Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Federal Debate #1: Harper Impressed; Duceppe an Embarrassing Clown...

Last night's Canadian Federal Election Debate #1 was quite literally the "Stephen Harper Show", as he completely out-classed, out-smarted, and so easily manhandled his shamefully inferior opponents, that it was like watching NHL phenom Sidney Crosby take some time out to play ice hockey with the Tim Horton's Timbits kids -no offence, Timbits! (Sidney Crosby - Timbits Hockey Commercial [2009]).

Though some people may complain that the debate was an utter bore, I didn't find it boring at all. I actually quite enjoyed watching the various party leaders go toe-to-toe. It's so easy for politicians to spew their rhetoric to the press when their opponents aren't there to respond, but when they're placed next to each other with no handlers between them to whisper in their ears, this is when you really see the strength, knowledge and abilities of our leaders.

It was pretty obvious that Prime Minister Harper came out the winner in this debate, even though the various Liberal news organizations out there will try to avoid that topic entirely (you know who you are, you stars, you...). And in a surprising finish for 2nd place, it was NDP Leader Jack Layton, who at times attacked both Stephen Harper and Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff. And while Stephen Harper was easily able to defend himself against Layton's mostly nonsensical accusations, Ignatieff was often left stuttering, bumbling and pretty much speechless, apparently in shock at the supposed betrayal by Layton. Now that was entertainment!

But, the highlight of the night had to be Bloc Québécois Leader, Gilles Duceppe, who was almost comical in his irrelevance... He was like a sad French clown who tried so desperately to be taken seriously, but kept having cream pies thrown in his face and having his nose honked. I have to commend Stephen Harper for keeping a straight face every time Duceppe spoke, because it was like Duceppe was in his own world, completely ignoring the questions that were posed, and reading off questions and accusations from his prepared cue cards that had nothing to do with the topic at hand. A couple of times Harper just had no idea what the hell Duceppe was talking about, but still in the most cordial and diplomatic way, tried to respond. I'm sure that many viewers like me who watched this Duceppe train-wreck, couldn't help but cringe every time he spoke... What a disastrous embarrassment Duceppe is for the Bloc and for Quebeckers overall.

After this debate, I wonder how any self-respecting Québécois could vote for such a bumbling idiot, and I question how he can not be seen as the laughing stock of all of Quebec, especially the Bloc... If any Quebeckers watched last night's debate, you can be sure they're votes have switched from the Bloc to the NDP.

If you'd like to watch the debate for yourself, the video can be found at:

Canada Votes 2011 - Leaders' Debate - On Demand

And you tell me, how many damn times do we need to hear from Jack Layton that he's married to a person that wasn't born here in Canada (Olivia Chow)?? Seriously, this guy brings that up in every single sentence. Dude, we've been hearing that from you for years. Have some respect for your wife and try not exploiting her for once! It's like he married her just for political gain!

But at the end of the night, Prime Minister Harper really did impress. For every single accusation that was thrown his way, he dismissed it as inaccurate and untrue, and then backed up his point with facts about how it was untrue. The opposition leaders couldn't even dispute his retorts, often just repeating their nonsensical rhetoric. At one point Ignatieff just gave up and went back to his useless mantra of "Jails, Jets and Corporate Tax Cuts", like, "well you did this", Ignatieff would say, Harper would respond, "well this is just not true, and this is why", and then Ignatieff would come back with, "well, all you're about is Jails, Jets and Corporate Tax Cuts...". It was almost disgraceful to watch. Isn't this guy suppose to be a Harvard Academic? Yet he couldn't even make one valid argument?

Again, the debate was very entertaining, and I urge each of you to watch it. I know I've been more focused on our local Ontario Provincial Election, and the absolutely critical need for Ontarians to dispose of our Godfather of Scandal, Premier Dalton McGuinty, but this debate was just something that I didn't want to miss, and I'm glad I didn't.

What are your thoughts on the debate? Do you agree, or disagree? I'm sure the readers would love to know.


Screenshot from video by Votes2011 on YouTube


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