Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Smitherman's Desperate Political Games Boring Toronto Voters

Poor George Smitherman... I actually feel for him. I mean, how do you take down Toronto's Superman, Rob Ford? How do you discredit Superman??! Well, if anyone could pull off the Lex Luthoresque task of trying to do so, it would be Furious George Smitherman.

Sadly for George though, no matter what schemes Lex Luthor came up with to take down Superman and destroy Metropolis, the people always knew that Superman would save them and destroy Luthor's plans. And he always did.

Smitherman's been throwing everything he can think of at Ford, but it just seems to make Ford's following even stronger. Maybe it's because Smitherman's history with eHealth just trumps anything that any other candidate has ever done, and only further fuels the hatred towards him, and the love towards Ford. Or maybe it's the fact that trying to discredit Ford, really is like trying to discredit Superman. The people just won't go for it. It only angers them.

Another factor may be that George's attempts at ridiculing Ford only make him appear to be ignorant about Toronto. For example, Smitherman has been taking a stab at Ford stating that he only works part-time as a Councillor, as he holds a CFO position at his family's company as well. If Smitherman only knew that Torontonians from across the city in all Wards (with their own Councillors) call Rob Ford for help because their own Councillors don't answer their calls, he wouldn't even make the lame attempt at trying to discount Ford's work eithic when it comes to his public office.

This fact is almost like general knowledge for Torontonians, especially the ones who are actively in communication with their Municipal Government. When Rob Ford says that he personally takes a million calls himself per day, it may not be a million, but it might as well be. He is always taking calls trying to help Torontonians. Torontonians know that, and that's why they believe in him.

There was even a vote in Council where they tried to keep Ford from talking about his involvement in other Councillors' Wards (Toronto Council Vote Results):

Feb-10 Do not let Councillor Ford speak about involvement in other Councillors' Wards

YES - 17
NO - 11

They voted to not allow Ford to talk about it!! I mean, how can they possibly allow Ford to describe how they've failed their constituents, and how he's had to step in to save the day? But like Superman, Ford isn't in it for the glory. He's in it for the people. He still helps every Torontonian who contacts him.

You see, George Smitherman is dealing with a new type of voter this year in Toronto. Torontonians have had it with the reckless and wasteful spending down at City Hall, and those old school political games that usually work, just don't seem to be working this time. Torontonians are just bored of the crap. And when we start to smell it coming from the candidates, it just burns us as you're just wasting our time.

Here's some advice George, do your homework first before making your accusations. You can't lie about facts. Instead, take a smarter approach, and show us why you have the best plan. Why your platform is better than Rob Ford's. Stop defending the McGuinty Provincial Government, and start defending Toronto!! Tell us how you'll work with McGuinty to get Toronto more funding. Ahhh, yes. You see. I'm not saying that Torontonians would believe even one word that you say, and any that would clearly are insane as how does that quote from Einstein go, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". But at least you won't come off looking ignorant about Toronto, and you won't continue making it seem like you think Torontonians are idiots.

And just to add one more thing, Smitherman's, Thomson's and Rossi's claims that Ford too is responsible for the wasteful spending down at City Hall, as though he always voted against the spending, he could not win over any of the other Councillors. This really made me smile, I have to say. Ford votes against the spending, and then you go after him anyway? Look at these Mayoral Candidates trying to get all politically savvy! :)

What does it tell you when votes end up 44 to 1, with Ford being the only person standing up for Torontonians? Does 44 to 1 sound like people who could be convinced of anything? Again, what a savvy way to twist an honourable thing that Ford did into something negative. When we saw them perform this attack during the third Toronto Mayoral Debate on CP24, Ford was so shocked at how uninformed the other Candidates were about the subject, that he couldn't help but laugh. It inevitably ended up with all of Thomson, Rossi and Smitherman being lashed by Ford for having absolutely no Political Experience whatsoever in Toronto Municipal Politics.

Interestingly, Joe Pantalone was very quiet when all of this was happening. Why, you ask? Because Shady Joe knows...


PS:  A chicken suit??  Really, George Smitherman?  In one of the most desperate attempts to claw back into the Mayoral Race, George Smitherman tried to get Rob Ford to debate him one-on-one on the radio.  Now let me ask you this, why should Rob Ford give Smitherman any kind of chance to get back into the race from the current demise his campaign is in?  And Ford without hesitation accepted the challenge, only to dismiss it later, probably after realizing that having a debate where George says something, and Ford responds "eHealth" to every question and winning, really would just be waste of time for Torontonians. Entertaining, but wasteful. Personally, I would have accepted on the condition that George make a donation to Ford's campaign.  He probably would have done it too...  Poor, poor George Smitherman.  I mean, do we really want a leader who still calls people "chicken" in this day and age?  Yikes...

PPS: As you can see, jackandcokewithalime is not dead (for those readers who've emailed to ask!). I, like all of you I'm sure, have been so extremely swamped with work and personal stuff that I just haven't had time to finish any posts. Yes, I said "finish". I have 25 partial posts sitting on my machine, almost one from every day. Hopefully they'll be popping up soon. For now, I'll just thank you for your continued readership. I see you checking in every now and then, and I appreciate it. Cheers!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/shaunpierre/4661578547/sizes/l/ by Shaun Merritt on flickr (Smitherman)
http://www.flickr.com/photos/shaunpierre/4662198802/sizes/l/ by Shaun Merritt on flickr (Ford)

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