Thursday, May 27, 2010

Toronto Cyclists Making Corrupt Politicians Look Good

How, you ask? It's a simple matter of cause-and-effect and blatant exploitation... Let me explain.

1. The Justice System that we have is Corrupt. There are no doubts about this as there are countless examples, disgraced former MP Rahim Jaffer being the most obvious one, and for many other examples, feel free to peruse the archive of this site as you will find plenty.

2. Drunken Psychotic Cyclist, Darcy Allan Sheppard, ATTACKED former Attorney General Michael Bryant and his wife, and in utter fear and live-preserving panic, Bryant tried to drive away, throwing Sheppard off of the car (which he was latched on to at that point and violently damaging with his metal bike lock) and resulted in him knocking his head and tragically dying.

It was an accident, and was in no way the fault of Bryant who was just trying to protect his wife and himself from assault.

Sheppard had a criminal history littered with various assaults, not to mention that at least 4 other victims of Sheppard's came forward and said that he did the exact same thing to them -some that same day. Also, eye-witnesses came forward and confirmed Bryant's description of the events that took place that day. For more details on this incident, see the following article that was in the Toronto Star: The 28 seconds that changed Michael Bryant’s life. It provides a clear description of the entire ordeal.

So, based on the evidence presented, Bryant is rightfully and justifiably exonerated from the charges. Believe me, I'm the first person to scream Corruption when it's happening (this site is a testament to that fact), and in this case, I have no disputes with the decision that was made. It was the right move.

3. Ignorant Cyclists are now in uproar over the Bryant/Sheppard decision, and commence protesting about the supposed Anti-Bike move (see picture above). Their uproar is completely unfounded and unjustified. But, Cyclists have gone insane in this city (with Anti-Car this and bike lane that), the city in turn encourages and nurtures that insanity, and Cyclists as a result feel that they are "holier" than every non-Cyclist (and we're talking 1200 cyclists versus millions of cars???), and as such, any decision -whether justified or not, if it's Anti-Bike, it's wrong.

4. Cyclists come up with a new angle to push: Not only was the decision Anti-Bike, but it was also another result of our Corrupt Justice System where members of the "Elite Class" (Politicians, Police Officers, Crowns and Judges, Professional Athletes, Celebrities -not including Rap Stars of course, Rich People and etc.) can simply wave their get-out-of-jail-free card and can get away with anything.

The sad thing is, that even though this angle is completely true in the majority of cases (as described in #1 above), in this one extremely rare and very isolated case with Michael Bryant, he is actually innocent and the right decision was actually made. And, even though I'm sure the Cyclists know this, they still want to capitalize on this opportunity to exploit the whole Corrupt Justice System thing, and so they are.

5. Politicians, finally having a case where they know the accused "Corrupt" Politician is actually truly innocent, now use this case as a base example of how Politicians have been falsely generalized as being Corrupt here in Canada.

Example of this: John Tory - a person of which I am a huge fan as I usually tend to agree with his commentary on his radio show, and I really do appreciate the special insight that he has in the Political Arena due to his decorated political career - elected to choose today as the day he was going to defend Politicians from accusations of them all being corrupt (hmm... I wonder why?). He chose to discuss with Torontonians why they feel that ALL Politicians and the entire Justice System are Corrupt, and yes, he used the Bryant case as an example to defend them.

Feeding off of the misplaced anger from the disillusioned Toronto Cyclists, he fielded their incorrect accusations of Corruption in the Bryant case with ease over and over, and sealed the deal with the conclusion that not all Politicians are Corrupt. "How can they be?", he constantly repeated. "In this case you're saying that everybody, from the Police, to the Crown, to the Judge would all have to be in on this, and that's just not very likely" he said (I'm paraphrasing here from hearing him on the radio. This is not an exact quote). In this case, that's true, it's not very likely that there was Corruption afoot. But in the majority of other cases (again like with Rahim Jaffer), everybody down the line could very likely have been involved (whether they knew it or not). John Tory knows this, and yet, he exploits the fact that generalizations are being made incorrectly about this case in order to gain legitimacy for his former corrupt colleagues. Essentially, John Tory, a brilliant political operative, is exploiting the Cyclists who were exploiting our Corrupt Justice System.

So, at the end of the day, because Cyclists are incorrectly screaming Corruption in this case, they are in fact providing ammunition for our Corrupt Politicians to defend themselves against accusations of Corruption, which in most cases are justified.

Please Note: In no way am I saying that John Tory is Corrupt. I am just saying that Cyclists are allowing him the ability to be able to defend other Corrupt Politicians, and that's the problem.

Cyclists, seriously, let this go. You're allowing our Corrupt Politicians to have the opportunity to make themselves look good, and that is definitely not something that Canadians, Ontarians and especially Torontonians need right now.


PS: While we're talking about Cyclists, let me just add that Cyclists who ride for employment, like yes, the infamous Bike Couriers in this city, need to be licensed immediately. License them, actually enforce the laws of the road on them, and if they break those laws, apply a demerit point system like the one that exists for motorized vehicles. If this was already in place, Sheppard would have been taken off of his bike long before this incident happened, and he most likely would have had his life saved because of it. Think about it.

(Yes, yes... Now I'm exploiting the Cyclists' situation for my own Pro-Car agenda...)

(Image: by backintheworld on flickr
Screenshot from!/ToryJohn?v=wall&ref=ts on John Tory Facebook Page


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Unknown said...

Maybe you should just have another drink, Jack. And leave the commentary to those who've bothered to do the research necessary to provide a fact-based foundation to their opinions.