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List of Ontario Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty's Scandals with Details...

With the Ontario Provincial Election coming up in October, and with Liberal Organizations like the "Working Families Coalition" out there spreading their pro-Liberal pro-Union agenda (see: Disgraceful "Working Families Coalition" Defines Anti-Family in Ontario...), I though it absolutely necessary to pull together a list with supporting details of 30 Dalton McGuinty Ontario Liberal Scandals that have taken place over his 2 terms as the Premier of Ontario (from 2003 to 2011).

Without a doubt, Dalton McGuinty is the most scandal-plagued, tax-spend-and-waste, unethical, integrity-deficient Premier that Ontario has ever had in its entire history.  And even though this should be obvious to all Ontarians, McGuinty's gift of being able to talk his way out of anything often leaves Ontarians questioning their hurtful experiences and falling for his "Premier Dad" routine of manipulation.  McGuinty could literally get away with murder by convincing Ontarians that "though this was not the easy thing to do, it was the right thing to do".

Given this gift of his, even I find myself sometimes caught up in his rhetoric about being responsible and taking our tough medicine even if it tastes awful, only to find myself later waking up in a proverbial hangover with my head pounding realizing that he got me once again!  This is why I compiled this list of many of Dalton McGuinty's more publicized scandals (along with links to applicable news stories from reputable news organizations that have reported on them).  Now every time I find myself questioning my disgust with Premier McGuinty, I simply just review this list and remember everything that he has done to Ontario and Ontarians.

Though this list has many Scandals, Broken Promises and New Taxes/Fees that Premier Dalton McGuinty has plagued Ontarians with since being elected, in no way is this a complete list.  If you find that I have missed any Scandals, Broken Promises or New Taxes/Fees, please feel free to add a comment and note them along with any supporting websites that readers can review to get further details.

Without any further delay, here is the list.  (Please note that this list is not in any particular order related to importance or timelines or etc.)

1. The McGuinty Ontario Health Premium - The highest tax increase in Ontario's history, implemented months after Dalton McGuinty was elected in 2003 on a promise to not increase taxes (even after signing a contract with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation to not increase taxes). McGuinty justified his healthcare tax increase on Ontario's Working Families by saying that he inherited an unknown deficit from the previous Government, yet here we stand today in Ontario with the highest deficit that Ontario has ever had, literally multiplied by the McGuinty Government and Ontario's Unions. This was the first tax of many new taxes and user fees that Dalton McGuinty has imposed on Ontario's Working Families in order to support his Union Boss buddies and allow the scandalous corruption to continue. (See: Globe and Mail: The health care premium).

2. The McGuinty Delisting of OHIP Covered Necessary Health Services - Where after Dalton McGuinty promised not to decrease any health services covered by OHIP, and also not to raise taxes, he did both on the same day by implementing the Ontario Health Premium and delisting coverage of Optometry (Eye), Chiropractic and Physiotherapy Services for Ontarians. (See: Canadian Cancer Care Society: Mixed reaction to McGuinty government’s budget and Toronto Star: Hampton pledges to pay for delisted health services.)

3. The McGuinty eHealth Scandal  - That cost Ontario's Working Families a Billion dollars in wasted tax dollars (and unprecedented delays in the computerization of Ontario's health records), and is a true definition of "gravy", a term that also defines McGuinty's wasteful mismanagement of the Ontario Government. Here we stand years after this initiative started and Billions of dollars in the hole, and still it is not completed. The eHealth failure was famous not only for its complete lack of progress, but also for its constant usage of sole-sourcing and untendered contracts to Liberal friends, along with scandalous expenses logged by useless consultants, eHealth Executives and Upper Management.  "eHeatlh" has now become a term that is synonymous with scandal, waste and boondoggle.  (See: Toronto Star: EHealth operation bled $1B and Toronto Star - Coverage of eHealth Ontario.)

4. The McGuinty Slush Fund Scandal - Where Dalton McGuinty's Government gave $32 Million to Liberal friendly groups (in the form of Government Grants) over a 2 years span with no formal application process and no accountability for how the money would be spent. Just, "here you go, vote Liberal!"  (See: Toronto Star: Insults and accusations fly in Ontario 'slush fund' affair and Toronto Star: New charges fuel 'slush fund' scandal.)

