.)

Disgraceful "Working Families Coalition" Defines Anti-Family in Ontario...

It looks like the Working Families Coalition, a Union-backed Ontario Liberal Party front (see: Toronto Sun: Using Oscar for special attack: Blizzard), have kicked off their illegal campaign of slander and manipulation against all parties that are not Liberal in Ontario (see: Attack ads paint Hudak as Bay Street stooge), a well known tactic that they became famous for during the 2003 and 2007 Ontario Provincial Elections.

This disgraceful and unethical so-called "Working Families" Coalition has no interest in protecting Ontario's Working Families (as much as they would try to have you believe). No, they more accurately look to protect the corrupt and wasteful Unions in Ontario, with their six-figure-salary-earning Union Bosses, their drastically-overly-high wages for their Union Members, unprecedented pensions and benefits that are far above-and-beyond any kind of industry standard that true Ontario "Working Families" receive, and unfair and unrealistic jobs-for-life contract clauses that are bankrupting Ontario, eroding our services, and were obtained through corrupt workers strikes that withheld necessary services from Ontario's families.

Unfortunately, the truth is that the "Families" that the so-called "Working Families Coalition" are trying to protect, are not the same types of "Families" that include mothers, fathers and children. No, this Coalition is looking to protect an entirely different type of "Family". (And I'll just stop there out of the fear of a violent response from this Coalition's "Family" connections...)

Aside from the obvious reasons to fear this type of Corrupt Coalition in Ontario, another horrifying prospect is the underlying connections between this "Family" Coalition and the Ontario Liberal Party, not to mention their "Family Boss", Dalton McGuinty.

While Ontario's true "Working Families" have been struggling to survive under this scandal-plagued tax-and-waste McGuinty Liberal Government, the Ontario Unions have been living it up on a honeymoon that has been going on ever since he took office 8 years ago. Never has Ontario seen so many scandals after scandals after scandals after scandals, all the while increasing taxes at a record rate to cover these scandals of corruption overseen by the McGuinty Government. The McGuinty Government along with their Union buddies have effectively turned Ontario into a have-not province, and have left true Ontario Working Families starving and out in the cold.

If you live in Ontario, it's been impossible to miss the countless broken promises, scandals and new taxes that Dalton McGuinty has imposed on Ontarians; broken promises, scandals and new taxes that the "Working Families Coalition" is fighting to protect. Here are just a few examples:

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Torontonians Wanting To Pay More Taxes Should Be Allowed To Do So!

Super Mayor Rob Ford fights every day to help out the taxpayers in this city, and every day he is opposed by leftist elitist scumbags like Toronto City Councillors Adam Vaughan and Gord Perks, who try to do everything they can to continue to increase taxes on Torontonians, all the while pushing for further reckless spending and lack of accountability for Toronto's various Departments and arms-length agencies.

Reminder: Both City Councillors Adam Vaughan and Gord Perks (along with Janet Davis, Pam McConnell, Joe Mihevc, and Sarah Doucette) voted against repealing the Toronto Personal Vehicle Tax (see: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Successfully Abolished the Personal Vehicle Tax!), and I say, if they want their constituents to pay the tax, then let their constituents have the choice to do so!

If they also want their constituents to pay the Land Transfer Tax (after Mayor Ford repeals it too), then I say let them have the option to do that as well!

As a severely over-taxed Toronto taxpayer, I am more than happy to have people who feel like they have so much money that they don't know what to do with it, to please feel free to go ahead and cut a cheque to the City of Toronto. In fact, feel free to setup a pre-authorized debit or a direct garnisheeing of your wages for whatever percentage you like, the higher the better, to the City of Toronto. Go right ahead!! In fact, I implore you to do so. Please!!

While you're at it, for those who want to increase taxes to further fund the Arts and Culture in this City, feel free to again, cut a cheque to the City of Toronto! Go right ahead!

You want to pay an additional tax on gas, cut a cheque to the City of Toronto.

You want to add a 1% sales tax to everything in Toronto, cut a cheque to the City of Toronto.

