Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Justice Trotter Shows Weakness in Sentencing of Corrupt Toronto Health Inspector

Superior Court Justice, Gary Trotter, let the people of Toronto down today when he let a Corrupt Toronto Health Inspector who was running an Extortion racket, get away with a slap on the wrist.

Yet another example of our Justice System failing when it comes to the Prosecution of Corrupt Government Officials.

Justice Trotter chose to show sympathy for the criminal, instead of serving Justice for the victims of his blackmail, and therefore he has set a precedent for other Corrupt Government Officials to safely go forward and commit their illegal acts, all with the piece of mind that they won't go to prison for their actions.

Thanks a lot Justice Trotter. What an embarrassment it is having you representing us when it comes to making criminals pay for their crimes.

You know, one would think that after the whole Rahim Jaffer episode, Judges would be more prudent in handing out tough sentences on criminals, especially those that are in a position of power and trust...

Here's the story from the Toronto Sun:

Shamed health inspector avoids jail

A former Toronto health inspector who tried to extort $1,400 from a couple who ran a bar has been spared a prison sentence partly because of public humiliation and the loss of his high-paying job.

Justice Gary Trotter imposed a 15-month conditional sentence — with the first months under house arrest with some exceptions — against Kerry Wong.

“He has brought great shame upon himself and his family. One would think that (widespread negative publicity and embarrassment) would deter public health officials” from abusing their powers, Trotter, of Superior Court of Justice, said. Wong also was ordered to perform 100 hours of community service during the last nine months of his sentence.

Wong tried to coax Hong Hai Kang and his wife, Yanhui Lu, who operated Weston Sports Bar and Café, into paying him $1,400 to make $2,500 in food-safety tickets disappear, Trotter said.

Trotter agreed with Crown attorney Melisa Montemurro — who wanted Wong imprisoned for 15 to 18 months — that deterrence and denunciation were the most important goals in sentencing. But, Trotter said he felt those aims could be achieved without jailing Wong because he had suffered financially and emotionally through his job loss and shame.

The Crown asked for 1.5 years in prison, but the Judge felt that, "he had suffered financially and emotionally through his job loss and shame", and therefore decided to give him 0 years???  Give me a break!!

What the hell is going on? Is this what we have Judges for? To show weakness in the knees when it comes time to punish Corrupt Government Officials? He felt he already suffered financially and emotionally??? What person who commits a crime and gets caught, doesn't suffer financially and emotionally and cause their families shame??? How does that even make sense??

Yes yes, sounds like more of that good old special treatment for one of our own, type of Justice being handed out here.

This is just disgusting. Justice Trotter is a disgrace to his position, and should be ashamed to call himself a Judge. The last place that we need to see WEAKNESS is from one of our Superior Court Justices...

This whole system is a joke.


Google Maps - "Weston Sports Bar and Café")

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