5. The McGuinty Ontario Lottery and Gaming (OLG) Scandal - Where on the McGuinty Government's watch, there were multiple accounts of catastrophic corruption related to Lottery Winnings being stolen from Ontario families by Lottery Retailers, countless OLG insider wins, Ontario family tax dollars being corruptly given out via sole-sourced untendered contracts to Liberal friendly firms, and massive Ontario family tax dollar waste via the horrifying expenses by OLG staff again allowed by the McGuinty Government (in exactly the same way it was allowed in eHealth). (See: CTV: Ont. gov't scrambles to control OLG scandal damage and CTV: OLG: Billions in profits, but lots of headaches.)

6. The McGuinty CancerCare Ontario Scandal - Yet another eHealth-style scandal costing Ontario Working Families millions of dollars. (See: CBC: Cancer Care Ontario broke rules: audit and Toronto Sun: A 'scandal behind another scandal'.)

7. The McGuinty Municipal Property Assessment Corp. (MPAC) Scandal - Where on the McGuinty Government's watch, Ontario Families had their homes either significantly undervalued or significantly overvalued by the MPAC, resulting in either a huge loss of their home's value, or them being significantly overcharged for property taxes. When provided the auditor's report, the MPAC rejected investigating into the issue. In addition to their failures in providing the basic service for which they are employed, they also were caught in yet another eHealth-type expense scandal. (See: The Ottawa Citizen: Ontario auditor-general says MPAC shortchanges homeowners, hospital wait times not improving and National Post: Ontario's Audit.)

8. The McGuinty Children's Aid Society (CAS) Scandal - Where on the McGuinty Government's watch, Ontario working family tax dollars that were supposed to go towards vulnerable children in Ontario, were instead squandered on Luxury Vehicles, All-Inclusive Luxury Resort Vacations to the Caribbean and other vacation destinations, Gym Memberships and Executive Allowances for CAS Management. (See: CBC: Ontario children's aid societies misspent money, auditors allege, National Post / The Ottawa Citizen: Children's Aid funds misused, auditor says and Toronto Star: Opposition slams Ont. Liberals over CAS.)

9. The McGuinty Tire Tax - Yet another blatant lie by Dalton McGuinty where he said he would not implement a tire tax, and then went right ahead and implemented one (calling it a fee and not a tax, as to act like he didn't lie yet again). (See: Toronto Sun: Tired of all the taxes and Toronto Star - Wheels.ca: Costly tire recycling plan will replace one that only needs tweaking.)

10. The McGuinty Ontario Ministry of Health, Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN) and Ontario Hospitals Consultant Hiring & Expenses Scandal - Where under the McGuinty Government, yet again another eHealth-type of fiasco took place, where untendered contracts were awarded to consultants and lobbyists, in addition to lax expense controls leading to lavish world-wide vacations in thousand-dollar-a-night hotels, expensive lunches and boozy dinners all paid for by Ontario's Working Families. (See: Toronto Star: Ontario tightens lobbying rules after scathing report and Global TV: Ont. auditor general says rules on health consultants still not followed.)

11. The McGuinty Tax Collectors Getting $45,000 Severance Packages for switching their job titles from "Provincial" to "Federal" Scandal - Where when Dalton McGuinty implemented the HST in Ontario, he overlooked the severance packages that would be rewarded to Ontario's Tax Collectors who, though they would not be losing their jobs, would still get this massive payout from Ontario's Working Families (many of which can only dream about making $45,000 a year) for moving from the Provincial Ontario Government to the Federal Government. (See: Toronto Star: Tax collectors get $45K severance, keep jobs.)

12. The McGuinty Niagara Falls Commission Scandal - Yet another eHealth-type fiasco, where countless tax dollars from Ontario's Working Families were blown on fancy dinners, nights out, expensive hotels and countless other unethical expenses by Management at the Niagara Parks Commission, not to mention the usual untendered contracts and sole-sourced deals given to Liberal friends. (See: The Hamilton Spectator: Niagara Parks exec ran up $400,000 in expenses and Toronto Sun: Call in the auditor!: Blizzard.)

13. The McGuinty General Motors Auto Pensions Bailout - Where Dalton McGuinty, after rejecting for years that Ontario taxpayers wouldn't be expected to bail out the GM Pensions (as many Ontarians don't have pensions themselves), Dalton McGuinty like usual, went ahead and broke that promise and provided Ontario Working Family tax dollars to GM to bail out their auto pensions. (See: National Post: Canada may hold stake in GM until 2018.)

