Thursday, April 8, 2010

McGuinty Re-Election in 2011 = 15% HST in Ontario... Bet on it!!

The worst thing to ever happen to Ontario -Dalton McGuinty- is confident about his triple-crown re-election in 2011 against 2 rookies (PC Leader Tim Hudak and NDP Leader Andrea Horwath), and that spells bad news for Ontarians...

McGuinty is serious about getting re-elected and he's already signed on his former Chief of Staff (who helped him win in 2003 and 2007) to his 2011 campaign (SOURCE: Premier gears up for 2011 vote). They have big plans and those plans have already been kicked into action.

In the meantime, a scary new development is happening in Nova Scotia and Quebec... Both Provinces are looking to increase their Provincial Portion of the HST (SOURCE: Jack Mintz: Catch the HST wave). Nova Scotia is kicking it up 2% for a combined total of 15% HST (10% Provincial PST, 5% Federal GST), while Quebec plans to kick it up 1% in January 2011, and 1% more the year after (again for a grand total of 15% HST).

And whenever McGuinty -and pretty much any other elected politician in Ontario like *hint hint* Toronto Mayor David Miller- hear about another Province, or City, or Country, or Planet-even having some kind of tax at a higher rate, they jump right onto that train, choo-chooing about how in this place they're doing this, and in that place they're doing this as well, and "well, Ontarians agree that they need to do their part too, just like the Nova Scotians and Quebecers are doing...". Sound familiar? Well, after that 2011 election, you're going to be feeling Deja Vu.

You know, I find it sad how our elected officials resort to the default child excuse that, "how come Johnny gets to do it, but we don't???"... To which the answer always is, "if Johnny jumps off a bridge, would you want to do that too?"... Yet, nobody is there to ask that to Mr. McGuinty every time he decides to screw Ontarians. And like brainwashed sheep, blindly following their shepherd without question, we continue to re-elect him...

Well, let me tell you this, if you do re-elect him again Ontario, be ready for that 2% hike in the HST. I bet that his mouth is already salivating at the chance to shove that one down our throats... Or for a more accurate depiction, shoving a few extra hands down our already empty and hole-ridden pockets...

And yes, he will deny deny deny that he would even consider such a move, until he gets re-elected into office... And then, like yet another stabbing in our back, BAM, HST goes up 2 points in Ontario.

Remember, you heard it here -and were warned here- first. This will happen if you re-elect him. It doesn't matter what crap he feeds you, it will happen.


(Image:!Dalton_McGuinty_2007.JPG by Joshua Sherurcij on Wikipedia)


Anonymous said...

OMG, the Liberals have lost their minds.
Trudeau must be rolling in his grave at what these thieves are doing to his legacy, the creation of the middle class.

McGuinty and his minions have been lying & robbing us blind. They are actually destroying the middle class.

Well, this devout Liberal & her family will not buy into any more snake oil peddling from McGuinty or Liberals across the board again.

Bring on Tim Hudak.....a man with the same passion for people like Rob Ford. The conservatives are now the ones to look after us.......for the liberals sold us down the river in the relentless pursuit of greed!

We, the middle class will not allow you to destroy us any longer. Out you go McGuinty, out you go and take those blasted Billion Dollar useless windmills with you!

Anonymous said...

Well said .. I agree with

david tt said...

The conservatives froze healthcare spending and the province had to keep the institution running. Bew hew.