Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rob Ford Will End Dalton McGuinty's Reign For Snubbing Toronto Again

It is no secret that Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty is a loyal Ottawa resident (born and raised), and like many Ontarians (and Canadians for that matter) who live outside of Toronto, he hates Toronto and Torontonians with all of his heart.

Now, McGuinty is not an idiot (how else can you screw over Ontarians for 2 straight terms all the while convincing them that you are doing a good job and getting reelected?), and of course he will use every trick in the book to obviously not come out directly and confirm his hatred for Toronto, but this hatred can be easily seen with his constant rejection of Toronto's annual requests for funding assistance.

McGuinty has had no problem whatsoever throwing Billions of dollars at all kinds of failed initiatives like eHealth and etc., but when Toronto basically comes begging to him every year to re-pick up Ontario's responsibility to fund Transit and help with road repairs and etc., without a second's though he dismisses Toronto every single time saying there's no money.

I mean, his failure in funding education in Toronto has Toronto families being forced to go out there and fundraise for their children's schools so that they can get the text books they need and the computers they require. And he's suppose to be the Education Premier??? This is just yet another example of how Dalton McGuinty has failed Toronto.

Unfortunately, in Dalton McGuinty's Ontario, there is no place for Toronto (yet Toronto pays for Ontario's entire existence). All that Toronto gets from McGuinty's Ontario is constant tax hikes with nothing to show for it, except boondoggle after boondoggle after boondoggle after boondoggle.

Well, that's it Mcguinty. Your party is over. And when Super Mayor Rob Ford sets his target on something, you can be sure that that target will be destroyed. Unfortunately for Dalton, Mayor Ford has his sights set directly on him now. And where Super Mayor Rob Ford goes, the Ford Nation will follow!

Here's the story from the Globe and Mail:

Toronto mayor vows to campaign against Liberals if province won’t boost funds
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said he’s “absolutely” ready to play hardball with a provincial government reluctant to agree to his request for $150-million this year. And in a talk radio interview Wednesday morning he threatened to ensure the Liberals don’t get back into office at Queen’s Park following this fall’s election.

“I haven’t talked to [Premier Dalton McGuinty] face to face about that request of $150-million. And if he says ‘No,’ obviously there’s a provincial election coming up,” Mr. Ford told Newstalk1010. “I want to work with him, not against him. But obviously if he’s not helping out the city, I’m going to have no choice but to work against him. I don’t want to do that.”

While Mr. Ford insisted he doesn’t want to blame other levels of government for the city’s financial woes – something he accused his predecessor David Miller of doing too often – he said that if the province isn’t forthcoming with cash, he’d have “no other choice.”

“If I need help from the province then I’ll ask for their help. And if they choose not to help us, then I have no other choice but to get out, as I call it, ‘Ford nation’ and make sure they’re not re-elected in the next election.”

Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan continued to deny the province would send more funds.

“That’s very interesting,” Mr. Duncan told reporters in response to Mr. Ford’s comments. “There is no more money,” he said, repeating the same blunt message he delivered on Monday.

It is routine for Toronto to submit a prebudget wish list to the province. In fact, most of the items Mr. Ford lists are long-standing requests, including asking the province to pay half of the public-transit system's operating costs and to update a cost-sharing agreement for subsidized child-care spots.

However, the city doesn't normally ask for one-time money to fix roads, according to former budget chief Shelley Carroll. This year, Mr. Ford and city staff are seeking $48.3-million in provincial cash to improve traffic lights ($16.7-million); untangle the Six Points intersection where Dundas, Bloor and Kipling meet ($15-million); and fix stretches of five major roads ($16.7-million).

Unfortunately for Dalton McGuinty, and fortunately for Ontario, Dalton is pretty much finished anyway. In the latest poll released by Vision Critical/Angus Reid, McGuinty has one of the worst approval ratings in the country at 16%, the same level that outgoing BC Premier Gordon Campbell had when he was tossed in the trash.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:
‘Premier Dad’ Dalton McGuinty near bottom of barrel: Poll
Politicians often ignore polls but Premier Dalton McGuinty may want to take note of these numbers.

Premier Dad has one of the worst approval ratings in the country at 16 per cent, according to a new Toronto Star/La Presse poll. Experts say this low level shows McGuinty is in trouble and he has to “reconnect” with voters well before the Oct. 6 election.

Last November, McGuinty had the exact same 16 per cent approval rate, said Mario Canseco, vice-president of Vision Critical/Angus Reid, the company that conducted the poll.

“As you get closer to the election in Ontario it is really the best moment to try and talk to those who voted for you and try to reconnect,” said Canseco. “It is not good to start the year at 16 per cent.”

In fact, McGuinty’s approval rating sits at the same level as outgoing British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell. He fell out of voters’ good books after the introduction of the harmonized sales tax and resigned as leader of the B.C. Liberal party in November.

Only scandal-ridden Quebec Premier Jean Charest — who shuffled his cabinet in early February and has faced calls for a public inquiry into organized crime, party finances and the construction industry — is lower with a 13 per cent approval rating.

The poll asked voters about the performance of nine current premiers (PEI was not included because of its sample size). The online survey sampled 6,482 Canadians. In Ontario, 1,004 adults were surveyed and the margin of error was 3.1 percentage points.

At Queen’s Park, McGuinty has been criticized by opposition leaders for missing the last four out of five question periods.

McGuinty’s office said he is still meeting the legal requirement of attending at least two-thirds of question periods to avoid having his pay docked.

It's too bad for the Ontario Liberal Party that they are going to lose the majority of their seats because of Dalton McGuinty's arrogance. They've been begging the scumbag to step down and allow anyone else to run in his place, but he dismisses them in very much the same way that he's been dismissing Toronto.

Come October, it will be McGuinty's time to be dismissed, and he can then join former Toronto Mayor David Miller, Mayoral Candidate George Smitherman, not to mention Adam Giambrone, Sandra Bussin and all the rest of those taxpayer-dollar-wasting scumbags in the garbage where he belongs.

Man, I can't think of any one word that brings up so much anger and frustration in Ontarians moreso than "McGuinty" (actually, there is one name which does so around the world, but let's not go there...yet). As the poll showed above, at least 84% of Ontarians definitely agree with me.


(Image: by Bitpicture on flickr


Anonymous said...

As Ford said... Toronto doesn't have a money problem, it has a spending problem... now he has to face up to his lies

CheeMiss said...

@Anonymous.....What lies? R U saying that Rob Ford lied about Toronto's spending problem? R U even on this planet?

It's all over the news about Toronto Housing. And that's only the beginning of the reckless spending exposure yet to come.

TTC has long ago out grown the city budget Anonymous! Where have U been?

The province gets a HUGE piece of OUR TAX MONEY and all McGuinty does with it is spend it on his bogus follies, instead of contributing to the cities infrastructure.

The federal gov't gets even a bigger chunk of OUR TAX MONEY! They too should be contributing to all provinces infrastructures!

You are delusional if you don't think by the end of this year, that Mayor Rob Ford will not expose multi-millions of waste, that will help up-grade our city, but those improvements will not physically show until 2013. It will take one year to find the waste and one year to make the improvements after the wasted monies are re-collected.


Sheeeze, now, in my older years, I finally understand the old adage "Youth is wasted on the young!

Anonymous said...

Death to the "LIBERALS" once and for all! WE support u Mr. Ford! Don't listen to these other cheap comments! Dalton M. is next-ed on the hit list, don't worry we are gonna rid of that filthy rat and LIBERAL party once and for all!!!

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