14. The McGuinty Nortel Pensions Bailout - Where again, Dalton McGuinty for years said that Ontario taxpayers shouldn't be expected to bailout the pensions of private companies, as many Ontarians don't have pensions themselves, went ahead and bailed out Nortel's workers' pensions in an effort to buy votes for a by-election. (See: CityTV: McGuinty Shrugs Off Accusations Of Vote-Buying With Nortel Pension Guarantee.)

15. The McGuinty Workers Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) Tax Increase - Where Dalton McGuinty's Government allowed the WSIB to mismanage itself so horribly, that after years of lax controls, the WSIB had to increase rates on Ontario Businesses in order to recover from its failures. (See: CTV: New Year brings hydro rebates in Ontario plus higher EI and CPP premiums and Northbay's The Bay Today: CFIB blasts the WSIB’s hike in payroll taxes.)

16. The McGuinty Nanticoke Coal Power Plant Shutdown Scandal - Where Dalton McGuinty, in the election in 2003, promised then to shut down all Coal Power Plants by 2007, and then later admitted to breaking that promise, and instead said they would all be shutdown by 2009. Now, in prep for the 2011 election, McGuinty is saying that all Coal Power Plants will be shutdown by 2014! Yet another blatant lie and broken promise by Dalton McGuinty against Ontario Working Families. (See: CBC: McGuinty takes blame for broken promise on coal plant closures and Toronto Sun: Dalton McGuinty’s mind games: Goldstein.)

17. The McGuinty Caledonia Scandal - Where the McGuinty Government has been turning a blind eye to an illegal protection racket run by militant natives who have assaulted citizens and police officers, and Dalton McGuinty has prevented them from taking back control of Caledonia, all for the fear of another Ipperwash type scandal (see: Ipperwash Crisis - Wikipedia). McGuinty has once again turned his back on Ontario Working Families, this time those living in Caledonia. (See: National Post: Caledonia redux and National Post editorial on Dalton McGuinty's Caledonia policy: 'The coward at Queen's Park'.)

18. The McGuinty G20 Scandal - Where Dalton McGuinty implemented illegal regulations to enable the police to detain people during Toronto's G20 summit without cause. Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin said in regards to the McGuinty Government's G20 actions, "For the citizens of Toronto, the days up to and including the (June 26-27) weekend of the G20 will live in infamy as a time period where martial law set in in the city of Toronto, leading to the most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history". (See: OmbudsmanOntario.on.ca: G20 law was 'massive' breach of rights, Marin says (Toronto Star) and Toronto Star: Report details ‘shocking’ abuses at G20 summit.)

19. The McGuinty Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN) Review Delay Until After October Election - Where Dalton McGuinty purposely delayed the Auditor's review of McGuinty's much-loved LHINs, who via freedom of information inquiries has been found to be yet another eHealth type fiasco. The LHIN scandal is different in that many of the findings from the report happened after McGuinty implemented regulations to stop further eHealth type fiascoes. Where McGuinty has been protected before by saying these scandals happened before these new regulations, the LHIN scandals happened afterward, proving the continued complete lack of oversight and mismanagement by Dalton McGuinty of Ontario Working Families' tax dollars. (See: CBC: McGuinty says LHINs can do better and Newswire.ca: McGuinty Blocks LHIN Review to Hide Another eHealth-Style Insider Scandal.)

20. The McGuinty Government has made Ontario Tuition Fees the highest in Canada - Ontario College/University Tuition fees have skyrocketed under Dalton McGuinty to become the highest in Canada, again making life extremely hard for Ontario's Working Families to send their children for post-secondary education. (See: CP24: Ontario university students paying highest tuition fees in Canada.)

21. The McGuinty Foreign Scholarships Scandal - Where Dalton McGuinty, after continuously raising College/University Tuitions for Ontario students and making Ontario Tuitions the highest in Canada, then goes and gives free scholarships to foreign students. (See: Toronto Sun: Don't send our scholarships to China: Zimonjic and Toronto Sun: PCs would flunk plan to fund foreign students.)

