Tuesday, May 25, 2010

jackandcokewithalime Quoted on Rocco Rossi For Mayor Website!

On May 19th, a post-debate review by jackandcokewithalime of the first televised Toronto Mayoral Debate of 2010, was quoted on the Rocco Rossi For Mayor website at: RoccoRossi.com - Toronto 2010 Mayoral TV Debate #1 – Post-debate thoughts.

The article that was quoted can be found at: Toronto 2010 Mayoral TV Debate #1 - Here's the Video Link....

People are listening...


PS: If you build it, they will come...

Screenshot taken from http://roccorossi.com/inthenews/toronto-2010-mayoral-tv-debate-1-post-debate-thoughts/ on Rocco Rossi For Mayor Website

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BayStreetTitan said...

Congrats Jack! It was only a matter of time! ;)