Saturday, October 23, 2010

George Smitherman Caused Ontario's Skyrocketing Electricity Rates...

If you're in shock-and-awe at the way your electricity rates have been skyrocketing, you have one Toronto Mayoral Candidate to thank for that, and that's former Ontario Minister of Health and Energy, and not to mention Deputy Premier under Dalton McGuinty, Frivolous George Smitherman.

Apparently, because of George Smitherman's leadership as the Provincial Minister of Energy, we can all look forward to our Electricity Rates Doubling in 5 years based on current estimates.

Here's the story from the National Post:

Smitherman is a left-wing Trojan horse
Looking at Mr. Smitherman’s record and his policy agenda, it’s hard to find ideas that reflect anything that promise conservative change or any change at all. On the contrary, the man’s record betrays him is a Trojan Horse for green, unionized leftism, big government and non-stop spending.

Mr. Smitherman is the union choice. He has had union backing since last January, when the Carpenters District Council of Ontario jumped aboard. The carpenters know that Mr. Smitherman has no plans to change Toronto’s maniacal adherence to provincial labour rules that force the city to use only unionized workers. If city hall needs to move a two-by-four from point A to point B, only union contractors can be called. Mr. Ford promised to press for changes to the law, which burdens the city’s budget with hundreds of millions of dollars in excess labour costs. At a National Post editorial board meeting during the campaign, Mr. Smitherman said he had no plans to change city union rules and claimed not to know about the provincial law — this from the former deputy premier of the province.

Union backing for Mr. Smitherman keeps growing: The Central Ontario Building Trades Council, the hotel workers, the International Union of Operating Engineers.

The green movement, bearing truckloads of regulatory fantasies, already has Mr. Smitherman in its pocket. As provincial energy minister, he marched in step with every environmentalist scheme, overriding existing electricity plans and issuing directives to force wind and solar power on consumers, bring in feed-in tariffs, orchestrating deals with Korean corporations and unleashing a torrent of electricity system spending that estimates show will double the price of electricity to all Torontonians within five years.

Never mind Mr. Smitherman’s role in the provincial ehealth scandal — for which he bears more responsibility than he claims — he will go down in history as the architect of Ontario’s green energy boondoggle.

And what was he doing in the Cabinet and as deputy premier of a provincial government that is the biggest nanny state in the country and soon to be a financial basket case? His answer: I wasn’t there, didn’t have much of a role, not on my watch, somebody else was the minister, I believe in sound fiscal management — so long as it’s green, unionized, expensive, socially progressive and providing the fiscal management isn’t too much trouble.

Based on his record, a vote for George Smitherman is a vote for more of what Toronto already has too much.

Make sure you get out there and Vote Toronto! And also, beware of the spin being pushed out there by the likes of the Toronto Star and the Globe and Mail.


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