Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Smitherman Shamefully "Playing the Gay Card": Toronto Gay Community

If George Smitherman feels secure that he has the vote of the Toronto Gay Community in his bid to be the next Mayor of Toronto, he better think again.

Apparently, members of Toronto's Gay Community are disgusted with the way Smitherman has been "Playing the Gay Card" in his Mayoral Campaign, and as a result, they've shifted their support behind another candidate, namely, Rob Ford.

Here's the story from the Toronto Star:

Rob Ford apologizes for 2006 AIDS comment
“I apologize if I offended you or your husband in any way - that’s not my style,” mayoral candidate Rob Ford tells the HIV-positive gay man (Dieter Doneit-Henderson) sitting beside him on the couch in a north Etobicoke highrise.

On Friday, Doneit-Henderson called the Star to say he had been attracted to Ford’s fiscal prudence and was considering volunteering for his campaign when the AIDS comment stopped him cold. He emailed Ford’s campaign asking for clarification but received no response.

During an interview with Ford on Monday afternoon about his past controversial comments, the Star got Doneit-Henderson on a speakerphone to relay his experience to Ford, who said he preferred to talk in person. He then led a caravan to Doneit-Henderson’s building on Richview Rd.

After the apology, the atmosphere was friendly but Doneit-Henderson, a freelance writer and web designer who once ran provincially for the NDP in Ottawa, says: “I still have a question. Why you didn’t want (the AIDS) funding?”

Ford said he thought health initiatives were a provincial responsibility.

“I thought, ‘Why all of sudden is the municipal level giving to the AIDS - where’s the money for the cancer, for the heart disease and the other diseases? My dad died of cancer.’ ”

Doneit-Henderson says senior governments are guilty of downloading and proclaims that he’s ready to volunteer for Team Ford. He says Smitherman, whom he says he knew in the party scene from 1999 to 2003, is “playing the gay card.”

Yes, Smitherman, who is infamously known for using and being addicted to illegal "party drugs" while frequenting the party scene in Toronto in the early 90s (SOURCE: McGuinty 'proud' of Minister who beat drug addiction), has slowly been having his supporters drop one-by-one, and many have been moving to throw their support behind Rob Ford. Even Smitherman's original Campaign Manager bailed on him (SOURCE: Smitherman campaign manager resigns), though he took the high road and claimed it was due to family reasons.

It's slowly looking like the only person left who thinks Smitherman has a chance, is Smitherman himself...

Smitherman has proven that he has no leadership abilities, he is the exact opposite of fiscally responsible (with his $1 Billion loss of Ontarians Tax Dollars during his reign as the leader of e-Health), and now with his shameful usage of the "Gay Card" whenever he's making a speech, he is also losing the support of the Toronto Gay Community.

It's over Smitherman, it's time for you to go away. And hey, take your best friend that lying betrayer-extraordinaire Dalton McGuinty with you. You both should be exiled from Ontario permanently.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/oldtownguy/272304039/sizes/o/ by OldTownGuy on flickr (modified)


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