Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ontario's Hatred for Dalton McGuinty Drove The Federal Liberal Massacre

If the Federal Liberals are shaking their heads wondering how they could have suffered such a monumental defeat in this 2011 Federal Election (especially here in Ontario), they need look no further for the reason why than their Provincial cousins and Ontario Liberal Leader, Premier Dalton McGuinty.

With McGuinty's catastrophic failures as the Ontario Premier over his past 2 terms in office (see: List of Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty's Scandals with Details...), and his tax, spend and waste policy of disastrous mismanagement, Ontarians are severely fed-up, and are salivating at the mouth at their upcoming opportunity to completely obliterate McGuinty and his Provincial Liberals and send them packing in the October Ontario Provincial Election.

Unfortunately for Ignatieff and his Federal Liberal comrades, they felt the wrath of the pent-up anger Ontarians have for Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal Party. Poor Ignatieff was just a victim in what was meant to be yet another symbol in the grassroots campaign of vengeance brewing in Ontario against Dalton McGuinty.

It started with the victory for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford in Toronto over McGuinty Liberal Loyalist, George Smitherman, a key figure in McGuinty's record of failure in Ontario. And the movement has been tearing through Ontario leaving the Federal Liberals as wreckage in it's trail. It's now focused on it's key target and it will leave the Liberals both in Ontario and in Canada questioning their party's entire purpose, philosophy, mandate and leadership.

The Liberals have grown out of touch with Canadians and Ontarians, and voters have proven that they recognize it. And they will continue to prove it in this 2010 decade of change and remediation.


(Image: by lothlaurien on flickr


Joanne (True Blue) said...

I'm sure McGuinty had something to do with the federal Liberal downfall.

I also think the fear of a NDP-Lib Coalition contributed to the high Conservative numbers.

For Ontario, a coalition with Dippers and Liberals would be a nightmare revisited. (Think Bob Rae.)

Anonymous said...

I just hope the Ontario citizens, will not vote Conservative.

Wikileaks has said, the NAU is right around the corner. This has been Harper's evil agenda all along. When the three country's merge. We will be the Mexcanaricans, our currency will be, the Amero dollar. Canadians were warned, if Harper wins a majority, we can kiss Canada good-bye. The American citizens say, Harper election win was rigged. We know, well over half the Canadian people, did not want Harper as P.M.

Harper gave, banks, mines, large corporations, gas and oil company's billions of our tax dollars. I saw that motion pass, on the House of Commons TV channel. He also gives them huge tax reductions. He just gave them another reduction, which comes off, Canadians paychecks. Follow the money and see which pockets are being filled. Sure in the hell, isn't the citizens pockets. Harper is thieving from Canadians, to give to the giant corporations.

Read: Harper delivers his speech of, Global Governance for Canada. That's enough to scare the hell out of everybody.

Believe you me, I would have taken Layton or Ignatieff, Elizabeth May, over Harper any day.

lesley talor said...

I agree McGuinty has to go. Under him our debt has doubled. We cannot afford 4 more years of his spend, spend, spend with money we don't have. But I cannot understand why the polls show him as even or in the lead? What is wrong with voters and what will it take to understand we can't keep spending/wasting money we don't have.

Anonymous said...

I dont know about the other anonymous - he must be a disaffected Liberal - I do know that every time something happens - everybody gets onto these boards and starts with that Damm Harper - etc etc.

Part of it is because the press especially the CBC - whose budget got cut by Flaherty - is anti Harper. So every headline is always put into the most absolutely horrible light re the Conservatives. I hate to see what would have happened to this country if either Mucklare or Iggie had gotten into power. Definitely would have been so far into the hole that they would have had to get Paul Martin to come back and balance the budget. He was good at that - He just told the provinces - you guys are going down - way down . Flaherty remembers that from his Harris days and has kept the social and health care funding coming. You can argue the cuts to the civil servants - but that is how you cut spending - you cut the spenders out of your midst - which are the swivel servants.

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