Wednesday, July 21, 2010

JandCwithalime Tweet Featured on CP24 Toronto Mayoral Debate #3!

In Tonight's CP24 Toronto Mayoral Debate #3, as a part of the "Rapid Fire" segment, a JandCwithalime Tweet Question for the Candidates was featured at about 8:51pm!!

JandCwithalime is the official twitter account of jackandcokewithalime.

2 JandCwithalime tweets were actually directed at CP24 tonight:

#CP24mayor Question for Candidates: Will it cost Torontonians MORE or LESS Financially to live in Toronto while you are Mayor?

#CP24mayor Question for Candidates: How would you Balance the Budget without increasing Taxes or Fees on Torontonians?

The first of the two above was selected.

To view the CP24 Mayoral Debate #3 video, visit the CP24 Your Vote website at CP24 - Your Vote.

The question was directed by the moderator to Rocco Rossi, and he had the following response:

My goal is to control the spending. If we don't do that, we can't control the taxes. And unfortunately we've been put into a bind, so I've called for a hiring freeze, an elimination of our debt, the development of a multi-year plan because these guys are still planning a $9.2 Billion budget one year at a time -it's ridiculous!

And we have to take on the Unions, the balance of power has come totally out of whack. And if we don't stand up for the citizens, we may have a fair wage policy, but we're not going to have a fair value policy for the Citizens of Toronto. And that's what tax payers are looking for! Not nickels and dimes on expense accounts, but the big money, and the big money is in the $4.6 Billion of Salaries and Wages at the city.

Ideally it would have been great if all of the Candidates could have been asked that question, but just having it asked was an honour.

Thanks CP24, and thank you Rocco Rossi for your answer!



PS: Do you feel that Rocco Rossi answered the question? Let's hear your thoughts...

Picture taken of TV showing JandCwithalime tweet featured on CP24 Toronto Mayoral Debate #3. Video also available at: CP24 - Your Vote (Mayoral debate, Part 4, July 20))


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