Tuesday, April 20, 2010

US Justice System Should NOT Grant Leniency to Michael Douglas' Son

Now, let me first say that I am a huge fan of Michael Douglas, Kirk Douglas, and Catherine Zeta Jones.

That being said, even though I feel sorry for them, that is just not a good enough reason for their son to not have to serve the full sentence of 10 years for the crimes that he has committed.

Here's the story from the Toronto Sun:

Douglas seeks leniency for son in drug case

Cameron Douglas, arrested in July at a Manhattan hotel, admitted in January that he dealt methamphetamine and cocaine. He pleaded guilty to a drug charge that carries a mandatory 10 years in prison, but his lawyers and supporters are arguing for less time.

[Michael] Douglas paints his son’s problems as the product, in part, of a privileged but difficult childhood, a family legacy of drug and alcohol problems and the long shadow cast by a family of screen icons.

He said his son developed a substance abuse problem at 13, sloughed off at school and balked at the idea of rehab unless it was legally required.

You know, I am so tired of hearing this crap about a "privileged but difficult childhood" for these rich good-for-nothing brats who have done nothing to deserve all of the wealth that they've been given, and who have this sense of entitlement that the world owes them a favor.

If you grow up having everything that a child would need to be successful, having the connections and opportunities that 99% of people don't get, and still you go into a life of crime, you deserve the full punishment that can be handed down by the law.

In fact, if you ask me, rich kids who commit crimes should have harsher punishments applied than what happens to the average Joe. THEY HAVE NO REASON TO COMMIT CRIMES!!!!!

They simply do it to get attention, and to show that their rich and famous Moms and Dads can get them out of any situation that they get themselves into.

"Privileged but difficult childhood"...  What complete BS.  A difficult childhood is trying to find money to eat, because your parents can't afford to feed you.  That's a difficult childhood.  Not attending rich-ass private schools and getting addicted to heroin.  That's not a privileged but difficult childhood.  That's just a lack of appreciation for the gift of a privileged life that you've been given.  Jail time is the perfect remedy for such a problem.

Nobody gave me anything. I wore hand-me-down clothes from the 70s when I went to elementary school (in the 80s) and I took constant abuse for being the only kid with bell-bottoms and huge collars in class. I didn't get a Nintendo, I had to earn one. I started working when I was 11 years old in order to buy the things I wanted and needed. I could have easily turned to a life of crime to get that money, but I didn't. I worked for it. And you can be sure that if I turned to dealing meth and cocaine in the streets for my money to survive, a far nobler reason for committing the crime as opposed to doing it for attention, I would have definitely had to serve the full 10 years, and it would have been irrelevant who wrote letters for me to get leniency.

If the US Justice System grants leniency to Michael Douglas' son, simply because he comes from a family of famous people, that would clearly show how Corrupt the entire Justice System is in the United States.

We've already seen how Paris Hilton and her like either don't go to jail for their crimes, or if they do, it's barely for an hour. Yet the thousands of other people who get nailed for the exact same crime, get shown no leniency whatsoever.

Everyone should be watching this case closely to see if there really is justice in this world.

I for one am tired of seeing the "privileged" get away with everything. They're already privileged, why should they get anything else?


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