22. The Dalton McGuinty Auto Insurance Scandal - Where Dalton McGuinty promised to reduce Auto Insurance rates by 10% during the 2003 election, he instead has done the exact opposite increasing Auto Insurance rates in Ontario to skyrocketing heights, and at the same time has allowed the reduction of insurance coverage with those new higher rates. Yet another blow to Ontario Working Families by the Dalton McGuinty Government. (See: Toronto Sun: McGuinty's insurance debacle and Globe and Mail: New auto insurance rules in Ontario.)

23. The Dalton McGuinty Eco-Fee Scandal - Where Dalton McGuinty snuck in an Eco Tax along with the HST, and after outrage in Ontario from Ontario Working Families, along with a completely failed implementation by the Ontario Stewardship, he back-pedaled on the new (supposedly necessary as per McGuinty) tax. (See: National Post: Poor communication blamed for failed Ontario eco fee and Toronto Sun: Eco fees recycled.)

24. The Dalton McGuinty Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) - Where Dalton McGuinty imposed yet another tax, this time a massive tax that was applied on almost everything including: Home Heating Costs, Gasoline, Natural Gas, Electricity, Tobacco, Quit Smoking Aids, Newspaper/Magazine subscriptions, Fast Food (over $4), New Homes (over $400,000), Vitamins, Used Vehicles, Internet Access, Airfare, Bus fare, Taxi Fares, Haircuts, Hotels, Legal Services, Gym Memberships, Accountants, Real Estate Commissions, Lawn Care and Landscaping, Dry Cleaning, Snow Removal, Campsites, Audio Books, Home Renovations, Massage Therapy, Green fees for golf, Live Theatre, Hockey Rink fees and Hall rentals, Funeral Services, Fitness Trainer, Esthetician Services, Hunting and Fishing Licenses. This is how Dalton McGuinty helps Ontario's Working Families, by increasing taxes on everything they depend on to survive. (See: Dalton Sales Tax - Dalton's Sales Tax on Everything - HST News and Ontario Ministry of Revenue: What's Taxable Under the HST and What's Not?.)

25. The Dalton McGuinty Smart Meters Scandal - Where Dalton McGuinty forced Ontarians to have so-called "Smart Meters" installed which impose Time-of-use pricing on Ontario's Working Families. The Time-of-use pricing is forcing Ontario Working Families to do their dishes at midnight, their laundry at 3am, and ensure to get their kids dressed and off to school before 7am in the morning, if Ontario Families don't want their electricity bills to skyrocket. The Smart Meters have cost Ontarians $1 Billion to implement, and have failed to provide the cost savings that they were touted to be able to do originally (even when Ontarians abide by the time-of-use recommendations). Not only is this hurting Ontario's Working Families, but it is making life impossible and completely unaffordable for Ontario's Seniors. (See: Toronto Star: What’s the return on $1 billion smart meter investment? and Financial Post: Lawrence Solomon: McGuinty’s reality.)

26. The Dalton McGuinty Skyrocketing Hydro Rates and disgraceful 10% so-called rebate Scandal - Under Dalton McGuinty, Ontario's Working Families have seen their Hydro rates skyrocket, firstly because of McGuinty's failed Green Energy experiments, second because of bloated Unionized Workers wages and benefits, and third because again of severe mismanagement by the McGuinty Government. As if the constant increases Ontario Working Families have already seen aren't enough, his Government has provided another low-ball estimate of rates rising another 46% over the next 5 years. Obviously this is just a pre-election number that will most likely increase 10 times over after the election. In addition, Dalton added his HST on top of these increasing rates, adding another 8% on top!  Then, in order to manipulate Ontario's Working Families, McGuinty gave back a 10% rebate (for 5 years only mind-you), and made sure to glorify it on Ontarians' Hydro Bills, in yet another disgraceful attempt to manipulate Ontario's Working Families.  (See: Toronto Sun: Expect a 46% hydro rate hike and CityTV: Hydro Rates Set To Skyrocket Over Next Five Years.)

27. The Dalton McGuinty Offshore Wind Turbines Scandal - Where Dalton McGuinty forced Ontarians to accept that Offshore Wind Turbines would be created, completely dismissing health concerns raised by Ontario Working Families (citing studies that had been done which proved the contrary), and now just before an election he suddenly says that they are postponing it to perform a study on their safety? Typical McGuinty. Not only did McGuinty hurt Ontario Working Families with this flip-flop, he also hurt Ontario Businesses who invested in this technology only to see it scrapped, and also weakened Ontario's Global Reputation as it can no longer be trusted to follow through on its initiatives. (See: CBC: Wind farm decision not election-related: McGuinty and Globe and Mail: Ontario’s wind power ‘flip-flop’ draws ire.)