Now, I, unlike the majority of constituents in Adam Vaughan's and Gord Perks' Wards (or at least those that voted for those two morons), don't have even one additional penny that I can spare to give towards additional taxes and fees, and therefore, when I see scandals like the one uncovered recently at the TCHC, I get absolutely furious as I could have used those tax dollars that I gave up for a million other things that I desperately need.

But again, if there are some Torontonians out there who have that great problem of their wallets and bank accounts being too fat, then feel free to lose some of that weight by passing that cash on to the City of Toronto. I mean, you have no problem trying to force ALL Torontonians to do so, so why not start with yourselves as a symbol, then maybe if the rest of Toronto sees your point (LOL!!), they may contribute as well. No, really. Seriously! ;)

I mean, who am I to tell you how to spend your money? Though obviously you elitists are not extending me and the rest of Torontonians the same courtesy.

Here's the related story from the Toronto Sun:

Ohio Union-Busting Displays Steps Needed To End Ontario & Toronto Unions

It is no surprise that the Public Sector Unions in Ontario and Toronto specifically have gone completely out of control. Unions use to be about protecting the rights of workers, but everyone knows that is no longer the case (no matter what the Unionists will tell you).

No, in today's world, Public Sector Unions are all about unfairly blackmailing the taxpayers and forcing us to pay bloated and fat wages, provide over-the-top benefits, and submitting to implement jobs-for-life types of clauses for these horrifyingly over-compensated Union workers and their Union Leaders, leading the Province and City to having astronomical deficits and a resultant relentless never-ending attack on the taxpayer of tax increase after tax increase after tax increase.

Public Leaders like Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, and former Toronto Mayor David Miller, instead of protecting the taxpayers against these Unions, actually gave the Unions more power, all in the name of getting their backing in their respective elections. Their scumbag moves in this regard are costing the taxpayers dearly.

Now, every single time the topic of Busting the Unions comes up, we are told by various left-wing sources and Union sympathizers that it's just not possible, the Unions are protected by legislation and yada yada, it just can't happen. Well, tell that to the taxpayers in Ohio, whose Republican Governor John Kasich has turned the Ohio Public Sector Unions on their heads. You see, Leaders who truly do care about their taxpayers will find a way to protect them, as is their mandate.

Ontario, after McGuinty is tossed, and Toronto, now that we have a true leader in Super Mayor Rob Ford, both have a great example in Ohio on how to end Unions in their respective jurisdictions, and the steps to do so are simple.

Step 1: Remove the Right to Strike from the Unions (by declaring them essential or etc.).
Step 2: Remove the Independant Arbitrators from the equation, and leave the final arbitration decisions in the hands of our elected political leaders.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

Douchebag NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman Arrogantly Dismisses Air Canada

After the NHL failed to properly punish Zdeno Chara for his blatantly illegal and injury-intending hit on Max Pacioretty (see: Zdeno Chara Hit on Max Pacioretty Was 100% Deliberate Intent To Injure...), Air Canada, one of the NHL's largest Canadian Sponsors, threatened to pull their sponsorship (see: See Air Canada's letter to the NHL), if something is not done to remedy this latest upward trend of career ending and life threatening head shots in the NHL.

Garry Bettman, resident douchebag and NHL Commissioner, arrogantly dismissed Air Canada like it was nothing, telling Air Canada that if it wants to pull its sponsorship, it should go right ahead.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

Zdeno Chara Hit on Max Pacioretty Was 100% Deliberate Intent To Injure...

Anyone who says that Zdeno Chara didn't intend to do exactly what he did to Max Pacioretty, which was essentially take his head off using the glass divider on the boards, either knows nothing about hockey, or is just a blatant liar.

It's not like players don't know about that glass divider. It's not like players don't slam each other into that divider all the time (though obviously not with the same criminal intent that Chara had). Ok, come on... Chara's team was down 4-0, Pacioretty didn't even have the puck anymore when Chara went for him, and Chara had been wanting to get revenge on Pacioretty for his shove the other night. This was his best opportunity to completely obliterate Pacioretty in pure vengeance, and he did exactly that (as was his plan).

