Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mayor Miller's Legacy of Bike Lanes Means Toronto Traffic is Doomed...

Yes, yes, it seems that Mayor Miller and his moronic band of merry Councillors are trying to get in anything and everything they can in a last ditch effort before they're tossed back into oblivion come election time.

Their final ploy: Bike lanes.

What a disaster these Bike lanes are going to be for Toronto... I mean, how can anyone in their right mind think that removing car lanes and replacing them with bike lanes, is going to improve traffic congestion??

It's just stupidity in it's greatest form...

I mean, we already have the most ridiculous of ideas ever in those stupid Diamond Lanes across the city, where at rush hour, both the other lanes are rammed with cars that are barely moving, yet there's the Diamond Lane, empty and no-one can use it...

And if someone should dare to try to use that diamond lane, bam, you're pulled over immediately by the Police and handed a ticket. You see, that's all that the diamond lanes are good for, to give Police yet another way to rip our hard-earned dollars from our hands...

Now, the one good thing that I can say about Bike Lanes is that at least they take bikes off of car lanes... It's just insanity watching cyclists ride around cars in this city. They don't follow the laws of the roads. They squeeze into the tiniest of spots care-free about whether they're scratching peoples' cars and etc.. They're just a menace out there causing havoc for pedestrians and drivers.

If you want to give cyclists bike lanes, put them in parks or in smaller side roads. Definitely not in major traffic arteries. Jarvis?? University??? What kind of idiot would come up with these kinds of catastrophes just waiting to happen?

Oh, big surprise, this has Shelley Carroll written all over it.

Sue-Ann Levy from the Toronto Sun captured this perfectly in her story:

Council's cyclepaths: Levy

The Mistress of Double Talk, a.k.a. Shelley Carroll, was in rare form Tuesday as she endeavoured to convince those around her there is absolutely no public opposition to a plan to install sheltered bike lanes on University Ave.

“This got massive news coverage,” she pronounced at public works committee. “Where are the legions of car drivers to fight the University Ave. lanes? Where are they?"

The inane plan, if it passes council next month, will see protected bike lanes installed north and south along the centre median of University Ave. from Queen St. up to Wellesley St. W. between mid-July and September 30.

I can just see the ambulances serving the three hospitals on the major arterial trying to manoeuvre through the already congested road space, while avoiding cyclists, to get their patients to the ER on time.

It’s a recipe for disaster...

The reason only the usual cast of helmet heads turned up to lobby for their biking Utopia on the Grand Avenue is because everyone else can’t afford the time to sit waiting until 3:30 p.m. for an item that was supposed to be debated at 11 a.m.

No Sue-Ann, the real reason that no pro-car lobbyists showed up from 11am to 3:30pm is because THEY HAVE JOBS!!!

You see, cyclists who can choose to sit around from 11am to 3:30pm anytime they please DON'T HAVE JOBS, and that's why they were there in full force.

You want the truth, that's the truth.

The one thing that everyone seems to overlook is that Bike Lanes in the downtown core only serve those who live in the downtown core. And sadly something that Mayor Miller, Shelley Carroll and the other pro-bike Councillors seem to forget is that Toronto isn't just the downtown core. It's everywhere within it's borders from end-to-end. Yes, that means all of those unfortunate folks who drive downtown every day for work, now will have 2 less lanes to drive in every morning. Their commute times are going to skyrocket as a result.

I mean, do you really think the people who live in the Downtown Core are driving 2 minutes away to their workplace? No, they're walking, and if not walking, they're taking the bus. YOU ARE NOT TAKING THEM OFF OF THE ROAD FROM THEIR CARS AND PUTTING THEM ON TO BIKES!!! There will not be one less car on the road as a result of this!! Just 2 less car lanes...

Bike Lanes are ruining the city and are essentially just helping a minor minor minuscule percentage of the population, while creating an even harsher nightmare for every one else...

Come to think of it, this sounds exactly like the kind of thing that we should expect from Mayor Miller and Shelley Carroll.

Man, I just hope that we can reverse all of this Bike Lane damage as soon as they're booted from City Hall after the Election.


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Anonymous said...

Typical cager who thinks cyclists don't have jobs.

Jealous because cyclists on average earn more then the fat slobs in cars?

Cars have created the traffic problems in Toronto, not bikes or bike lanes.