28. The Dalton McGuinty Green Energy Strategy for Solar Power in Rural Ontario Scandal - Where Dalton McGuinty offered Ontario Working Families in Rural Ontario 80 cents per kWh if they implemented small solar power installations on their properties, only to renege on that deal and chop that rate to 58.8 cents, after many Ontarians already invested in the technology... Suddenly Ontario Working Families won't get that return on investment in the time they were told. Now Ontarians are looking at timelines of over a decade, and still after this latest price change, that is not even certain. In addition to the rate slashing, many Rural Ontarians are now being told that their contracts can no longer be fulfilled, after they've invested their retirement incomes into these Solar Power Systems. This is how Dalton McGuinty protects Ontario's Working Families. (See: Toronto Sun: Dalton McGuinty 's solar chop: Woodcock, Globe and Mail: Ontario's search for a solar system and CBC: Ont. goes ahead with large green energy projects.)

29. The Dalton McGuinty Samsung Deal Scandal - Where Dalton McGuinty awarded the Korean Conglomerate Samsung with "the mother of all sole-sourced untendered contracts", a sweetheart deal worth $7 Billion to develop Green Energy Technology in Ontario. In exchange for the deal, Samsung will get Ontarians to pay significantly higher feed-in-tariff energy rates for the next 25 years. Is this looking out for Ontario Working Families? What about looking out for Ontario businesses that could have done the same work that Samsung is being allowed? (See: Toronto Star: Tories seek probe into $7B green energy deal and Globe and Mail: Ontario's green deal raises ire of energy developers.)

30. The Dalton McGuinty Ontario Sunshine List's Skyrocketing Total Membership Scandal - Where under Dalton McGuinty, the number of Ontario Public Sector workers making $100,000 or more has skyrocketed from just over 12,000 members in 2003, to a whopping 63,371 in 2009, or in total, an over 500% increase while Dalton McGuinty has been Premier. And Ontario's Working Families wonder how taxes seem to constantly rise under Dalton McGuinty while the services provided in return are decreasing, because in addition to his Government's countless failures (see the 29 points above), he still finds a way to give them raises and push them into the six-figure salary range. Meanwhile, Ontario Working Families pick up the bill and can't afford to live. This is how Dalton McGuinty protects Ontario's Working Families? (See: Toronto Star Clipping from 2003: Strike overtime helps pad province's $100,000 club ; More than 12,000 on 'sunshine' list; Hospital network CEO highest paid and CTV: AGO gallery CEO is No. 3 on province's sunshine list.)

After these 30 examples of failures by the Dalton McGuinty Ontario Liberal Government, you would think that this would be it, but truthfully, there are many, many, many more examples of his failures that have cost Ontario's Working Families their entire livelihood.

Again, if you feel that I have missed any Scandals, Broken Promises or New Taxes/Fees, please feel free to add a comment describing the Scandal, and also providing any supporting websites that readers can visit to get further details.

Also, below I've listed some of my other related previous posts that you may find useful in prep for this year's coming Provincial Election:

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Ontarians, it's time that we remove this Dalton McGuinty Ontario Liberal cancer that is killing our families, and get back to a time of prosperity and happiness for Ontario. Do the right thing this October and please go out there and vote! It has never been so important.


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Dalton_McGuinty_Crop_2.jpg by Joshua Sherurcij on Wikipedia


Mr. J said...

Absolutely superb list! (well, of course Dalton's incompetence and waste is horrifying, but your efforts in putting the list together are much appreciated.) I shall link to it on my blog.

jackandcokewithalime said...

Hi Mr. J,

Thanks so much for your kind words, and for your readership.

I felt it was extremely important for Ontarians to be reminded about all of the travesties that Dalton McGuinty has imposed on us, and as such, I am so happy about the traction that this list has been getting out there.

I appreciate you offering to help spread the word further by linking it on your blog.

Thanks again.


Mr. J said...

http://clownatmidnight.blogspot.com/2011/03/remembrance-of-scandals-past.html ;)

Anonymous said...