Chara should be thrown in prison for what he did, and I really don't see any difference between what he did, and what Todd Bertuzzi did to Steve Moore, except I would say that it was much worse.

...Idiots pretending like Chara didn't intend not only to injure Pacioretty, but to absolutely destroy his life...

Chara, though he may not have a history of being a dirty player, definitely was exposed to those kinds of scumbag tactics during his time in Ottawa with his buddy Daniel Alfredsson (one of the dirtiest players to ever play the game). As such, this move by Chara should come as no surprise.

Here's the video in case you wanted to analyze it for yourself. As you will see, Chara purposely pushes Pacioretty's head into the divider (as is shown in the screenshot above from the YouTube video).

Friday, March 11, 2011

Disgraced TCHC Ex-CEO Derek Ballantyne Finally Tossed from Build Toronto!

Super Mayor Rob Ford said he would deal with Toronto Community Housing Corp's ex-CEO Derek Ballantyne who led the TCHC during its scandalous years outlined in the recent scathing Auditor General's report (see: Toronto Community Housing Corp. (TCHC) Board & Staff Swam in "Gravy") and who currently is the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Operations at Build Toronto, was finally today rightfully tossed in the trash from his position at Build Toronto (as Mayor Ford promised).

Here's the story from the Toronto Sun:

Vietnamese Pho Soup Causes High Blood Pressure? Say It Ain't So...

As a hardcore addict of the Vietnamese Pho soup (see: Scarborough's Pho 88 Offers "Pho Sate", The Best Soup in Toronto!), I have to say that hearing that it is actually very high in sodium -which is a cause of High Blood Pressure- was devestating... (Please note that this is not specific to Pho 88, but applies to Pho in general.)

To me, it's soup, and soup -as a general rule- is supposed to be good for you, right? Finally I find a soup that is filling, tastes absolutely amazing, and is a meal that I can have day-after-day-after-day without ever getting tired of it, and now I find out that it may be a reason why my blood pressure is a bit high, is just so depressing...

Here's the story from the Toronto Star's

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Toronto Super Mayor Rob Ford Celebrates 100 Days in Office!

It may be hard to believe, but it's been exactly 100 days since Super Mayor Rob Ford was elected into office as the Mayor of Toronto.

Congratulations Mayor Ford on doing a phenomenal job so far for Torontonians!

In your 100 days in office, you have done more for Torontonians than former Mayor David Miller did in his 2 entire terms!

Here is a note from Mayor Ford along with his official press release marking this auspicious anniversary:

Premier Dalton McGuinty Hilariously Promises No New Taxes if Reelected!

All signs are now pointing to Dalton McGuinty having lost his mind, as yesterday he actually had his government announce to Ontarians with a straight face that he has no plans to raise taxes after this October's Ontario Provincial Election!

Now, I'm not sure what's more funny... Whether McGuinty actually believes that Ontarians will believe anything that he has to say, let alone his biggest and most famous broken promise that he ever made that he would not raise taxes, or that he actually believes that he will still be in office after October?

Either way, they both sound hilarious to me!  :)

I'm actually starting to think that maybe he's already preparing for his new stand-up comedy.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

Mayor Ford Defeats City Council's Shameless Left & Disposes of TCHC Board!

Did you hear that screeching sound last night around midnight? I heard it, and I haven't heard anything so pleasant in my life... In case you're wondering, that was the sound of Toronto City Council's Left squealing as they were effectively dismissed into permanent political irrelevance by Super Mayor Rob Ford and Toronto City Council's responsible Councillors. Toronto City Council voted 25-18 in favour of dissolving the TCHC Board (see: CC6.1 Toronto Community Housing Corporation Board of Directors for the official results and further information).

Last night's vote, which took place after 6 hours of shameless showboating by the likes of Adam Vaughan, Pam McConnell, Janet Davis, Gord Perks, Joe Mihevc, Glenn De Baeremaeker, Josh Matlow and Paula Fletcher (just to name a few of Toronto's tax-spend-and-waste Left who were bitching last night), was more than just the successful completion of Mayor Ford's duty as our chief defender-of-the-taxpayers to rid us of an irresponsible TCHC Board (though admittedly, Maria Augimeri and Raymond Cho really did not take part in the scandal, and should be reinstated, though after their recent behaviour I wouldn't be surprised if they're not), but also added the icing to the cake by essentially displaying that our Council's Left Wing truly has no power anymore at City Hall, and they may as well just resign at this moment, as this is how it's going to be for them for the rest of their careers in Toronto Municipal Politics.

