Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2010 Mayor of Toronto Election - Official Candidates List & Websites

(I thought I would re-post an updated version of this list for those who are interested...)

As things heat up in the race for the next Mayor of Toronto, I'm sure people will be looking to review the latest list of Candidates and their platforms and etc.. So I took the liberty of looking that up for you all, and posting the links and information here.

Here's the link to the Official 2010 Candidates List for the next Mayor of Toronto:

Toronto Votes 2010 Candidates - All Candidates

Also, here is the list as of today, August 31st 2010, as per the City of Toronto link noted above.  I did some looking around, and included the link to each of their Mayoral Candidate websites for your reference (or links to any kind of informational website about them, if they didn't have an Official site):

Achampong, Rocco
Andrews, Don
Babula, George
Ball, Christopher (Website not available...)
Campbell, Douglas (Wikipedia)
Castillo, Jaime
Clarke, Kevin (Wikipedia)
Cole, Keith
Cottle, Charlene (Twitter)
Firth, Selwyn
Flie, Michael (Facebook)
Ford, Rob
Ghazi, Baquie
Gomberg, Howard
Goodhead, Barry
Hossain, Monowar (YouTube video)
Lee, Dewitt
Letonja, John
Macklin, Carmen (Website not available...)
Magee, Colin (Twitter)
McMillan, Jim (Wikipedia)
Pampena, Joseph
Pantalone, Joe (Facebook)
Rossi, Rocco
Smitherman, George
State, Mark
Steinberger, Tibor
Syed, Himy (Twitter)
Taylor, Phil
Thomson, Sarah
Vallance, David
Wadhwa, Ratan (Wapedia link with little info near bottom of page)
Walker, Daniel (Facebook)
Yeung, Sonny
Take a look and read about the Candidates before you make your decision.  I'm not going to push for anyone or knock anyone...  This post is about information only.

If you want to know my opinions, look through my posts...  I'm sure you'll notice right away who I'm considering....  And one more thing, don't listen to the newspapers!  Lately I've been finding  -especially with the Toronto Star (yes, you Mr. Hepburn), that they've already started choosing sides with complete and blatant bias.  You should decide for yourself... Don't let them influence your decision.


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Anonymous said...

Very Informative.

Its nice to have someone help Torontonians make an informative decision.

Unknown said...

where is kevin clarke

jackandcokewithalime said...

Hey Kevin,

Thanks for your comment, and for pointing that out.

I will update this post ASAP to reflect the latest new candidates (including Kevin Clarke and Ratan Wadhwa).



Anonymous said...

I need help im doin a project here about Macklin Carmen and theres no information about her...

Anonymous said...

Help me Please!! By the end of today reply back!

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