Thursday, December 23, 2010

Statistic: Less Than Half of Toronto Cyclists Actually Use Bike Lanes...

Talk about a waste of taxpayer money...

Statistics being released now by the City of Toronto show that only 45% of Toronto Cyclists counted during September 2010, were actually using the taxpayer funded bike lanes in the downtown core.

The majority of cyclists actually preferred mixed traffic roads to bike lane provided roads, bringing to question the entire purpose of having bike lanes in Toronto, especially if more than half of Toronto Cyclists choose not to use them.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

Toronto completes first count of downtown cyclists
Toronto’s first count of downtown cyclists revealed that about 19,000 people entered the city core on bikes on a typical September weekday.

“I might have guessed higher,” said urban cycling advocate and consultant Yvonne Bambrick.

While only 24 per cent of the streets monitored for the count offered bike lanes, 45 per cent of the cyclists counted used those streets.

Counters manually recorded the number of cyclists passing Bloor St. in the north, Queens Quay in the south, Spadina Ave. in the west and Jarvis St. in the east over one 12-hour period. They also noted each cyclist’s sex and helmet use.

Compared with the number of cars downtown, of course, the number of bicycles is minuscule. The city does not have car numbers exactly comparable to the bicycle numbers it recently gathered, but a 2006 count showed 109,000 vehicles entering a larger downtown area between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m. The number of cyclists entering the smaller downtown area used in 2010 during the same hours was 7,655.

To view the actual report from the City of Toronto website, please visit: City of Toronto - Bicycle Count Report 2010.

Hopefully this reality will be a wake up call for all those Councillors who have been advocating for the creation of more Bike Lanes on major arterial roads in Toronto.

Unfortunately in Toronto, when it comes to Bike Lanes, if you build them, they still won't come... ;)


(Image: by Duchamp on flickr

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