Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ignatieff's "Fetish-de-Francais" Catastrophic for the Federal Liberals

Much like his provincial counterpart here in Ontario (soon to be former Premier, Dalton McGuinty), Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has shown his stupidy knows no bounds.

His latest queste-de-stupide involves Bill S-220 proposed by his Senate which would modify Canada's bilingualism laws to require all workers across Canada at all airports, railway stations, ferry terminals and ports including all 3rd party contractors therein (ex. car rental employees, restaurant employees and etc.) and also RCMP officers, to be fully bilingual, or fully fluent in both English and French, in order to be employed in those areas.

Meaning, that if Michael Ignatieff were the Prime Minister today, all of these workers who aren't fully bilingual (an extremely high majority outside Quebec) would be instantly fired.

Here's the story from the Toronto Sun:

Bilingualism isn't a two-way street for Ignatieff
What would Michael Ignatieff do differently if he were prime minister?

Take a look at Bill S-220, proposed by his party in the Senate. S-220 would amend Canada’s bilingualism laws.

For starters, it would require all RCMP patrolling the Trans-Canada Highway to speak French.

Hundreds of English-speaking RCMP officers would have to be fired, including almost all aboriginal RCMP officers and minorities in cities like Vancouver, where the RCMP has recruited South and East Asian officers.

But it’s not just anti-minority and anti-English. It’s anti-common sense.

Canada’s current bilingualism laws require federal government services to be provided in French where numbers warrant. For most of the Trans-Canada Highway, the numbers don’t warrant it. Yet Ignatieff insists only bilingual officers be allowed to patrol any of it.

Except in Quebec. It has its own provincial police force, called the Surete du Quebec.

Bill S-220 doesn’t require those 5,000 officers to learn English. Ignatieff wouldn’t dare, because bilingualism, to him, isn’t a two-way street. Ignatieff wouldn’t ask Quebec to abandon its anti-English sign laws that violate the Charter of Rights.

But S-220 also applies to “all airports, railway stations, ferry terminals and ports that are significant because of their location or number of passengers they serve.” So the ports of St. John’s and Vancouver would have to be fully bilingual. The same with airports in Edmonton, Regina and St. John’s.

This would apply to everyone working at the airport, ferry terminal or port, including “third party contractors such as restaurants or car rental agencies.”

My own observations suggest the majority of workers in airport food courts and car rental desks are new immigrants, for whom English is already a second language. S-220 wouldn’t allow them to work there anymore until they learned French, too. Try doing that at age 45 while raising a family and working 70 hours a week.

There’s no other way to say it: S-220 is a bigoted, punitive, divisive law.

Just think about the workers in your local train station or airport, working at the security, or at a variety store, or at the currency exchange, or a restaurant, all of these people would be immediately be fired as they do not meet the highly restrictive and very unreasonable anti-English language requirements of Ignatieff's Bill S-220.

And here's the kicker, these rules would not apply in Quebec (at least for Quebec's Provincial Police Force, the Surete du Quebec). You see, it is necessary for all Canadians to know French (even though they will never have to use it outside of Quebec or France), but not necessary for all Quebecers to know English (even though that is the Global Language of use almost everywhere).

Leave to the Liberals to come up with such idiotic policies that would alienate the majority of Canadians...

And Liberal supporters wonder why the Liberals are losing power across Canada, especially here in Toronto where Mayor Rob Ford was elected over Liberal George Smitherman, and soon Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty will lose power to PC Leader Tim Hudak.

If you Liberals want to blame someone, look at your elitist, moronic and scumbag leadership.

If I were you, I'd get Ignatieff to remove that huge croissant from his extremely loose ass.


(Image: by Michael Ignatieff on flickr


CheeMiss said...

Mr. Ignatieff, where were you all this time, while your Liberal gov't was Spending and Taxing us to death to pay for all the Liberal foibles? You talk about looking after us, yet you fail to clean house of the inept Liberal leaders that are hell bent on their own personal visions/agendas at our expense.

Why in 7 1/2 yrs has the Liberal party NOT reviewed and cut public sector overpriced management salaries, bonuses, perks & retirement plans?
Why have they NOT revamped & lowered the overpaid Hydro One employees, especially the CEO's & Ministers?
Why are they always supporting the unions?
Why are they implementing a Green Energy Act that is gouging people's earnings to death?

You claim that your party is for the people.....who's people, certainly not the people of Canada?

My family & I were devout Liberals since the time of WWII and never again will WE vote for the Liberal party that is more interested in serving themselves instead of the people of Canada.
The people of this country want Private Sector Employment, NOT bigger, bloated gov't., that we have to support thru our taxes. That's not creating jobs, that's just robbing us of our pay cheques.

No man/woman is perfect, but I must in all honesty say that I am proud of the job that PM Stephen Harper is doing. Yes, he has made some blunders, but nothing compared to your party's gouging.
Bcos of Harper, we are now getting prisons built. No more are Judge's putting drug dealers & criminals back on the street bcos there is no prison to put them in. Yeah!

As for the fighter jets, Yeah, that Harper wants to save the lives of our precious soldiers, giving them the tools they need while creating jobs.
As for corporate tax cuts, they are necessary to keep & encourage Private Business in Canada.
As for the health's your bumbling McGuinty that is responsible for our Health Care Crisis:
e-Health, LHINs and The Green Energy Act, destroying our country with useless windmills etc., are the Liberals doing and not the fault of Harper.
The list is endless to the reckless, illogical, unsupervised spending of your Liberal party & you expect to put the blame on Stephen Harper?

You're platform "education, child care, health care and pension security" is a bogus laugh, bcos it's YOUR Liberal party that made it the fiasco that it is today and NOT Stephen Harper!

Our beloved, the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau, must be turning in his grave at the mess your Liberal Party has made of his creation "The Middle Class". There is NOT one person in the Liberal Party that even remotely holds a candle to this Great Man. And for you to compare yourself to him is an insult to his memory!

If the Liberal party really wants to show the voting public a redeeming quality, then YOU would force McGuinty to step down and replace him with someone who has the balls to do what ever it takes to repair the damage created by him! But you do not have such a person in your party.

The Liberal party's platform is: Greed, Self-Serving, Gov't Subsidies, Back Room Deals, Union Support, Wasteful Spending & Lack of Accountability.

p.s. Bring back the Death Penalty & then we'll talk!

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