Lest we forget the new Dog Owners Liability Act making it illegal for any medium sized short haired dog without papers to live in Ontario. Reverse Onus which is against the Canadian Charter. Warrantless entry into people's homes to take and kill their unoffending dogs who were born after Nov.2005. Giving the OSPCA,a charity, real POLICE powers with NO oversight! Then ignoring the tens of thousands of letters and three private members Bills put forth to change these laws. Dalton SAID pre-election he would NOT whip votes except on budget and has done NOTHING but WHIP votes on everything since.

Shoshana said...

An additional comment about the DOLA, aka, "pit bull ban": the Humane Society just released a study where they showed that dog bites before 2005 and after have NOT decreased, and in many cities and municipalities has increased. An estimated 800 million in taxpayer funds has been spent on enforcing a breed ban which does not effectively increase public safety. Anything but an estimated amount is not known, but 1% of this amount is too much. We taxpayers have suffered enough.

Anonymous said...

Teflon Dalton McGuinty's record is offensive. No doubt it has contributed to Ontario's Have Not Province status.
As such this list should be read by all Ontarians.
So I am passing this list to many people and encouraging them to do the same.
I did caution that they may need to use a Room Freshener and Gravol to help finish the read. Dalton's that bad and stinky.
I am trying to find humour in the fact Ontarians have tolerated Teflon Dalton and his gang this long.
Thanks for the list.

Anonymous said...

Many people may feel Dalton did a good thing when he raised minimum wage, I however, am certain HE RAISED MINIMUM WAGE TOO FAR, TOO FAST giving nearly 2$ an hour raise overnight while myself & many others were taking drops in wages & losing jobs. This raises the cost of everything & hurts small business. My 16 year old can now get a job with very little or no education earning nearly as much as I do.

Not Convinced said...

This page seems to list every scandal to hit any provincial institution during McGuinty's watch. Shall we also blame him for global warming and the rise of "reality TV" while we're at it?

Any genuine complaints the author had are buried in his general hate-on for Mr. McGuinty.

Anonymous said...

Two basic comments.

The Debt Reduction Tax on Hydro bils was paid OFF in 2010. McGuinty then extended this debt reduction to 2018. Ontario citizens then contine to repay a debt that was PAID OFF, till 2018.

2nd. A study called "Panic Policy Making; Canine Breed Bans in Canada and the U.S." Indicates the ban was manufactured to take away from his governments inability to deal with gangs and shootings. Dogs were a easy target as they cannot speak for themselves. This facisco about the Ontario ban can be found around page 20. It is also fact that every single Expert (except the one put in by Bryant who was a lowly dog walking walking company in his riding) came out AGAINST the ban. THEN, when asked about removing the "specific measures" Dalton said and I quote, "we got the best advice we could and put forth legislation, WE think, upholds public safety". Meanwhile ALL the CREDIBLE experts testified AGAINST it!
The links to the real facts can be found in this blog.

Anonymous said...

The McGuinty Liberals gave the OSPCA (a private charity) police powers. There has been plenty of evidence of the abuse of power on the OSPCA. There is no limit to McGuinty's insane agenda. If there is a sector of the population that has not been negatively impacted by either an abuse of taxpayers dollars or ill conceived legislation, they must be living in a cave. I have no idea who would vote for McGuinty and him minions.. sure won't be me!

Anonymous said...

The link to the facts about BSL
also known as the Slaughter of non approved Liberal family pets.


Also might want to read the testimony from the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association


Caveat said...

Actually, the OSPCA has more powers than the police. They are a private charity, unaccountable to any body.

How about Cricketgate? I realize it wasn't as big as most of the ones you list, but it still bugs me that Mike Colle was re-elected after blowing all that public money.

What about Takhar when he was Minister of Transportation? Irregularities in licence issuance and weren't there 60,000 stolen blanks? He still sits in the House.

I'm sure there are more but you've certainly hit the majors with your great list.

Come back, Jack! The election draws nigh!

kingcharming1951 said...

I would like to add the Niagara Falls tunnel, Big Becky, to the list of Dalton's fiascoes.

Niagrar Falls Project Big Becky years late and massively over budget

Big Becky tunnel finaly completed but transmission lines not ready because Dalton McGuinty will not deal with Natives in Caledonia.

Butterfly Mamma said...

I would like to also clarify in the OHIP cuts also included routine hearing examinations unless you are 18 and under or 65 and older. So if you wear eyeglasses AND hearing aids, it is a double whammy.