It's over scumbags. Go and cry me a river... Maybe David Miller will take you on in his old Law Firm (see: Miller returns to his pre-city hall law firm). At least there somebody might actually listen to your irrelevant rhetoric.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

TCHC Tenants Manipulated Into Thinking Things Are Fine at TCHC?

Relax, it's a question, not a statement...

But really, have the TCHC Tenants been manipulated into thinking that things are fine at the TCHC? Especially when before the recent TCHC scandal emerged after the release of the Auditor's report (proving that things aren't fine), the majority of TCHC tenants were up-in-arms with the constant failures of the organization with respect to their living conditions...

I mean, how does this supposed tenant outrage over Super Mayor Rob Ford's call for the resignation of the entire board (including the tenant-elected members) make any sense whatsoever?

These are the people that screwed you! Seriously, help us help you, you know what I mean?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Toronto & Peel Police Boards Misusing Victims/Proceeds of Crime Funds?

You know, I've never really understood these "Proceeds of Crime" and Victims funds, as though they have been designated for the "victims" of these crimes, it's not like this money is ever returned directly to the actual victims (without the victims having to jump through serious hoops to get it, and how often does that ever happen?). No, this money simply goes into a fund that does go towards some assistance programs for the victims (which many hardly ever use), and the rest is used at the discretion of the Police Board.

Now, when you give a Police Board access to funds that they only need to justify the usage of within their own board, then you are bound to find severe misuse.

Well, today the Toronto Star released a story that described the misuse of these "proceeds of crime" victims funds, where the Peel Police Board was purchasing tens of thousands of dollars worth of tickets to various Swanky Mayoral Galas, not only implicating the Peel Police in almost corrupt victims funds misuse, but also the Mayor of Mississauga, Hazel McCallion (who is no stranger to allegations of corruption), and also the former Mayor of Brampton, Susan Fennell, both who have sat on these Police Boards while these spending travesties occurred.

The Peel Police Board is not alone in this corrupt spending of crime victims' funds, as the Toronto Police Board has been guilty of exactly the same. Back in December, the Toronto Sun's Joe Warmington reported that the Toronto Police Board approved spending victims of crime funds on $600,000 for a Police Christmas Party, $9,000 on a cricket pitch upgrade, $21,000 for fitness equipment and other disgraceful usages.

Obviously there is a serious problem here that desperately needs to be addressed.

Firstly, here's the story from the Toronto Star about the Peel Police Board's corrupt misuse of "proceeds of crime" victims' funds:

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ontario Liberal Machine Working Overtime To Restrain Ford Nation...

The "Ford Nation" is alive and well, just ask George Smitherman, the former Liberal Deputy Premier and right-hand under Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, who dared to try and dismiss it and therefore ended up its first victim.

Then there was Rocco Rossi, the former Liberal Party President who though he seemed more reasonable and trustworthy than his then Liberal-brotheren George Smitherman, was unfortunately wearing the same colour "red" that the Ontario Liberal Party wears, not to mention the colour they've made all of Ontario's financial statements become, and he was therefore destroyed by the Ford Nation as well. However, unlike George Smitherman or even Sarah Thomson (the disgraced Mayoral candidate who started off in the race by unleashing her anger against Smitherman and everything he represented as an Ontario Liberal, but then was disgracefully corrupted by the Ontario Liberal Machine and suddenly was in love with Smitherman), at least Rocco Rossi learned his lesson from Ford Nation. Rossi promptly tossed his Liberal affiliation in the trash and traded it for the blue of Tim Hudak's Ontario Progressive Conservatives.

