Thursday, April 15, 2010

Helena Guergis Should Submit to a Blood Test for Drugs

If she's not snortin' da coca, then what does she have to hide? Submit to a blood test, Helena! Get your hubby Rahim to submit to one as well..

Just like that you can clear your names of all of this cocaine craziness and be done with it.. Right?

Yes, yes... Just as I thought. There's no way you'll do that, will you?  Yes, I figured the story was true...

Here's the article in regards to her cocaine use from

RCMP probe of Guergis centres around cocaine allegations

Helena Guergis, the former minister of state for the status of women, was expelled from caucus and is being investigated by RCMP over allegations of partying with cocaine and prostitutes, CTV News has learned.

Private investigator Derek Snowdy says Guergis lost her Tory post after he informed a Conservative Party lawyer of those allegations, CTV's Robert Fife reported Wednesday night.

Snowdy had been conducting a 19-month probe into the affairs of Nazim Gillani and his business partner, former CFL player Mike Mihelic, when he learned of purported illicit behaviour by Guergis and her husband, former Tory MP Rahim Jaffer.

Both Gillani and Mihelic are facing fraud charges on an unrelated matter.

Gilliani boasted that he had cellphone photos of Guergis and Jaffer "partying" with cocaine and high-priced hookers, Snowdy said.

"I was concerned about blackmail," he said.

I guess we know now why she wouldn't let the airport security staff in PEI go anywhere near her shoes... ;)

I'd definitely be interested in hearing what she'd say if asked about taking a blood test for drugs... In fact, I'd be really interested to see the results of drug tests for all of the Members of Parliament... I wonder how much of our tax money is going to all of their hard-drug habits...


(Image: by Jake Wright, The Hill Times)


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Green Funds:

Whatever happened to the investigation into Conservative MPs Lee Richardson's company? Last month it was revealed that his company got a $185,000 grant from a Government of Canada green fund...

And Gail Shea, Fisheries Minister, her son-in-law got a $20-million government grant for "Green" windpower company:

Something smells fishy...

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