Sunday, December 5, 2010

TTC Essential Service - Workers Strikes Cost More Than Arbitration

Many people are questioning why a fiscally prudent Rob Ford would even consider making the TTC an Essential Service, when all that means is that an Arbitrator will get to make the decision on any conflicting issues, and Arbitrators always lean towards the favour of the workers and not the employers.

Well, the answer is simple.

When the TTC Union goes on strike, it costs Toronto $50 Million a day. And based on a study performed by the City of Toronto in 2005 after the last wildcat strike by the TTC Union, had the TTC been an Essential Service and went to Arbitration, it would have costed Toronto $11.6 Million total (SOURCE: TTC essential to Toronto: Editorial)

Ok, let me repeat that for you:

$50 Million A DAY for a TTC Stike, versus $11.6 Million TOTAL!

Plus, those scumbag TTC workers won't get to hold the City of Toronto hostage anymore!

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Mayor Rob Ford, wow, finally a Toronto Mayor that makes sense.


SOURCE: TTC essential to Toronto: Editorial
Without the TTC, Toronto is sunk.

Our downtown can’t function, our disastrous traffic situation goes off the rails, people in the city can’t get to work, to medical appointments, and businesses seize up. For many, the Better Way is the only way.

In 2005, an illegal 12-hour wildcat strike by a small group of transit workers killed all service in the city.

Strikes cost the city about $50 million a day.

So, if the TTC is such an essential service, why hasn’t it officially been declared as such?

New Toronto Mayor Rob Ford campaigned on making the TTC essential. The issue is on the agenda for the first executive meeting this week at City Hall.

The argument against essential service has often revolved around the designation not stopping illegal strikes, and around cost.

Historically, you pay a price to take away a union’s right to strike. A city report said the 2005 TTC contract would have cost taxpayers an extra $11.2 million if it went straight to arbitration.

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CheeMiss said...

The problem with these highly educated Think Tank or overpaid Consultant people is that they have no common private sector sense. They are merely book learned & that's all.


TTC chairwoman Karen Stintz said the city has successfully negotiated two contracts with firefighters, which are deemed to provide an essential service, without going to arbitration.

“There’s no need to suggest that these contracts will be more expensive or that they will be arbitrated.

If we have good will with our labour partners then we will be able to find a way to work through these issues and deliver a reliable service to the public, and we will continue to move the city,” she said.
End of quote.

Like I said, all it takes is a common sense approach.
The Lie-berals have been pandering to unions long enough. The working people, whether TTC, Police, Nurses etc., know what they need & how much to settle for, without increasing to a tax burden that they themselves will also have to pay for. Common sense is all it takes.

Unions just screw things up for everyone to justify their union dues & existence.

Yeah, finally a voice of reason......Making TTC an essential service is so long over due.

Anonymous said...

You pea brains, arbitrated settements will cost alot more, as for strikes, who needs to strike when they can get what they want without losing a dime going on strike.

Ok so no more strikes , but it is going to cost the city alot more and now a third party decides what contract gets the green light and the city has to abide by whatever the arbitrator decides and they historically have gone in favor of the workers.

jackandcokewithalime said...


You're an idiot. They have arbitrated settlements now, except they also go on strike and screw Torontonians who can't go to work.

Also, what part of $50 Million a day don't you understand??? Arbitrated settlements don't even come close to that cost.

Really, next time, think before you comment.


Anonymous said...

Honestly all you low uneducated people talk so much about
shit you don't no. First of all the city said that the strike cost 50 million a day bullshit, just cause the city said it doesn't mean it's fact. How did the strike put the city in danger you couldn't get to work and now your pissed at Transit workers who are treated like shit from their employer and some members of the public. That's right keep talking if it makes you feel better my wife is a proud worker for the TTC and I sure you idiots are all on her train talking more shit! Just go back to your factory jobs and shut the hell up already.