Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hey Rogers, How About Passing Tax & Fee Savings to Customers?

Forgive me oh mighty Rogers, for I know not what I do...

You know, It's funny... When there's new taxes or fees from the Government on Telecoms like Rogers Communications Inc., without a second thought, they pass it right on down to the Customer (ex. CRTC backs TV over cable in fees dispute). I mean, how dare the Government even try to tax companies like Rogers who are pulling in millions every day?? And how dare we expect that Rogers would eat some of those taxes and fees, instead of milking us Customers for it every time?...

But, if things were reversed, and the Government suddenly decided to reduce the Taxes or Fees on Telecoms, would those Tax & Fee Savings get passed right on down to the Customer as well? Not bloody likely, if you heard what Rogers CEO Nadir Mohammed had to say recently.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

Lower fees and taxes, urges Rogers CEO

Canada’s communications industry will need the government to lower fees and drop taxes if it is to be competitive and bring in new investment, the head of telecommunications giant Rogers Communications Inc. said Thursday.

“We support a healthy, productive regulatory framework but it must meet the following criteria: will it spur innovation, will it create a level playing field and will it put the interests of consumers first?” CEO Nadir Mohamed told shareholders in Toronto.

“Lower fees and taxes so that we can spur innovation in our industry’s ability to invest in the future” Mohamed said in a message to the federal government to work with the communications industry to keep it competitive.

In its first-quarter financial results released this week, Rogers reported it earned $380 million or 64 cents a share in the three months ended March 31. That’s up from $309 million or 49 cents a year ago.

"Put the interests of consumers first"?? Ha, don't make me laugh. Rogers continues to milk us year after year, all the while pulling in numbers like the $380 Million they did in this year's first quarter alone. And every time there's any kind of new tax or fee, they so easily without question pass it on to the customer. But if there were any tax or fee reductions, it would go towards Rogers' R & D Innovation for the Future??

Here's an idea. How about spending some of that $380 Million on Innovation, and sending some savings to your loyal Customers?

Regardless of what those morons at the CRTC say about Canadians being able to afford higher cable fees (Canadians can afford high cable fees: CRTC), there can be nothing farther from the truth, and we are just dying trying to keep up with these constantly rising rates.

If anyone deserves any money, it's the customers.

Now, don't take this as me being against innovation. I'm the number one fan of innovation, but right now paying bills is just a higher priority. Rogers seems to be doing just fine in this time of financial crisis, I think they can better afford to pay for more fancier ways to take our money...


PS: You too Bell, Cogeco, Telus, and all the rest of you.

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