Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hey "Shady Joe" Pantalone, only Criminals Call People "Snitches"...

While Rob Ford is busy out there cleaning up the City of Toronto's Corrupt and Tax Evading City Councillors and City Staff, "Shady Joe" Pantalone accused him of being "snitch".

You know, when you think about it, only criminals and guilty people call whistleblowers "snitches" when their wrongdoings are outted.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

City staff back-taxed for parking

Ford takes heat from Pantalone for being a ‘snitch’ to CRA
The mayoral campaign of Councillor Rob Ford has trumpeted the fact that he complained to CRA about councillors’ “outrageous” tax-free perks and that the agency told him last year it was beginning an audit.

Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone, also running for mayor, accused Ford on Wednesday of being a “snitcher” who could cost the city money if the workers’ collective agreements force the city to pick up any of the costs. He noted the CRA is also auditing the police and fire departments.

“Ford is gloating that councillors have to give back their passes, but he has hurt our men and women in blue and our firefighters,” Pantalone said. “Rob Ford is a snitcher.”

Ford said the letter he sent to CRA asked the agency only to audit councillors.

“I don’t think city staff should be thrown under the bus because of councillors abusing their tax-free perks,” he said.
And during a time when Shady Joe is running for the Mayor of Toronto, and you would think that a future Mayor would be all about enforcing the laws and setting an example, not only is Shady Joe going around calling people snitches, but he also spearheaded the campaign for the extension of legal drinking hours in bars, pushing for them to be extended to 10am in the morning (SOURCE: Let bars open early for World Cup, Pantalone says) which was -by the way- approved today (SOURCE: Soccer fans can have beer for breakfast).

Now, I understand the justification in that for people who have worked all night, and want to have a drink to relax. But that's not the reason he's looking for the extension. He wants it so that FIFA World Cup fans can have some drinks while they watch the games. And given that they start at 10am, he wants the hours to be extended to that time.

I had a long argument with my girl about this, and I simply asked myself: If I was going to watch a Toronto Maple Leafs Playoff game at 10am, would I want to have a Jack and Coke with a lime (like I probably would for a 7pm game)?... My answer was no, I would probably want a coffee at 10am... But hey, that's just me... Shady Joe is apparently down with cocktails in the morning...

I can just imagine the kind of partying that's going to be going on down at City Hall if he's elected the next Mayor of Toronto... (It also makes me wonder about the partying that's going on down there right now with him the Deputy Mayor, and Lord Douche himself, David Miller, running the show... We already heard about Giambrone having his sexual exploits in his office at City Hall...)

Wow, Shady Joe Pantalone... An apparent Alcoholic with Criminal Tendencies... What a great choice for the next Mayor of Toronto...


PS: What??!! I just don't want my Toronto to have a future that involves a Mayor that's drunk at 10am in the morning, simply because the World Cup is on, you know what I mean?? Not to mention him overlooking criminal activities and calling out whistleblowers as snitches... I mean, really, am I crazy??

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