Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tim Hudak to Scrap Dalton McGuinty's Eco Fees When Elected in 2011!!

Ontario Progressive Conservative Leader, Tim Hudak, announced yesterday that when the Conservatives win next year's Ontario Provincial Election, like Dalton McGuinty and his Ontario Liberal Party's future, McGuinty's Eco Fees will be tossed in the trash.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

Hudak vows to scrap TV, electronics fees
Extra fees of up to $30 and more to pay for the safe disposal of televisions, printers and other electronics would be scrapped if the Progressive Conservatives win next October’s election, Tim Hudak says.

Taking aim at complaints from shoppers during the Christmas season about the fees, the Progressive Conservative leader said the fees are becoming a “tipping point” for people on tight incomes after the recession.

“Dalton McGuinty is so out of touch he sees it as just a few bucks here and there,” Hudak told reporters Friday.

He called on the premier to axe the fees, which include $26.25 when buying a new big-screen TV, $32.50 on a multi-function printer, $12.25 on monitors, $2.75 on portable computers and $1 on telephones, to name a few. Retailers charge the HST on top of that.

“If Dalton McGuinty won’t do it, a PC government will. Voters willing, this will be the last Christmas that families get hit by Dalton McGuinty’s electronics eco tax grab.”

A spokesman for Environment Minister John Wilkinson said it makes no sense to axe the fees, saying such a move would “put public health at risk” by having more electronics go into garbage dumps and leach toxins.

But Hudak said the program took $44 million from consumers last year and resulted in the recycling of just two per cent of its target.

“A lot of this stuff is going into landfills anyway. This is nothing but a greedy tax that does nothing for recycling or the environment,” said Hudak.
Finally, Leadership that actually makes sense. It's been a long time coming in both the Ontario and Toronto Governments... But now with Rob Ford in as the new Mayor of Toronto, and Dalton McGuinty soon to be exterminated from the Ontario Legislature, things are finally looking up for the Taxpayer.

Good for you Tim Hudak! And UP YOURS Dalton McGuinty!!! You have exactly 291 days left in office... Come the next Ontario Provincial Election on Thursday October 6th, 2011, we will finally be rid of you!


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CheeMiss said...

Many of us make the mistake of voting for a party. Many of us baby boomers followed in our parents foot steps and became die hard Liberals without for a moment considering the man/women that is going to be the decision maker.

Well, we all learned a very valuable lesson these past 7 1/2 years. We learned that McGuinty is NO Trudeau and that is a Fact.

Trudeau is probably turning in his grave, watching what his Liberal party has been doing to his beloved creation of the middle class. McGunity's message is loud and clear......destroy the middle class and his VISION agenda sure does prove it.

We are being taxed to death on so many levels, and there is still no accountability to lower the over paid public sector management teams, ministers, ceos, presidents etc. Rather than firing staff to keep these over inflated powers that be, it's time to lower their salaries, bonuses, perks and HUGE pensions and keep the staff employed.

I am sure that their jobs can easily be done by senior staff members that probably know more about what's going on in the job than they do, and would take that job for a fraction of what these blow hards get, which would still be a hefty raise for the staff member.

Use Walmart as and example. Rather than firing thousands of staff, they decided to fire the executives, which meant that staff got to keep their jobs.

Well, this time, this die hard Liberal voter, rounded up family & friends and voted for "The Man" and not the party. We voted in Conservative, yep, you got that right, Conservative Mayor Rob Ford. And we are so proud that we did.

Next election, we will repeat the process and vote for "The Man" and not the party and in our eyes,
Tim Hudak is "The Man" for the people.

We need men that know how to create the proper environment for the PRIVATE SECTOR to flourish, which will create the jobs that are so desperately needed.
What we don't need is leaders that pretend to create jobs by creating more gov't and bureaucracy, which ends up in more tax gouges to all of us.
It's not the tax payers responsibility to pay for job creation. Give the private sector what it needs and they will create the jobs.....period.

I strongly believe that we have finally been blessed with 2 men that care about us. Mayor Rob Ford and now, hopefully, soon to be Premier, Tim Hudak.

Time to get back to reality and not expensive, scandalous visions. Time to progress into the future with a strong Private Sector behind us.
Time for smaller gov't, less union pandering and much needed lower taxes and hydro.

Enough already McGuinty, you and the Lie-berals have to go once and for all & take your Billion Dollar
windmill & solar panel hoax with you.
Visions do not put food on the table, nor keep the lights and heating on.

You do not do Trudeau or any of us proud!
Watch the movie "Dave" and learn how it should be done!

KingBlogSpot said...

This post (and the comment from CheeMiss) made my day! I could not agree more with the sentiments of the post (and comment).

Keep up with your blog, hopefully free thinking will become a trend.

average joe consumer said...

I am currently doing all my shopping in the U.S. to beat the eco fees and 5 cent bag crap. I am not alone either. This will of course lead to more retail failures in Ontario and the subsequent job losses and tax revenue losses that go with it.
This is what happens when morons get elected to run a government.