Thursday, December 23, 2010

Smitherman's Unfair Mayoral Campaign Sign Practices Will Cost Him $8,000

Former Deputy-Premier of Ontario, or scumbag lapdog of Premier Dalton McGuinty as he's better known, Frivolous George Smitherman was outted today for having violated the City of Toronto's policies in regards to the placement of Campaign Signs during the 2010 Toronto Mayoral Camapaign.

Of course for those of you who were in a coma over the past year, Smitherman ran a shameful Mayoral Campaign that lost horribly to Rob Ford, and continued Smitherman's spiral of failure down the toilet.

And apparently even though he used tactics to cheat in the Mayoral Campaign (via illegally placed Mayoral Campaign Signs), he still lost, and now he's going to have to pay $8,000 for his vilations.

Here's the story from the Toronto Sun:

Smitherman hit with sign violations
The former mayoral candidate got stung with an $8,000 bill from the City of Toronto this week for election sign violations.

That bill adds insult to injury considering Smitherman lost the race to Mayor Rob Ford and emptied a more than $1 million campaign ward chest to do it.

The former deputy premier was sorting through his mail and was shocked to find nestled among Christmas cards the registered letter containing the big bill.

Considering the fine for having a sign on public property is around $25, it means the bill dings Smitherman for more than 300 signs.

I've got one word for you Frivolous George, "Karma".


PS: Dalton McGuinty, you are next!

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