And let's not forget about Joe Pantalone, the NDP's white knight in the Toronto Mayoral Race where Ford Nation was born. Pantalone was absolutely destroyed (and rightfully so) for his and his NDP comrades' failure in managing the City of Toronto with any kind of efficiency whatsoever.

Reminder: Toronto 2010 Mayoral Election Results (City of Toronto - Declaration of Results of Voting - Monday, October 25, 2010 - Mayor):

Rob Ford: 383,501 (46.3%)
George Smitherman: 289,832 (35.0%)
Joe Pantalone: 95,482 (11.5%)
Rocco Rossi: 5,012 (0.6%)
Sarah Thomson: 1,883 (0.2%)
TOTAL VOTERS WHO CAST THEIR BALLOTS: 827,723 (50.55% of Eligible Toronto Voters)

The unofficial Toronto NDP, much like the Ontario Liberals, have become a symbol for waste of taxpayer money and boondoggle after boondoggle, and as much as they will try to deny it, they -and not Rob Ford, should be credited with the creation of the voter-movement that is the Ford Nation. For if it wasn't for their absolutely catastrophic failures at both the Toronto Municipal level and the Ontario Provincial level (inevitably costing Toronto and Ontario taxpayers billions of dollars), this respect-for-the-taxpayer-driven movement would not have evolved.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Study: Smoking Marijuana Has No Link to Lung, Neck or Head Cancer...

As much as it defies logic, apparently smoking marijuana doesn't cause lung cancer...

Here's the story from the Globe and Mail:

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ontario: Every Child Should Be Treated Equally, Especially in Education...

Now this is a topic that is very controversial, and I often find myself struggling to choose a side to land on in the argument (related story: Toronto Star: Province needs to set school fundraising limits, groups say).  But regardless, it is an important topic, and I felt it necessary to throw in my 2 cents.

One thing that I feel absolutely passionate about, is that every child should have an equal chance when it comes to getting an education (or at least a publicly funded education). Every child should be allowed the chance to become anything they would ever want in this world, as this is the very definition of freedom and democracy. Meritocracy should be the only judge when determining where a person should end up in their lives, and nothing else.

This is why I have such a hatred for Monarchy and Entitlement. Why the hell should I have respect and love for the Monarchy when they did absolutely nothing to earn that from me? Monarchy (all of them in the history of time), basically invented and nourished slavery, choosing arbitrarily who should be slaves and who should be privileged, and it had absolutely nothing to do with the accomplishments of a person, and moreso to do with their social status, a status of which they had almost no power whatsoever to establish, change or overcome.

This is why democracy and freedom was (and is) so important. It broke down the fake barriers created by the privileged to hold onto their privilege and hold back those "lower" classes from making any progress. This is why we are seeing the overthrowing of regimes and dictatorships in the Arab world right now... It is exactly for this same reason!

Allowing some children to get a better publicly funded education than others simply because their parents are more well-off (especially where in some cases those parents have gained their wealth through inheritance and via no effort of their own), is completely wrong (in my opinion), and it punishes/rewards the children for either the failures/successes or even bad luck/good luck of their parents.

This is why when I hear about public schools in rich areas fundraising and raising millions of dollars for their schools, meanwhile those folks in poorer areas are barely able to raise a few thousand dollars for theirs, and therefore their children either reap the benefits or pay the price, it is just not right in my eyes.  (And before you rich parents go nuts and assume that I want you to give your fundraising dollars to the poorer children, just relax and keep reading...)

Toronto Police Should Not Consider Work For the City as "Paid Duty"

A trend that Torontonians will have to start getting used to now is scathing Auditor report after Auditor report about wasteful spending across every single City Department and Agency in Toronto. I for one, get extremely upset every time I see even one penny of my tax dollars being wasted as nobody, not the Government, not the elitists, not one person (except maybe my wife) understands better how I should spend my money than myself...though, our friends on the left would beg to differ.

But to my surprise this morning, upon reading the news I see former Budget Chief Shelley Carroll actually putting forth an effort to actually find some "gravy" in the City of Toronto. My goodness, could it possibly be progress? Well, we all know that Giorgio Mammoliti supposedly found his way when he dropped out of the Mayoral race and backed Rob Ford, so maybe it is possible... Who knows. (Don't ever tell me I don't give credit when credit is due...)

