Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mayor Ford's Success Validated by Toronto Parasite Unions' Self-Pity Rally!

Yesterday, the various Public Sector Unions in Toronto and Ontario, pulled together a group of barely 10,000 supporters and marched around Toronto from Dundas Square to City Hall, bitching and crying that their gravy train is coming to an end. They appropriately dubbed this self-pity-fest, an "Anti-Ford Rally".

And while local parasite Councillors like Adam Vaughan, Joe Mihevc, Shelley Carroll and newcomer Mary Fragedakis tried to spin this as something Mayor Rob Ford and his supporters should be concerned about, in truth, this demonstration only validated to the majority of Torontonians that Mayor Rob Ford is perfectly on track and fulfilling the mandate on which he was elected. And unfortunately for these deadbeat Toronto leeches, Toronto's taxpayers back him 100%.

Toronto's parasites, namely the "jobs-for-life" blackmail-artist good-for-nothing expect-high-pay-for-minimal-menial-output Public Sector Unions, paraded around pretending that the majority of Torontonians in voting in Rob Ford as Mayor, didn't have a clear expectation that he would bring these Unions back to reality and bring Municipal Taxes and User Fees paid for by the taxpayers back to a reasonable level that was long lost under the David Miller / Adam Vaughan regime. And while they tried to make their battle appear to have merit by fear-mongering illegitimately on true taxpayer-sensitive issues like service cuts (incorrectly citing the cut TTC routes which had no passengers and were a waste of taxpayer money), and future increased user fees (with the key word being 'future', as there hasn't been any official mention from Rob Ford of any increase in user fees, in fact he fought victoriously to prevent an increase in TTC fares, and also successfully eliminated the Personal Vehicle Tax, one of the largest annual 'user fees' on Torontonians), their campaign of manipulation was only successful in getting them some much needed exercise. ;)

Here's the story from the Toronto Sun:

Anti-Ford rally jams Dundas Square
Protesters took over Dundas Square Saturday where even the whisper of Rob Ford’s name was followed by catcalls.

Flags of labour groups and unions were waved as protest organizers estimated about 10,000 people were taking part in the “Rally for Respect.”

The demonstrators called on Ford to stop cutting social programs and public services, slashing public transit, selling off public housing, privatizing garbage collection, and raising recreation user fees.

“Sure (Ford) was elected the mayor, but he wasn’t elected the czar of Ontario and he’s acting like that,” said Sid Ryan, Ontario Federation of Labour president.

“Essentially (we’re saying) slow down, have some public debate, allow some public input, work with councillors, and let’s come to a consensual approach in terms of how this city is managed.”

If Ford doesn’t react to the rally, protesters are hoping that the city’s councillors will.

“If (Ford) doesn’t hear then council hears it,” said Toronto councillor Joe Mihevc.

What these useless and sponging parasites apparently don't realize is that Rob Ford was elected for this exact reason, to remove these bloodsucking leeches off of the drowning taxpayers veins. And there was countless public debate on the issue, and it was called a year-long Municipal Election Campaign where Rob Ford debated the likes of taxdollar-wasting scumbags like George Smitherman, Joe Pantalone and Sarah Thomson.

All that this rally is representing is a group of sore-losers who are in for a reality check that's been a long time coming.

Thank goodness for Mayor Rob Ford. Finally, a politician who cares about the taxpayers, who can't be corrupted by the parasitic public sector unions and their minions, and who actually follows through on his promises.

What a refreshing change.


(Image: by Shaun Merritt on flickr


Anonymous said...

Your just a loser sitting there with your walmart computer bashing and insulting people.
Your weak minded, and cannot think for yourself.
I suppose your working for shit wages and don't have the balls to organize and get a better deal for yourself.
Your comments are worth 2 cockroaches.
You probably don't even pay taxes.

jackandcokewithalime said...

Wow, a unionite telling me that I can't think for myself...



Anonymous said...

Parasite unions like the police union ?

Parasite unions like the Nurses union ?

Myber next time you get stopped by the cops or get sick and need to be looked after in a hospital you can tell them they are parasites , lol

You Jackass ! lol

Anonymous said...

I know there are alot of educated people in Toronto but they must not have voted in the last election going by the people who were elected this time around.
The city government will ruin Toronto.

Never mind the former regimes , this collection of fools is going to be Torontos undoing.

Seems the unwashed have chosen the future of this great city soon to be a ghost town as business leave for the gta and the property owner face a huge tax increase to fill the void.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for contributing to my pension Jack with your taxes.
Never let it be said that I as a unionized employees do not appreciate you. :)

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