Friday, December 31, 2010

The MLSE Has Failed the Toronto Maple Leafs & Torontonians...

You know, everytime the Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment Group comes out and talks about how successful they've been at running the Toronto Maple Leafs' "Business", it just makes me laugh at how obviously ignorant they are.

Running a money-making NHL franchise in Toronto is not the challenge, it's running a winning NHL franchise in Toronto that's the real task. In fact, I would beg to argue that it would be harder for the MLSE to turn the Toronto Maple Leafs into a money-losing sports franchise, than it would be for them to turn the Leafs into a winning franchise. Why? Because hockey is God here in Toronto (common knowledge), and regardless of whether the Leafs win, lose, or go on the ice and figure skate, the ACC will sell out everytime (these days they could probably charge more for tickets to the latter...).

If Torontonians are looking to have a winning team in Toronto, then it's time for a complete gutting of the MLSE Management and philosophy, including a change in the structuring of performance-based incentives for Executives. Making money should not be the driver, because as stated above, whether the MLSE runs the Leafs, or a monkey runs the Leafs, they will always make money. Performance-based incentives for MLSE employees should be solely based on the Maple Leafs' on-ice performance. Every time the Leafs don't make the playoffs, bonuses should not be given out to MLSE employees, and in fact, many of them should be immediately fired.

That's how you'll make the Leafs successful. Guaranteed.


PS: Yes, I'm pissed. I've basically said screw the Leafs for the past few years, knowing full well that they would not make the playoffs or do anything of significance. Then today I watched the Winter Classic Alumni game, and I remembered how much I use to love watching hockey... This mordern era Leafs team has completely ruined hockey for me, and I miss it terribly... And no matter how many changes we make on the ice or on the bench, nothing has changed or improved. In fact, I actually think they've just gotten worse and worse every year. At this point, only the MLSE is left to blame.

(Image: by scazon on flickr


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