And to the Anonymous person who commented we may as well blame McGuinty for Global Warming and the rise of Reality TV, the blog author stated facts that were backed by various newspapers of both right and left wing approaches.

thebiggreenlie said...

Thanks for your work here in telling it like it is instead of the steady diet of putrid lies and misinformation by the mainstream, "McGuinty subsidized" media.
Without the Internet and the work of many many true freedom fighters that exist just below the surface such as the Blog Community, this guy and others like him would get away with this massive fraud called "Government"!

Anonymous said...

the guy is a freak, I personally think it is better to change politicians often so their cancer doesn't take root. I remember when it was easy to get a relatively good job here in Ontario, now it is just McJobs, crappy $10.00 - 12.00/hr jobs with no benefits and layoffs every few months.
This " hire an immigrant" credit is the final straw, pay someone else with my money to give someone else a job...
thanks but bye bye...

Anonymous said...

Dont forgt the secret raises that were only disclosed when the Liberals were take to court by another union.

Don't forget the failed 2 year wage freeze because the unions have arbitration rights.

Dont forget he promised to cancel the 407 contract, yet now says you just can't go around cancelling deals as it will ruin your international reputation.

Leglislation exempting hosptials from freedom of information so McGuinty can hide

Severance payments of 2.5 millions for the CEO of Eheatlh...announced on a Friday night to minimize damage.

Severance payouts for other liberal cronies that were hidden in Hamilton health care centres.

Natural gas power plant contracts that were cancelled in Oakville and Mississauga. Cancellation fees are being carefully negotiated. Rumoured costs up to $1billion.

McGuinty says Ontarians can get a discount on their electricity 66% of the time under TOU.

McGuinty approves a Smart Meter Fee for your 2012 hydro bills.

Fraser Inst. names McGuinty as the 2nd worst record of all premiers.

Bribing Ontario families with $1000 to offset increased costs of HST

Promising lower product and service prices with HST

Promising 600,000 new jobs with HST

Paying .80 cents kwhr for solar and wind electricity that can't be used during non peak times and then having to resell or dump that electricity at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. Read Parkers Gallant's articles on this fiasco.

I hate that cocksucker.


Rustee24 said...

For those interested in more details on the scandalous action (and inaction) by McGuinty, and his interference with the OPP, I highly recommend "Helpless" by Christie Blatchford, a fearless and excellent writer.

Anonymous said...

McGuinty refuses to meet with Farmer Michael Schmidt regarding sale & consumption of raw milk & the poor guy is into week 4 of his hunger strike, a radical move you think? well, consider if you had been raided at gunpoint, had your goods seized, lost most of your land, constantly harassed with dozens of ridiculous charges, acquitted & then over-ruled & all of this over nearly 20 years!!! Let me remind you folks out there if Schmidt dies over this it will be more than a scandal....when our basic fundamental rights such as free food choice are messed with it is time to revolt!!! McGuinty is not a man of the people, for more info check out THE BOVINE on facebook....thanks for reading my rant

Anonymous said...

Dalton McGuinty has said NO to license with criminal background check those who wish to work with children, elderly and vulnerable as clowns, magicians, Santa Claus,costume characters and others
We can prevent crimes against children BE A VOICE FOR CHILDREN
View News video http://www.SurvivorsSpeakout.com
He quashed a bill a Cambridge politician was seeking legislation for filters in libraries supported & recommended by OPP yet denied by McGuinty
Blocked access to complaints to ombudsman regarding cas
If we do not do everything to protect children from being victims of crimes then what has our society stand for ?

Anonymous said...


"Anonymous said...
Many people may feel Dalton did a good thing when he raised minimum wage, I however, am certain HE RAISED MINIMUM WAGE TOO FAR, TOO FAST giving nearly 2$ an hour raise overnight while myself & many others were taking drops in wages & losing jobs. This raises the cost of everything & hurts small business. My 16 year old can now get a job with very little or no education earning nearly as much as I do."

