Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finance Minister Duncan Patronizes Ontarians with Gasoline Tax Rhetoric

With Gas Prices skyrocketing in Ontario, you would think that an Ontario Government that has become famous for scandal, boondoggle and waste, would have some kind of sympathy and compassion for the struggling Ontario families who can't even afford to pay for the skyrocketing electricity costs for their homes, let alone the massive taxes that are applied on Gasoline.

But, if you ask Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan about it, he'll tell you that the taxes that Ontario has applied on Gasoline, actually protect Ontarians from...higher gas prices! Can you believe it? How could we Ontarians have been so stupid? I mean, it's not like gas prices have been skyrocketing non-stop over the past 8 years that Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty has been in power, not-to-mention during the tenure of our incompetent and moronic Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, who is the antithesis of fiscal prudence.

No, that hasn't been happening... (What's that symbol for sarcasm again?) No, we've been "protected" by the non-stop tax bombardment from our useless Ontario Liberal Government who as a result of scandal-after-scandal-after-scandal, need to tax Ontarians to death in order to make up for their consistent squandering of precious taxpayer dollars.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

Duncan warns cutting taxes on gasoline would just let oil companies raise prices
Ontario's opposition parties hope to make an election issue out of rising gasoline prices, but the Liberals say they won't cut gas taxes.

A study from CIBC World Markets warns the near 25 per cent hike in gas prices since late 2010 will cost Canadians an extra $12 billion at the pumps this year.

Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak won't make any specific promises, but says he's looking to give people a break and will consider options such as removing the HST from gasoline.

Finance Minister Dwight Duncan says removing the HST or reducing the 14.7 cents a litre flat provincial tax would only make room for the oil companies to raise prices.

Duncan also says the province's revenues from gasoline drop when prices rise because consumption also drops with higher prices.

Yet, with McGuinty's and Duncan's golden HST, an additional 8% was added on to Gas Prices in Ontario, so really, when Gas prices go up, the Government does indeed collect higher revenues, not-to-mention that it is common knowledge that people don't drive just for fun anymore -this isn't the 60s! They drive out of necessity, so even with higher prices, that doesn't change the fact that parents still need to drive to work, and they still need to drive their kids to school, and to the doctor, and to hockey and soccer practice. Regardless of what Minister Duncan thinks/says, when Gas prices go up, the Ontario Liberal Government has more money to scandal into their, and their Liberal friends' pockets...

And last I checked, Gas Prices have been skyrocketing regardless of the "price-saving taxes" that the McGuinty/Duncan tag-team have inflicted on Ontarians relentlessly. Doing a quick check on OntarioGasPrices.com - Historical Gas Prices, the price of gas back in 2006 on this date (April 11th) was approximately $0.85, while today on April 11th 2011, the price of gas is approximately $1.29. Great job controlling the gas prices with taxes, Finance Minister Duncan!!

Is our Minister of "Finance" really Dwight Duncan? I mean, can we really have such a moron in a position of such importance?? Actually, that would explain a lot when noting that after our latest Ontario Budget released recently, it was revealed that Ontarians pay over $10 Billion per year in deficit interest payments alone. $10 BILLION DOLLARS!!! That's the definition of taxdollar waste! WE GET NOTHING IN RETURN FOR THIS ANNUAL $10 BILLION DOLLARS!!

This is the gift that Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty and his idiot Finance Minister Dwight Duncan will be leaving for Ontarians when they are tossed in the trash come the October election.

What a nightmare we live in here in Ontario. What a nightmare of leaders we have with this incompetent, corrupt and unforgivingly-useless Liberal Government.

October 6th, 2011 just can't come quickly enough.


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Anonymous said...

I just compared gas prices across Canada. Provinces like BC and New Brunswick which havev the HST are paying an average of 10 cents a litre less than Ontario. Go figure. This morning across the river from Ottawa the price is 9 cents cheaper. Thats in Quebec. The Ontario government does not get a flat 14% fee on gas they get a percentage. So the real culprits are both the Government and oil companies. Governments don't want to impose limits because they lose revenues and the oil companies use every excuse in the book to raise prices. I'm sick and tired of hearing os the unrest in the middle east. There has been unrest since time began. And this supply and demand crap is exactly it. No other companies in the world raises prices because of unress. We get our oil from Canada and the oil companies are treating us like foreigners.

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