I hate to go after the Police (hold your laughter), but I do whenever I feel it is necessary. Today the Toronto Star released a story that talked about "Paid Duty" for the Toronto Police (when Police are paid ridiculously high rates to stand by construction sites on their off-duty hours) and how the City of Toronto is one of the Toronto Police's biggest customers when it comes to that "Paid Duty".

Now, I understand when private companies are doing construction and it may impact traffic so they are required to have these "Paid Duty" Police Officers stand by their site for the safety of everyone involved. This is the cost of doing business for these private companies, though I don't agree that the Police should be paid $65 per hour, a rate that is reserved for Program Managers and Junior Executives in my industry (Information Technology), people who manage multi-million dollar programs at major corporations and oversee literally hundreds of employees (granted they can make much more than that). But that is a different story all together.

My problem is that while private companies should be charged to have Police stand by their sites (whenever having a pylon there instead won't suffice), there is no way in hell that the same employer who employs these Police Officers (The City of Toronto) should be charged the same rate as private companies when they require the same. It just makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

Apparently, the City of Toronto via its various Departments and Agencies (including the TCHC) has paid out millions of dollars in these exorbitantly high fees to basically have Toronto Police do the jobs that they are paid to do, which is serve and protect the safety of the citizens of Toronto.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The TCHC Chair & Civilian Board Members Finally Learn Their Roles & Resign

Nobody likes to watch people lose their jobs, except when they have failed miserably at those jobs and have cost taxpayers like you and me millions of dollars. I don't know about you, but when you take my hard-earned blood-sweat-and-tears money and spend it going to spas (when I don't get to), spend it going to golf resorts (when I don't get to), spend it on high-end chocolates (when I don't get to), spend it on manicures, pedicures, resort vacations, lavish gifts and parties and etc. (when I don't get to) and give millions to your friends via sole-sourced deals, I definitely don't feel bad about firing your scumbag asses.

I need that money for my children. I need that money for my elderly parents. I need that money for my mortgage, for my skyrocketing hydro rates, for the skyrocketing fuel costs. I need that money to fix my leaking roof, and my cracking foundation, and to remove the mold from my flooding basement. I need that money to pay for my ever-rising cable bills, phone bills, cell phone bills, internet bills, UBB rates. I need that money for food for my family. I need that money to pay for my TTC fares to go to work.


And after all of these revelations in the Auditor's report, the TCHC scumbag Board questions Super Mayor Rob Ford's request that they resign??? In fact, they defiantly question his request and scold him for even thinking about raising the question??

To quote The Rock from the WWE, the TCHC Board Members Seriously Need to Know Their Roles, and Shut Their Mouths. (I know, I know... Pretty much losing any kind of credibility in quoting a wrestler from the WWE, but I'll do so anyway, just because I know it will sting the leftist elitist Millerites in this city even more.)

Finally after today's emergency TCHC Board Meeting, they appear to have come back to reality, accepted their roles as incompetent scumbag criminals, and resigned as per Mayor Ford's wishes.

That was probably their first correct decision in their entire tenure in the TCHC...freakin' jabronies.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rob Ford Will End Dalton McGuinty's Reign For Snubbing Toronto Again

It is no secret that Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is a loyal Ottawa resident (born and raised), and like many Ontarians (and Canadians for that matter) who live outside of Toronto, he hates Toronto and Torontonians with all of his heart.

Now, McGuinty is not an idiot (how else can you screw over Ontarians for 2 straight terms all the while convincing them that you are doing a good job and getting reelected?), and of course he will use every trick in the book to obviously not come out directly and confirm his hatred for Toronto, but this hatred can be easily seen with his constant rejection of Toronto's annual requests for funding assistance.

McGuinty has had no problem whatsoever throwing Billions of dollars at all kinds of failed initiatives like eHealth and etc., but when Toronto basically comes begging to him every year to re-pick up Ontario's responsibility to fund Transit and help with road repairs and etc., without a second's though he dismisses Toronto every single time saying there's no money.

