Friday, April 23, 2010

McGuinty Screws the Natives with HST and Blames the Feds??

Yes, yes, more manipulation from Mr. McGuinty...

First Nations members in Ontario have been receiving a "point-of-sale PST Exemption" up until now, but with the HST coming in on July 1st, the PST and GST turn into HST, and therefore since there's no more PST, there's no more tax exemption for the Natives.

Obviously they're pissed about this, as all of sudden their point-of-sale tax rate skyrockets from 5% to 13%. So they're getting screwed even more by the HST than the rest of us.

ASIDE: For more information on this situation, and on the entire point-of-sale PST Exemption for Native Ontarians, visit BULLETIN-PROPOSED HARMONIZED SALES TAX THREATENS FIRST NATIONS PST EXEMPTION from the Chiefs of Ontario.

As a result of this, and the $120 Million that it's expected to cost them in the first year alone, they've been holding protests across Ontario.

Here's the story from

Natives take to Toronto streets in HST protest

First Nation groups are marching the streets of Toronto today to protest the HST.

The groups say the new harmonized tax will rob them of a point-of-sale exemption on the provincial portion of the merged tax.

A report from the Chiefs of Ontario says the change will cost First Nation groups up to $120 million in the first year alone.

Premier Dalton McGuinty says he's "firmly"' on the side of First Nations and blamed the federal Conservatives for stonewalling his attempts to preserve the tax exemption.

Blatant manipulation and misconstruing of the facts... Classic McGuinty.

Oh yes Dalton, it's the Feds' fault for stonewalling something that should have been a requirement as a part of the deal in the first place...  Maybe next time you should do your homework before screwing every single person who depends on you...

McGuinty's "firmly" on the side of First Nations...  What a joke...


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