Saturday, December 18, 2010

Toronto City Councillor Janet Davis Shows Her Uselessness To Ward 31...

Even though residents of Ward 31 Beaches-East York re-elected Toronto City Councillor Janet Davis, she continues to fail her constituents, and the kicker is that it is the Ford brothers -Davis' exact Political Opposites- who pick up and put back together the pieces that Davis and her office leave behind.

The latest story coming out from the Toronto star -of all places- is in regards to Maxine, a 77 year old who needed to call Doug Ford to help her out, as Janet Davis, her Toronto City Councillor, couldn't be bothered to care for the safety of the Seniors in her ward.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

Fiorito: Ford brothers staying true to their promise
Maxine lives at 444 Lumsden, a five-minute walk north of the Main St. subway station. It is a building of suspect elevators, occasional bedbugs, insignificant maintenance, and no security cameras in the underground parking garage.

I went to see Maxine the other day. She explained what happened as she parked her car in the empty garage: “All of a sudden, this guy shows up out of nowhere. He was heavy-set, white, wearing a black toque, dressed in black, wearing clear glasses; maybe in his 30s.”

Maxine is 77 years old.

She said, “I had a feeling something wasn’t right. I said, ‘You looking for something?’ He said, ‘I came to meet my friend.’ I said, ‘Where does your friend live?’ He said, ‘My name is Brad.’”

“I started walking towards him. I pointed my finger at him like this.” She held her arm straight out. “I was using my dominating voice. I said, ‘You know what, Brad? You’re on camera.’”

A bold little lie.

“He sort of flinched. He asked how to get out. I kept pointing at him. I told him I’d show him the way.”

She has been pushing to have security cameras in the parking garage for the past two years. She was told that the money was in the budget. But every time there was a meeting, and every time she asked, she was put off.

This time?

“I called TCHC security. They said I should have called the police.” Duh. “I called TCHC. I couldn’t get them on the phone. Then I called Doug Ford’s office.”

Doug Ford is not her councillor. Janet Davis is her councillor. But Maxine called Ford because the Fords have promised to return all calls and get action.

She got action.

Very shortly thereafter, TCHC called Maxine and made mealy-mouthed and apologetic noises about emergencies and delays.

And then a staffer from Janet Davis’ office called Maxine and said the cameras would be installed shortly. The Davis staffer said, with a tinge of sarcasm, “If they’re not installed, I guess you know what to do.”

Yeah, I guess she does. And maybe that’s why you-know-who got elected.

Not only did Councillor Davis fail her constituents, but she has the audacity to tell them to reach out to the Fords to solve their problems???

And Ward 31 re-elected her??!! It's ok Ward 31, you'll know better next time.

And just an FYI, Councillor Janet Davis was one of the 6 Toronto City Councillors that voted against repealing the Toronto Personal Vehicle Tax on Thursday... There's looking out for the Seniors in her Constituency. She also voted against exempting Seniors from the Personal Vehicle Tax way back in October 2007 before it was implemented.

Councillor Janet Davis, a real scumbag public representative, and yet another member of Toronto's Worst City Councillors.

Thanks goodness for Rob and Doug Ford...


PS: Good for you Joe Fiorito! I hope the Toronto Star doesn't fire you for telling the truth about Rob & Doug Ford.  If Hume, James or Hepburn told this story, Rob and Doug Ford would have somehow been to blame...

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Anonymous said...

. . . But the article says that she didn't call Janet Davis, she called the mayor instead. Why would Janet do anything, if no one told her? A resident calls the mayor instead of her councillor, therefore the councillor isn't doing her job?

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