Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dalton McGuinty's Energy Policy Costs Ontario 1680% Extra for Electricity!

Ontario is living in an Energy Cost Nightmare thanks to Premier Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal Government.

McGuinty's green policies have put Ontario in agreements with foreign conglomerates like Samsung, where Ontario ends up paying 84 cents a kilowatt hour for energy when energy only costs 5 cents a kilowatt hour. That's 1,680% more for energy, folks! That is not a typo!!

Here's the story from the Toronto Sun:

Hudak vows to defeat Grits on hydro
"Hydro bills are already up 75% for the average family, 100% if you have a smart meter, and outside experts are saying it is going up another $732 for the average family if we stay on this path. That is simply not affordable," Hudak said following a talk with Hanover, Ont., business owners.

Hudak said people are leaving their Hydro bills unopened on the kitchen table for days because they don't want to see what is inside.

"We can't continue down this path because people can't afford it and it is killing jobs," Hudak said.

Hudak said he will end Premier McGuity's experiment with green energy and paying massive subsidies to foreign conglomerates such as Samsung.

"You can't sign contracts where you are giving companies 84 cents a kilowatt hour when the price of power is five cents. It just doesn't make any sense."

He said a PC government would give people the option of using the smart meter or paying a flat rate. Under the smart meter program, hydro charges are higher during the day and slashed during the night and on weekends.

Hudak said his government would go with the nuclear option to supply the province's base power needs. It is affordable and emissions free, he said.

Everyone is all for saving the Environment and we should all strive to be as green as possible, but you have to be realistic, we're not a Province of just Millionaires. We're a Province with people of all different levels of wealth, with the large majority struggling day-to-day, yet Premier McGuinty goes on experimenting with our blood, sweat and tears on these ridiculous green initiatives without a care in the world about the financial impact on Ontario families?

Can't we just be a normal Province and make sure that our families can pay their bills and have good fulfilling lives? Can't we just allow our Seniors to live out the rest of their days in peace and not have to suddenly worry about making ends meet -being on fixed incomes with energy rates skyrocketing every day...

Can't Ontario just focus on providing superior education and superior health care, and leave this green crusading to someone else? Or if not someone else, maybe to another time when we aren't just recovering from one of the biggest recessions the world has ever gone through?

How can Premier McGuinty be so out of touch with Ontarians?

Well, when October comes around he's going to get a serious wake up call...just in time for his retirement.


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CheeMiss said...

That's bcos McGuinty & Harris are buddies with the Al Gore cap & trade con.
That's why, even tho Harris is no longer in power, he still pushes the green projects down our throats, even though Europe has backed away from it.
In other words.....loads of back door deals at our expense.

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