Tuesday, May 25, 2010

jackandcokewithalime Linked on Toronto Board of Trade Website!

Today, a review by jackandcokewithalime of the Toronto Board of Trade's Discussion Paper, The Move Ahead: Funding “The Big Move”, was linked on the BOT's Election 2010 website at: VOTETORONTO2010.com - The media scan for May 25.

The article that was linked can be found at: Rob Ford: "No, no, no and no" to Toronto BOT's New Tax/Fee/Toll Ideas.

This past week has been a busy one for jackandcokewithalime! First a quotation on the Rocco Rossi For Mayor website (jackandcokewithalime Quoted on Rocco Rossi For Mayor Website!), and now this link on the Toronto Board of Trade's Election Website.

Apparently, people are indeed listening...


Screenshot taken from http://www.votetoronto2010.com/board/the-media-scan-for-may-25/ on the Toronto Board of Trade Election Website


KingBlogSpot said...

I'm proud to be a "Jack" fan and know this blog will blow up one day (its only a matter of time).

Please keep up the good work, your time and effort does make a difference.

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