Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Rob Ford Releases His Transportation Plan! Here Are The Details...

Rob Ford just released his Transportation Plan as a part of his platform as a Candidate for the next Mayor of Toronto.

I've gone ahead and included below Rob Ford's release statement in regards to his Transportation Plan, a link to the detailed plan pdf, as well as a YouTube video where Ford describes the Transportation Plan:

Dear Toronto,

I am very excited to let you know that my Transportation Plan for the future of Toronto has just been released.

It's time for responsible government to implement a sensible transportation plan that reflects the needs of transit users, motorists, commercial vehicle operators, cyclists and pedestrians.

For seven years, City Hall has tackled Gridlock by declaring war on cars in Toronto. Toronto has eliminated lanes from busy roadways, increased parking charges, ignored roadway repairs and generally made life miserable for drivers.

The province estimates congestion costs the GTA some $2.2 billion each year. Commuting times increase every year, making it harder for Toronto residents to get to work and leaving them less time with their families. Gridlock is bad for people, families, our economy and our environment.

My plan is threefold: Subways, Roads, Bike & Walking Trails.


Subways are more reliable, carry ten times as many people as streetcars, move faster and can be scheduled at convenient times. Properly managed, they can also provide an affordable transportation choice for people and families in Toronto.
My subway plan is realistic, it's affordable, and it will deliver real benefits for people living and working in Toronto in time for the 2015 Pan-Am Games.


Investing in our roads make sense. Toronto will always depend on roads and rails to move people and goods around our city. It's time to address the $250 Million backlog in essential road repairs and invest in road improvements that will get traffic flowing again in Toronto.

Bike & Walking Trails

Many cyclists are uncomfortable riding on the streets with cars. We will build a comprehensive network of bicycle trails across the city and build 100 kilometres of pedestrian path alongside the bicycle trails.
For my full plan and costing please visit:


Screenshot taken from YouTube video above at!


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