The reality is thathe can't get a job at all because no employer with half a brain would hire anyone inexperienced, with zero work ethic, who feels they are entitled to the kind of money they want before having learned or earned or even contributed to anything including the employers business.
Have you seen the statistics on Youth unemployment? or hoe many people between the ages of 18 and 25 are on the welfare roles? ...
This is a scam to convince young people to stay in the indoctrination machine that is disguised as public school> college > university. Have you not heard the propaganda about higher indoct er ah .. Education, have you not heard the pledges made by the Lib and ndp that they will make it easier for every young person to go to college and or university.
They do all that then end up on welfare because the can't get a decent job and aren't willing to work thier way up, they just either become full time students, overpayed professors spewing the indoctrination, or public servants, teachers etc. or after they get a taste of flipping burgers or stocking wally marts shelves they quit go on welfare, feeling like the govt. owes them something

Anonymous said...

This blog needs to be updated as there are many more scandals in the mix since written. Ornge is a BIG one that needs to be touched on. As well, I am part of the horse racing industry when McGuinty and his merry band of thieves terminated our slot sharing revenue agreement to line their pockets claiming it is a "subsidy" and that tax payers were supporting our industry. This in fact FALSE! For every dollar inserted in a slot machine the OLG aka the Government got 75c, the track owners 10c for allowing the OLG to utilize the already existing facilities (which is broken down to be used to better the facilities, wages, and so on), 10c to the horsemen and the other 5c to the host municipalities!! The announcement came in March 2012 that the slots at racetracks program will be terminated as of March 2013 BUT almost overnight closed 3 facilities leaving hundreds of people jobless and hence sparking an announcement that one of the 3 tracks will close as of August 31st, 2012. We have been told that horse racing is not a priority BUT should racing come to an end (which is reality now) 60,000 people's jobs will be left in limbo. Meanwhile their catch phrase is "JOBS GROWTH"!! I call BS! There are many more details of this topic and I encourage you all to investigate the details and to boycott the OLG (slots, scratch tickets, lotteries etc.)

Anonymous said...

I know these are real scandals and we must remember them but I find the author of this site blames unions as well as government and I feel as a unionist we fought hard for the rights we have and should keep them.
I also think instead of wasting so much money on bad health care decisions he should keep the few good ones he made like helping home care groups which even the papers say he has he has not!
Also instead of increase taxes and hydro rates for stupid reasons he should use that money to increase disability pensions or he should try to find a place to live, pay bills and get food as well as clothes on 791.00 a month.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful list and many thanks for it. Will make sure I share it with as many people as possible. Now, your next assignment? The same type of listing for our Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Bet it's just as long!!

Anonymous said...

who is accountable for all the funds provided for infastructure provided to municpalities. i.e. roads and sewers, taxes continue to increase, less services available

Anonymous said...

ORNGE Scandal....

Unknown said...

Due to so much of bureaucracy, all this is happening.

Solar Power Ontario

Anonymous said...

Moving gas plants to win ridings in an election; Green Energy Act; are 2 more disgusting, expensive examples. This guy should be told 'Go directly to Jail, Do Not Pass Go'.

Anonymous said...

Big ones missing are ORNG, Gas Plants move and Green Energy Scam.

Anonymous said...

And yet the people of Ontario (especially Toronto) kept on voting him in... Fool us once, shame on you Dalton. Fool us twice, shame on us. Fool us thrice and we must be on drugs. Now we've got Dalton's lesbian side-kick to deal with. If that's the best the Liberal party could do, they're a lost cause. If the people of Ontario vote her in next election, then this province is a lost cause as well and I'm leaving.

mriguy2 said...

I would like to remind redears that in the runup to the 2003 election McGuinty promised to get rid of the six private MRi machines recently licensed by the Eves government. Of course he never did that at all. In fact, they are all still operating today, ten years later.

Anonymous said...

"Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Anonymous said...

All great and very true observations....he needs to go or Ontario is going to hell in a hand basket! Lets vote this blood sucking, piece of garbage out!!

the man said...

since when has any liberal or ndp government, federal or provincial,done anything other than pull the tax payer down. but some people are like sheep and keep voting
for the likes of Dalton,M Bob R.and

Ron F. Kitchener said...

How could you tell when Dalton McGuinty was lying ????


Unknown said...

That's a far cry from our current projected $12.5 billion deficit, but in the last six years the province has been hit by an economic depression and the loss of its major industry. We all business bookkeeping ontario want better days ahead, but the math of Hudak's strategy of magic and wonder still doesn't add up.

Unknown said...

I had to drink a rumandcokewithlime to read this and i have to go make a double now.

The saga continues with Wynne. Will you be keeping tally of Wynne scandals as well. Cant wait to see. She has many under her belt and its only January 2015

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