Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scarborough's Pho 88 Offers "Pho Sate", The Best Soup in Toronto!

Scarborough's Bamburgh Circle hosts the best Pho restaurant in Toronto, Pho 88. There are other Pho 88 restaurants around in Toronto (like on Spadina and etc.), but if you are looking for absolute Pho perfection, the Pho 88 located at 325 Bamburgh Circle, Scarborough is your best bet.

Especially on bitter cold days like today, there is nothing more soothing and comforting than a large hot bowl of Pho Sate from Pho 88. Pho Sate, a spicy concoction of thinly sliced Beef, rice noodles and green onions in a spicy hot beef broth, is just so addictive, I find myself drawn to Pho 88 even on the hottest days of the summer!

I originally discovered Pho (Wikipedia - Pho - Vietnamese Hot Beef Noodle Soup) a couple of years ago when forced kicking and screaming to go for soup for dinner one day. "Soup for Dinner? No way in hell! I'm starving!", I exclaimed, having no idea the addictive brew that awaited me at Pho 88. But, having the persistent friends that I do, they prevailed and we proceeded to Pho 88 in Scarborough.

The first time I tried Pho Sate, I thought it was ok. It was soup, what more can I say? In fact, the next 2 times that I went for the Pho, I was still reluctant, as mentally I felt that soup was just not enough food for dinner. But that is just not the case. The soup is loaded with Beef and Noodles, and as I've seen from other patrons, the "soup" actually is just the delivery method for the noodles and beef. If there was no actual broth, the beef and noodles contained within would constitute a filling meal. But don't dismiss the broth, it's the most addictive part!

After my 3rd time, I was hooked. For the next 2 years, and still to this day, I push to have "the Pho" (as I call it) at least twice a week if possible. Sometimes more often in the winter. I find myself looking for any reason to hit the Pho, I am just so addicted now.

Even when I'm travelling (mostly for work) I'm looking for Pho restaurants. Over the past 2 years, I've hit the Pho in Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Detroit, Calgary and many more cities around North America. But nowhere outside of Toronto have I found a better Pho than Pho 88's Pho Sate. It's just some next level Pho.

Anyway, after my most recent visit to Pho 88, I decided to actually do a quick post on it, and included some pictures of the dishes we had. Here they are below for your viewing pleasure.

When you first arrive, you are seated and provided some hot tea to get your started.

Next, we had the deep-fried chicken and shrimp spring rolls as well as deep-fried chicken wings for appetizers. Those spring rolls could be the best spring rolls in Toronto, a must try for all spring roll enthusiasts. The wings were very good as well (the typical jado type wings).

Then came the Pho Sate. For me, depending on how red the Pho Sate is (and therefore how spicy it is), usually determines how much I enjoy it. The redder, the better. This latest visit's Pho Sate had the perfect amount of redness in it!

If you're in Toronto, and especially if you're a Pho enthusiast like me, you absolutely have to try Pho 88 on Bamburgh Circle in Scarborough. If you've never tried the Pho before, I'm telling you, try it out. If you don't mind spicy food, I would go for the Pho Sate, the best Pho soup that I feel is available (I'm sure this is arguable).

Readers, if you know of any great Pho restaurants, whether they be in Toronto, New York, or wherever, I'm sure everyone would love to hear about them so they can visit them when they're in town.


PS:  Here's the address info for Pho 88 in Scarborough:

Pho 88 Vietnamese Retaurant
Warden & Bamburgh Circle,
325 Bamburgh Circle,
M1W 3Y1
(416) 497-8899

(Images: Copyright © 2011 jackandcokewithalime All rights reserved.)

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