Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Toronto Traffic Gridlock Makes Idling Bylaw a Futile Exercise

The Toronto Vehicle Idling Bylaw is yet another example of Toronto City Leaders wasting taxpayers' money by dedicating time and effort to an exercise that will accomplish absolutely nothing.

I can't even begin to understand this law, as we have thousands of cars that idle in traffic jams for hours all over the city, every single day, multiple times a day, and yet hey, lets go after the cars that idle for 1 minute on the side of the road...

It's just clear and utter stupidity, and really, it just shows how disconnected our city's leaders truly are from reality.

One would think that they would realize that this is like trying to put out a huge fire by spitting on it. Compared to the traffic gridlock idling, idling when parked is like .00000001% of the total idling in this city.


If the city wants to give someone a ticket for idling, why don't they start by giving the City and Project Management of the severely late and over-budget Bloor Construction project a fine for every car that's stuck idling there for hours just to move less than 1km?? Why don't they give the Managers of the St. Clair construction project fines for every car idling there?? And I could go on and on with various failed construction efforts around this city which cause thousands of cars to have to idle for periods of times that are literally hundreds of times longer than a 1-minute parking idle, but I'm assuming you get the point.

How can this city be so backwards?? How can we have leaders that are just so GD Stupid???


http://www.flickr.com/photos/msvg/4476789745/sizes/l/ by MSVG on flickr

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