I mean, his failure in funding education in Toronto has Toronto families being forced to go out there and fundraise for their children's schools so that they can get the text books they need and the computers they require. And he's suppose to be the Education Premier??? This is just yet another example of how Dalton McGuinty has failed Toronto.

Unfortunately, in Dalton McGuinty's Ontario, there is no place for Toronto (yet Toronto pays for Ontario's entire existence). All that Toronto gets from McGuinty's Ontario is constant tax hikes with nothing to show for it, except boondoggle after boondoggle after boondoggle after boondoggle.

Well, that's it Mcguinty. Your party is over. And when Super Mayor Rob Ford sets his target on something, you can be sure that that target will be destroyed. Unfortunately for Dalton, Mayor Ford has his sights set directly on him now. And where Super Mayor Rob Ford goes, the Ford Nation will follow!

Here's the story from the Globe and Mail:

TTC Doesn't Collect Fares, and then Blames Riders for Fare Cheating??

You know, the TTC never ceases to amaze me with their ultimate uselessness and constant failure.

Today news came out that TTC Fare Cheating is on the rise (from the Toronto Star), meanwhile, just a few weeks ago, another story came out (from the Toronto Sun) about the TTC dismissing riders who were upset that a TTC Ticket Collection Booth in Wilson Station has Ticket Collectors who leave their post with no replacement to go to the washroom or for a smoke, happily allowing dozens of riders to ride for free without paying.

Are these idiots serious?? And then they want to raise fares and add TTC Transit Cops to each and every TTC vehicle to stop this ridership fare cheating?  How about you start by ensuring that you have more than 1 ticket collector at every station??  TTC Transit Cops on every vehicle...

Man, every single one of these scumbags should be fired, and I'm not just talking about the TTC Union Members, I'm talking about the TTC Management as well.

Firstly, here's the story from the Toronto Sun about the empty TTC Ticket Collection Booth:

TCHC Lost $41.4 Million of Housing Funds Gambling in the Stock Market?

The news about the TCHC just gets worse and worse.

Apparently the Toronto Community Housing Corp. (TCHC) took $75 Million it received from the 2008 sale of Hydro Telecom, and disgracefully lost $41.4 Million of it gambling in the stock market. The funds were suppose to be spent on refurbishing 5,000 TCHC social housing units.

And these scumbags think that they did nothing wrong? None of the Board Members want to resign as per Mayor Ford's request. In fact, they are demanding a list of their wrongdoings, even after the release of the Auditor General's report??? (SOURCE: Housing board defies Ford, refuses to resign)

Seriously, only prison will give these criminals the life lesson that they need so, so badly.

Here's the story from the Toronto Sun:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Toronto Community Housing Corp. (TCHC) Board & Staff Swam in "Gravy"

For the past few weeks, all we've been hearing from our friends on the left, like City Councillors Adam Vaughan and Gord Perks, not to mention our buddies at the Star and Globe, is where's the gravy?. You said there was a tonne of gravy, gravy everywhere, nothing but gravy, yet, where's the gravy, Mayor Rob Ford?

I would have loved to have seen their faces when they heard that this report about the TCHC was coming out.  It must have been like a shattering of their hopes and dreams for the downfall of Rob Ford -and yes, they were concerned about Mayor Ford's validation, it had nothing to do with the wasted money.

Well, here you go. The TCHC = GRAVY. And this is not just some cheap "just-add-water" gravy. This is that French Chef "made-from-scratch" kind of gravy. You know, the kind that the champions of taxpayer waste like our leftist City Council members love to dip into whenever they can. And the TCHC is just the beginning... As Councillor Doug Ford said, they are just starting to scratch the surface..

What do you have to say for yourselves now, Vaughan, Perks, Carroll and you other leftist scumbag City Councillors? You've been trying to hide the gravy, but unfortunately for you, former Mayor David Miller -your fearless "Lord of the Gravy"- is long gone and suddenly you have to deal with a leader who actually understands what "respect for the taxpayers" means. A Leader who understands what accountability means.

Oh man, is your party over.

Here's a list of some of the TCHC spending abuses from the Toronto Sun: