Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Now That's TTC Customer Service!!

Oh TTC... What can you do? Every single time you try to do something positive to improve the TTC's public image, here we go again, another TTC Driver does something stupid and screws everything you had hoped to achieve...

It gets harder and harder everyday to hide what's really going on over there, eh? ;) Yes, yes... Don't worry, we all know...

The latest was the news today of a TTC Driver Assaulting a teenager on a TTC Bus by Lawrence and Bayview.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

TTC bus driver charged with assaulting teen passenger

A fare dispute aboard a midtown TTC bus Wednesday morning has left a teen passenger injured and the driver charged with assault.

The verbal confrontation began when the teen failed to present a student card with his fare, according to police.

“It is further alleged the bus driver assaulted the man, breaking a window of the bus,” said Toronto police Const. Tony Vella.

Police say the driver “lost his temper,” grabbed the teen and pushed him into a side window.

TTC spokesperson Brad Ross said the incident was caught on tape and the video from the TTC bus is being downloaded so it can be sent to police.

TTC driver Bereket Hagos, 30, of Toronto, is charged with assault.

Yes yes, let me guess... "Everybody has a bad day every now and then"... Right, TTC? Right Mr. Kinnear? We heard a lot of that at the Customer Service Town Hall meeting the other day... It's too bad they didn't have Mr. Hagos on that TTC Panel, eh? I would have loved to have heard his thoughts on improving Customer Service...

You know, you can ask us all you want about what's wrong with the TTC and it's Customer Service, but the most critical problems are the one's that we shouldn't have to tell you about...


(Image: by nayukim on flickr

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