Monday, February 7, 2011

Toronto Union Heads Kinnear & Ferguson Crying Like Spoiled Babies...

Can you hear that Toronto? Isn't it one of the most pleasant sounds you've heard in a while in Toronto (excluding Rob Ford winning the election of course)?

Yes, yes, in case you didn't guess it, it's the crying whines of Toronto's TTC Union Head Bob Kinnear, and Toronto's Garbage Collectors Union Head Mark Ferguson! I don't think Torontonians have ever been so happy to hear the cries of spoiled babies.

Every time I hear one of these scumbags talk these days, it just makes me smile.

National Post: TTC won’t strike during contract negotiations: Kinnear

Bob Kinnear, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 113 announced Thursday that the union has agreed to not strike or disrupt service during upcoming contract negotiations.

“We will act as if essential service law was already in effect,” he said.

“There is no longer a necessity to ram through legislation,” said Mr. Kinnear.
Isn't that crying from Kinnear just like music to your ears? It is to mine!  :)

Toronto Sun: Union trashes Ford's contracting-out plan

Mark Ferguson, president of the Toronto Civic Employees’ Union, Local 416, accused Ford of taking an “irresponsible and wrong-headed approach to the delivery of city services.

“It’s clear to us that this administration is attempting to demonize their own employees to justify a contracting-out scenario,” he said.

“I don’t expect that we’re going to be taking a strike in January, I think there is a very real possibility that this administration will lock out its own employees,” he said.

While the city said it would open up bidding to the union, Ferguson said his local is in “no position to bid.”

“These proposals from the Ford administration are not about saving money, this is a purely ideological attack on the public sector and to do a favour to his friends on Bay St,” he said.
"Waaaaaaaaah", cried the whining Ferguson, as he watched his kingdom crumble down around him!  :)

Thank you Mayor Rob Ford, finally we Torontonians will have our revenge...I mean justice.

Do you all remember how smug Mark Ferguson was last year while he allowed his union members to strike for what seemed like forever?  Oh Fergie, what are you going to do now? At least you all have your banked sick days, right? Yeah, right.

And Bob Kinnear, I hope that Rob Ford just does exactly the opposite of everything you ever request, just because the opposite of what you want is what's best for Toronto, every time. $70,000 cleaners, and $100,000 bus drivers and ticket collectors?? You all have the biggest scam going on on Toronto taxpayers, it's ridiculous.

Too bad your bag man, David Miller, has been tossed in the trash.  It's so great to finally see you all waking up to reality.


(Image: by torontocitylife on flickr by jbcurio on flickr


Billy Walsh said...

Karma's a bitch. I hope Ford locks them out...

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