Friday, December 10, 2010

Delusional Toronto City Councillor Joe Mihevc Transcends into Irrelevance...

Joe Mihevc, one of the worst City Councillors Toronto has ever had, and a yes-man to David Miller -the worst Mayor Toronto has ever had- for some reason still spouts his rhetoric like anything he has to say still holds any kind of relevance in the new Toronto, where the Taxpayer is respected and the elitist has been tossed to the curb.

Mihevc, who with his partner in crime, Adam Giambrone, completely destroyed whatever kind of usefulness the TTC had, turning it into the news headline-grabbing symbol for incompetence and waste that it is currently, shamelessly and hypocritically talks about the stopping of Transit City costing the taxpayers millions of dollars, all the while being one of Council's most wasteful spenders, costing taxpayers millions in disastrous projects like the St. Clair Right-of-way boondoggle. It's almost comical listening to Mihevc talk about fiscal prudence and about caring about the Toronto Taxpayers' pocket book.

Mihevc had this to say when asked about Rob Ford's plan to end the war on the car and therefore put an end to David Miller's horrifying legacy of Transit City:

New TTC: Fewer politicians, more private citizens
Longtime transit commissioner Joe Mihevc (Ward 21, St. Paul’s) said he hopes Ford thinks hard before he makes any decisions on projects like the Sheppard light rail transit (LRT) line, the first of the Transit City routes scheduled for completion.

Ford campaigned on converting Sheppard to a subway that would run to the Scarborough Town Centre. But that would cost about $2.5 billion more than the $1.1 billion budgeted for Sheppard transit, according to TTC numbers.

“Why would we throw away a bird in the hand when the bird in the bush could be a generation away?” Mihevc said.

Now money is tighter, Mihevc said. The province, which is providing two-thirds of the Sheppard funding (one-third is coming from Ottawa) and 100 per cent of the funding of the three other Transit City lines, has already deferred half its spending commitment for those lines to the latter half of the coming decade.

Is Mihevc so completely out-of-touch with reality that he can't grasp the understanding that Toronto voted for Rob Ford and his mandate of destroying Transit City, ending the war on the car, and putting in subways instead of Streetcars & LRTs? THIS IS WHAT TORONTO WANTS!!! GET A GRIP ON REALITY, MIHEVC!!

I mean, how did this scumbag even get re-elected in Ward 21? It doesn't even make sense... I guess it doesn't make sense in the exact same way that Paula Fletcher got re-elected... Thank goodness that criminal Sandra Bussin was finally trounced.

Now I'm sure there will be those who idiotically support Joe Mihevc, and to them I pose this question: Did Joe Mihevc really look out for you when voting on your behalf, Ward 21? Well, if you were in favour of higher taxes, if you are anti-public consultation, and if you believe that Councillors should have all the perks in the world that they don't need, while you Torontonians are barely surviving, then I guess you are getting what you deserve.

What? How can I make these outrageous accusations about Mihevc, you ask? Well, they aren't accusations, they are fact.

I took the liberty of pulling together some of Mihevc's Toronto City Council Voting Record for your review. You see, regardless of who you are, you can't argue with fact:

Now that you have the facts, you can decide.

And in the meantime, Mihevc, just go away. It's not even worth it for you to attend Council Meetings anymore. You and all of your Leftist Pinko Comrades might as well just bury your heads in the sand, and just pretend that the Taxpayers aren't back in control.

Thank Goodness for Rob Ford.


PS: I know you like how I threw that "Leftist Pinko" stuff out there. ;)

Screenshot taken from YouTube Video by MARIUSFrederick


Anonymous said...

Mihevc is an a--hole without a doubt but do you really think that people living in the midtown areas really supported him and his cadre of self serving people including support for that idiot Giambrone? A major problem is that people do not want to get involved at the municipal level until it is too late. One should realize that all of these local councilors are so busy filling potholes that the they cannot rise up and look at an overall picture such as transit nor read a balance sheet, nor understand a feasibility study nor an ROI calculation- Mihevc and Giambrone were two of these - they were abusive, self centred and full of their own importance and acted like little tin-gods. Thank goodness at least one has gone, but I think one should be very careful of accusing anyone living in the midtown and downtown areas of being pinkos - the pendulum will swing back again. Just because we do not support you speeding through our streets on your way back to suburbia does not mean we are aware of what makes Toronto a beautiful city to live in and be proud of. I and a lot of people in our areas pay a lot of taxes and intend to keep this city liveable, we may not support bicycle lanes on all streets but we certainly do not think they all should be eliminated so in conclusion Rob Ford should tread carefully he may have influence but he only has one vote!!!!

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