Tuesday, February 9, 2010

McGuinty burns another $1.6 Million on HST Manipulation..

Really?? McGuinty is Manipulating People and Wasting Millions again?? No, it can't be...

I came across this gem in the Star today:

Province spends $1.6M on ads explaining HST


"In an effort to sell the controversial HST to Ontarians, the Liberals are set to launch a $1.6 million ad campaign beginning Thursday."
Queue the sad laughs out of pure frustration..

You know, only McGuinty could find a way to add new tax burdens on the already heavily burdened Ontario population, and have it disguised as the same Percentage, except "now you get extra tax benefits!"....

Wow Dalton!! Everyday you remind us how selling one's soul to the devil is never the right move, regardless of how dire the situation is... I mean, right out of a hollywood movie this guy pulls his moves..

Anyway, this $1.6 Million of our tax money being used to manipulate us into thinking that this HST crap is a good thing, is just disgusting.. McGuinty has found yet another way to stoop even lower...

"The website is ontario.ca/taxchange. Since the website was launched, Wilkinson said more than 400,000 Ontarians have clicked on it."
Yes, the website.. This website basically takes all of the manipulative crap that McGuinty and his cronies have been spewing, and puts it in writing, just to be picked at and ripped apart by people like me! ;)

Now, I don't want to go too deep into it and analyze every single word.. But I will share a few things to look out for.. Things that we call "Consultese" (in the consulting industry) used by Consultants to manipulate Clients into spending millions on things they don't need..

Here we go:

1. Whenever I see phrases like "more modern" and "value-added", especially when referring to taxes, I know that some serious BS is taking place.. (level 1 manipulation)

2. References to taxes as "tax packages" as if to appear like some kind of gift or something (level 2 manipulation)

3. Statements that include new taxes and "tax relief" in the same sentence... (level 2 manipulation)

4. Sections which talk about economic downturns, and then talk about new taxes.. (level 2 manipulation)

5. Statements like "many economists and businesses agree" used as justification for drowning the people of Ontario... You know, telling us things that the people who would benefit from this have to say, instead of the opinions of the people who will be negaively impacted... (level 3 manipulation)

6. Manipulative statements like the following:

"We have a choice: we can refuse to fix what's broken, resign ourselves to the idea that Ontario will be less competitive, and watch our province move backward. Or we can move forward, embrace change and hold firm to the conviction that Ontario can emerge through this stronger than ever before."
Where we are offered 2 options.. 1 that's completely horrible and we could never agree to, and the other some manipulative crap which basically translates to NEW TAXES... (level 4 manipulation)

7. Lastly, BIG PROMISES based on HUGE ASSUMPTIONS by the Ontario Government on what will be the benefits of this new tax, like:

"The HST will generally remove this hidden tax by refunding sales taxes paid on most business inputs. These refunds will mean lower prices for many consumer purchases and lower business costs, which experts agree will improve the competitiveness of Ontario businesses and result in increased business investment, leading to more jobs and higher incomes".
(level 5 manipulation)

You know, if I was a business owner who'd been getting killed by the recent econimic downturn, and suddenly I got all of these tax breaks, what would I do with that money, hmm????

1. Pay off Huge Debts
2. Make necessary Repairs to everything required
3. Purchase any Business Related Enhancements that are required

That's most likely where my tax savings would go..

And if all of my tax savings for the next 10 years are not spent on the 3 above-mentioned items, then I may actually give myself a Bonus for once.

Where in all of that the lower prices, new jobs and higher incomes comes in, I have no idea...

Those things are probably headed to the infamous "McGuinty Cemetary for Broken Promises".. Just like every other one he's made and broken.


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