Monday, April 19, 2010

Toronto Council Blows $50k on Study Designed to Give Themselves Raises...

Did you hear about this yet?

Toronto City Councillors have hired a consulting firm for $50,000 to determine via opinion surveys to the Councillors themselves, whether they and the Mayor should be getting pay raises next year...

Have you ever heard of any arrangement that's more corrupt than that? And obviously decreasing salaries or freezing salaries isn't one of the available options...

Well, apparently this isn't anything new, as they did the same thing last election in 2006, except they blew $90,000 on that "study". This is just another example of a disgusting corrupt hypocritical waste of Toronto tax payers' money by our City Council...

Here's the story from the Toronto Sun:

City looks at hiking councillors' pay

City officials — it seems with the blessing of the mayor’s handpicked executive committee — have quietly hired a consultant to review whether Toronto councillors and the mayor deserve big raises next term.

The study is being done by the Hay Group Ltd. — a global firm specializing in executive compensation — and is costing taxpayers $50,000.

...City clerk Ulli Watkiss issued a memo indicating the “Election Officials Compensation Review” was in progress and they would be contacted by the Hay Group to complete a short opinion survey.

Rest assured. Consultants never recommend cutting or freezing councillor salaries.

And these are the same scumbags who tell us that there's no money in our budget for family and children. These are the same scumbags who are going to raise TTC fares again next year, and are planning to hit Torontonians with a 10% property tax hike for 4 consecutive years. But hey, there's always money for BS studies to manipulate the public into thinking that there's actual merit behind giving City Councillors raises for constantly failing Torontonians every year, year after year.

Well, at least I can take solace in the fact that when Rob Ford gets elected the next Mayor, not only are Councillor salaries going to take a permanent pit-stop, but there will be half the Councillors left leaching off of Torontonians' wallets.


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Anonymous said...

is it that much of a shoe-in for Ford?

I hope so , but?

jackandcokewithalime said...

Well, I'm going with the, "if you say it often enough, hopefully it will become true" strategy...

The latest polls as per the Toronto Star (Ford surges into second place in mayoral poll) currently have Rob Ford in 2nd place closely behind Smitherman:

Smitherman: 34%
Ford: 27%
Pantalone: 14%
Rossi: 13%
Thomson: 7%
Mammoliti: 3%
Other: 2%

And with Smitherman's support dropping drastically as more and more people realize that he's behind the e-health scandal, and also with his Campaign team members quietly leaving his side as the Election comes closer, it's looking like things are going Rob Ford's way.

I'll just continue hoping for the best... :)


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