Monday, September 20, 2010

Rob Ford Takes 45.8% of Latest Poll for Next Mayor of Toronto!!

Wow, Rob Ford is now only footsteps away from becoming the next Mayor of Toronto, and it seems that no matter what propaganda the Toronto Star, that moron Marcus Gee from the Globe and Mail, or any other self-serving shameful news organization tries to push onto Torontonians to persuade us against voting for Rob Ford, we are not interested.

Toronto has spoken, and we want a new Mayor, a new City Council, and a completely new approach and philosophy in Toronto Politics. And that all begins and ends with Rob Ford!

The latest poll by Nanos Research just came out, and it puts Rob Ford in 1st place, far, far, far ahead of all of the other candidates, including George Smitherman, who is now over 24 points behind Rob Ford.

Here are the details from the Toronto Sun:

Ford takes commanding lead in mayor's race: CP24 poll
Rob Ford has surged ahead of the pack with a commanding lead over his rivals in the Toronto mayoralty race.

The latest Nanos poll, commissioned by CP24, CTV and the Globe and Mail, puts Ford in the lead with 45.8 per cent of decided voters –- 24 points ahead of his biggest rival George Smitherman.

"We're just being very, very humble," Ford said upon hearing the results. "I'm working very hard."

Smitherman, who served as deputy premier before stepping down from provincial politics earlier this year, has 21.3 per cent of support from decided voters.

Toronto's deputy mayor Joe Pantalone made significant strides since the last CP24 poll in June. He now has 16.8 per cent of support from decided voters. Rocco Rossi (9.7%) and Sarah Thomson (6.4 per cent) round up the pack of front-runners.

A total of 1,021 people were polled through random telephone interviews between Sept. 14 and 16. The margin of accuracy for a random sample of 1,021 likely voters is 3.1 percentage points, plus or minus, 19 times out of 20.

So, to summarize:

CP24/CTV/Globe & Mail - Nanos Research Poll - Conducted from Sept 14-16

Rob Ford: 45.8%
George Smitherman: 21.3%
Joe Pantalone: 16.8%
Rocco Rossi: 9.7%
Sarah Thomson: 6.4%
Undecided: 25%
Margin of Error: 3.1% (Correct 19 times out of 20)

Other Polls Included:

Which Candidate is the most Competent?

Rob Ford: 29.6%
George Smitherman: 16.1%
Joe Pantalone: 11.9%
Rocco Rossi: 8.3%
Sarah Thomson: 4%
Undecided: 30.2%

Which Political Party do you usually align yourselves with during Provincial and Federal Elections?

Liberal: 29.5%
Conservative: 21.9%
NDP: 9.4%
Green Party: 3.5%

(Even the Liberals are planning to vote for Ford!! Watch out Dalton McGuinty, like George Smitherman, you're going to be tossed in the trash come next November!!)

Which Municipal Issue do you think is the Most Important?

Transportation: 19.3%
Taxes/Property Taxes: 17.4%
City Budget/Deficit: 15.7%
Jobs/Economy: 8.9%
Mayor/Mayoral Race: 4.4%

(If you ask me, Taxes and City Budget really should be together, and should have a total of 33.1% overall, far above Transportation... But that's just me..)

Lastly, the final issue that was asked of Torontonians via the Poll was:

Toronto would benefit from welcoming more new Canadians to the city.

Agree: 44.7%
Somewhat Agree: 18.7%
Somewhat Disagree: 5.8%
Disagree: 26.2%
Unsure: 4.6%


PS: Oh Toronto Star... What are you going to do now?  You lied and pushed your propaganda onto Torontonians to try and manipulate us into not voting for Rob Ford, and as a result, Ford has cut you off completely from any kind of interviews and etc. going forward.  Now what are you going to do when he becomes the next Mayor of Toronto??  What kind of relevant newspaper can't get an interview with the Mayor of their own city??!!  Ha ha ha!!  That's what you get for having absolutely no journalistic integrity in regards to this Toronto Mayoral Race...  I mean, you even went and modified his Wikipedia Bio to try and manipulate this Mayoral Race...  You made your bed, now you can lay in it with George Smitherman...  ;)

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Anonymous said...

you really are warped!!!! you are so short sighted and most likely selfish, that you really can't see the mess that is occuring, and will have to be dealt with for the next generation. As to the star, Rob Ford has indicated he is NOT everyone's mayor, his actions have spoken the Toronto Star is in good company...Toronto Star keep up the good don't need interviews with that man, he's definately not woth your time!!

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