Monday, April 5, 2010

Coca-Cola Killed Michael Jackson?

Did the King of Pop die because of his Pop Addiction?  (I'm sorry, I had to...)

TMZ is reporting that as per Dr. Conrad Murray's Legal Defense Team, Michael Jackson's Coca-Cola addiction may have been the trigger behind Michael's Propofol overdose.

Here's the story:

Jackson's Demanding Personality On Trial
TMZ broke the story that Dr. Murray's defense will be that Michael Jackson caused his own death by pumping a lethal dose of Propofol into his own body during the time the doctor was out of the room.

One of the ways the defense will prove its point is with the famous soft drink. Jackson consumed massive quantities of Coca-Cola, knowing full well it was laden with caffeine and would make it next to impossible to fall asleep.

Our sources say the defense has numerous examples of situations where Jackson hyped himself up with caffeine from soda and then used drugs -- including Propofol -- as the ultimate sleeping solution.

Personally, I've been trying to stay away from all of the Michael Jackson stuff, and I actually stopped going to TMZ as often just because every single day, Michael this, and Michael that, and Michael's family this, and Michael's Doctor that...  It just got so boring...  But this story was the first interesting one that I've seen in a while, so I thought I would mention it...

You see, Pepsi might have burned off his hair in that infamous commercial accident, but it was Coca-Cola that inevitably did him in...

I've always been a Pepsi fan myself anyway...  I always found that Coca-Cola had too much gas, and Pepsi was a bit sweeter.


(Image: by roland on flickr (Coca-Cola) by CainAndToddBenson on flickr (King of Pop)


Unknown said...

As an aside, the artists that did the pic. of M.J. are two Canadian Brothers living in Spokane WA.

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