Monday, July 12, 2010

NHL Commissioner Douchebag Gary Bettman Makes $7.23 Mil Salary???

Did you know that Gary "The Douchebag Extraordinaire" Bettman, the shamed Commissioner of the NHL, made $7.23 Million in 2008-2009?!!

What the hell is going on??

If we compare that to the latest 2010/2011 salaries of the highest paid NHL Players, that would put him at #20 on the list, just edging out Joe Thornton!

Here's a link to the Latest 2010-11 Top NHL Player Salaries List from, in case you're interested:

2010/2011NHL Players Salaries

Now, granted it's not as high as MLB Commissioner Bud Selig ($18.35 million) or NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell ($10.9 million), but damn, I'm realistic and we're talking about hockey here.

You know, still to this day I wonder how Bettman continues to keep his job... He truly is the definition of douchebag. Just ask Ron MacLean or Don Cherry, or any Winnipeger, Quebecer, or Ontarian, or Canadian overall for that matter...

Here's the article from the Toronto Sun, it has more details on Bettman and the other NHL Executives' Salaries:

Bettman tops $7M in pay
Commissioner Gary Bettman's pay package increased to $7.23 million US in 2008-09, the SportsBusiness Journal reported Monday.

While his pay rose just 1.7% from the previous season, Bettman's compensation has almost doubled since his pre-lockout total of $3.77 million.

Following are NHL executives' salaries for 2008-09 as reported by SportsBusiness Journal based on tax filings:

# Commissioner Gary Bettman $7,230,783
# Deputy commissioner Bill Daly $1,910,402
# Director of hockey operations Colin Campbell $1,389,142
# Chief financial officer Craig Harnett $938,367
# Chief operating officer John Collins $878,226
# Strategist Ed Horne, who is no longer with the league, $794,238
# General counsel David Zimmerman $577,394
# EVP, finance, Joseph DeSousa $520,299
# Director of officiating Stephen Walkom, who is no longer with the league, $488,736
# SVP, hockey operations, Mike Murphy, $440,317

In tribute to those NHL Players who fell just behind Bettman in Salary, here is the list of the Top 20 players after him on this list and their salaries:

Joe Thornton - $7.2 Million
Brian Campbell - $7 Million
Daniel Alfredsson - $7 Million (Up yours, Alfredsson!!!)
Daniel Briere - $7 Million
Jean-Sebastien Giguere - $7 Million (Are you serious?!!)
Jarome Iginla - $7 Million
Mikka Kiprusoff - $7 Million
Dion Phaneuf - $7 Million
Mark Savard - $7 Million
Kimmo Timonem - $7 Million
Patrick Marleau - $6.9 Million
Pavel Datsyuk - $6.7 Million
Dan Boyle - $6.67 Million
Jay Bouwmeester - $6.6 Million
Paul Stastny - $6.6 Million
Shawn Horcoff - $6.5 Million
Patrick Kane - $6.5 Million
Wade Redden - $6.5 Million
Jonathan Toews - $6.5 Million
Mike Richards - $6.4 Million
Thomas Vanek - $6.4 Million


PS: Is it just me, or don't you wish that Ron MacLean would just body check Gary Bettman head first into the camera every time he grabs his arm when Ron asks a tough question?!! I mean, I know I'm not alone in this... ;)

(Image: by captcanuk on Wikipedia


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Walt Webb said...

Gary Bettman is a two faced weasel with no credibility what so ever. Even looking at a picture of him makes my skin crawl. The guy looks like a paedophile, hanging out in the park in a trench coat.

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