Thursday, May 13, 2010

Councillor Paula Fletcher's Stupidity Finally Helps Toronto!

Toronto City Councillors held a vote today on the horrible idea of putting bike lanes on University Ave., and for the first time in a long time, they voted the right way and made the right decision for Toronto: No bike lanes on University!!!

The motion failed by a 15-13 vote count. But, the beauty of it all, was that Paula Fletcher, and outspoken supporter of this horrible idea, accidentally voted against the motion! :) Her incorrect vote stopped it from being a tie, which would have allowed the motion to go through!

Finally, her stupidity has done something right for Toronto.

Here's the story from CTV News:

Council votes no to bike lanes pilot project
City council has voted against putting bike lanes on University Avenue this summer -- but one councillor may have accidentally voted the wrong way.

Coun. Paula Fletcher apparently voted against the bike lanes motion by mistake.

Here's hoping she accidentally forgets to run again for her position on the Toronto City Council!


PS: Unfortunately, I just confirmed that that's something she made sure not to forget...

Screenshot taken from on YouTube

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