Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rob Ford Running Away with Toronto Mayoral Polls!

Toronto's Superman, Rob Ford, seems to be pulling away from the rest of the Toronto Mayoral Candidates faster than a speeding bullet!

The villains in this Mayoral Race have thrown everything they can at him, pulling all kinds of things from his past and misconstruing things from his present to try and manipulate Torontonians, but as stated in a previous post (Smitherman's Desperate Political Games Boring Toronto Voters), trying to discredit Ford is like trying to discredit Superman... The people will just not go for it.

The latest poll released by Ipsos-Reid (commissioned by NewsTalk 1010 and Global News) had the following results based on a phone survey of 400 people conducted this past weekend (SOURCE: Ford remains in lead):

Rob Ford 32%
George Smitherman 21%
Sarah Thomson 10%
Joe Pantalone 9%
Rocco Rossi 7%


Margin of Error +/- 4.9%
This means that of the decided voters, the following is the breakdown of the poll:
Rob Ford 40.5%
George Smitherman 26.6%
Sarah Thomson 12.7%
Joe Pantalone 11.4%
Rocco Rossi 8.9%
This is leaps and bounds ahead of where he was in the last poll conducted by CP24 (Latest Poll: Rob Ford Takes The Lead In Toronto Mayoral Race) which just for a refresher, had the following results:
Rob Ford: 17.8%
George Smitherman: 15.9%
Joe Pantalone: 10.1%
Rocco Rossi: 9%
Sarah Thomson: 5.8%
Giorgio Mammoliti: 2.5%


Margin of Error: +/-3.1%
Now that the Mayoral Race is essentially decided, the one thing that Rob Ford supporters have to do is ensure that the rest of Toronto's City Council is cleaned up as well. Joe Pantalone, Kyle Rae and Adam Giambrone will all definitely be gone, so that's a great first step. Now the rest of the corrupt and elitist riffraff need to be dealt with as well. I'm talking about the Sandra Bussins, the Paula Fletchers, the Shelley Carrolls, the Adam Vaughns, the Saundercooks, and the De Baeremaekers all needing to be tossed into the trash.

To get an idea of who needs to go, take a quick look at the following post: 16 Critical Toronto City Council Votes, and How your Councillors Voted... and see for yourself which Toronto City Councillors should go.

Remember, electing the right Mayor for the taxpayer is the first step; the next is to ensure that the Mayor has the right support on Council.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/shaunpierre/4662199704/sizes/l/in/photostream/ by Shaun Merritt on flickr


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