Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Canada Defeats USA in Average Penis Size! Though, Both Lose To The World...

Yes, yes, I went there... ;)

Though Canadian men have an Average Erect Penis Size that is of longer length than American men (5.5 inches for Canadian men versus 5.1 inches for American men), overall, both Canada and the United States did pretty embarrassingly in a survey/study of Average Penis Sizes around the world (with Canada landing in 76th place overall, and the United States landing in 98th).

Here's a list of the results:

Average Size Database - World Penis Size

1Democratic Republic of the Congo7.1Self-Reported
2Ecuador 6.9Measured
3Republic of the Congo6.8Self-Reported
4Ghana 6.8Self-Reported
5Colombia 6.7Measured
6Venezuela 6.7Measured
7Lebanon 6.6Self-Reported
8Bolivia 6.5Measured
9Cameroon 6.5Self-Reported
10Hungary 6.5Self-Reported
11Jamaica 6.4Self-Reported
12Panama 6.4Self-Reported
13Sudan 6.4Self-Reported
14Brazil 6.3Measured
15Haiti 6.3Measured
16Senegal 6.3Measured
17Benin 6.3Self-Reported
18Czech Republic 6.3Self-Reported
19France 6.3Self-Reported
20Peru 6.3Self-Reported
21Puerto Rico6.3Self-Reported
22Cuba 6.2Measured
23Egypt 6.2Measured
24Gambia, The 6.2Measured
25The Netherlands 6.2Measured
26Belgium 6.2Self-Reported
27Belize 6.2Self-Reported
28Burkina Faso6.2Self-Reported
29Dominican Republic 6.2Self-Reported
30Italy 6.2Self-Reported
31Zambia 6.2Self-Reported
32Paraguay 6.1Measured
34Angola 6.1Self-Reported
35Bosnia & Herzegovina 6.1Self-Reported
36Georgia 6.1Self-Reported
37Guatemala 6.1Self-Reported
38Central African Republic 6Measured
39Chad 6Measured
40Nigeria 6Measured
41Denmark 6Self-Reported
42Nicaragua 6Self-Reported
43South Africa 6Self-Reported
44Bulgaria 5.9Measured
45Cape Verde5.9Measured
46Côte d'Ivoire 5.9Measured
47Democratic Republic of the Costa Rica 5.9Measured
48Gaza Strip5.9Measured
49Honduras 5.9Measured
50Mexico 5.9Self-Reported
51Morocco 5.9Self-Reported
52Slovakia 5.9Self-Reported
53Slovenia 5.9Self-Reported
54Tunisia 5.9Self-Reported
55Uruguay 5.9Self-Reported
56Argentina 5.8Measured
57Croatia 5.8Measured
58El Salvador 5.8Measured
59Greece 5.8Measured
60Serbia 5.8Measured
61Sweden 5.8Measured
62Albania 5.8Self-Reported
63Belarus 5.7Measured
64Chile 5.7Measured
65Germany 5.7Measured
66Iceland 5.7Measured
67Iran 5.7Self-Reported
68Iraq 5.7Self-Reported
69Suriname 5.7Self-Reported
70Austria 5.6Measured
71Norway 5.6Measured
72Poland 5.6Measured
73Switzerland 5.6Measured
74Eritrea 5.6Self-Reported
75Israel 5.6Self-Reported
77Macedonia 5.5Measured
78New Zealand 5.5Measured
79Spain 5.5Measured
80Turkey 5.5Measured
81Ukraine 5.5Measured
82United Kingdom 5.5Measured
83Algeria 5.5Self-Reported
84Somalia 5.5Self-Reported
85Azerbaijan 5.4Measured
86Finland 5.4Measured
87Libya 5.4Measured
88Estonia 5.4Self-Reported
90Saudi Arabia 5.4Self-Reported
91Afghanistan 5.3Measured
92Turkmenistan 5.3Measured
93Ethiopia 5.3Self-Reported
94Armenia 5.2Measured
95Australia 5.2Measured
96Portugal 5.2Measured
97Russia 5.2Measured
99Ireland 5Measured
100Mongolia 5Measured
101Yemen 5Measured
102Romania 4.9Measured
103Pakistan 4.8Measured
104Burma (Myanmar) 4.6Measured
105Indonesia 4.6Measured
106Singapore 4.5Measured
107Vietnam 4.5Measured
108Bangladesh 4.4Measured
109Hong Kong4.4Measured
110Malaysia 4.4Measured
111Japan 4.3Measured
112Sri Lanka 4.3Measured
113China 4.2Measured
114Taiwan 4.2Measured
115The Philippines 4.2Measured
116Cambodia 4Measured
117India 4Measured
118Thailand 4Measured
119Korea, North 3.8Measured
120Korea, South 3.8Measured

Now, if you're a defensive male like I am, then you're probably thinking, "hey, what the hell does 'Self-Reported' mean?". Yes, I hear you. Because we all know that if someone has to "self-report" their penis size, there's no way in hell that you will report if it's 3.8 inches like the poor, poor Koreans.

As such, if you ask me, I disqualify all of the above countries that have "Self-Reported" their results! :)

By the way, on the same website (linked above) that reported these results, it also had notes from a study performed on 800 New Yorkers which basically showed that men who were asked to "Self-Report" their erect penis size, on average, embellished the size by between 3cm to 6cm (equivalent to 1.2 inches to 2.4 inches)!

So, if we want to get technical, if we take the midpoint between 1.2 and 2.4, which is 1.8, and add that to our Canadian length which is 5.5 + 1.8 = 7.3 inches, and the American length which is 5.1 + 1.8 = 6.9 inches, then Canada ends up in 1st place and the USA ends up in 3rd, when we provide "Self-Reported" numbers. Yes, now we feel much better!

Ok, ok, if we did that, then Ecuador would win... Yes, yes... Listen, this isn't a competition alright! It's not the size that matters, it's the motion of the ocean... No, really! Ah, forget it...


PS: Damn Congo!!

http://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=3073 by onionSlayer on TargetMap


Anonymous said...

people often incorrectly cite a Korean study that measured flaccid stretched penises at 9.6 cm, not erect ones.

This study actually measures ERECT length, and measures S. Koreans at 13.42 cm, or 5.2 inches.

Not monster dongs, but definitely not the world's smallest.

Anonymous said...

feelin on top of the world with my 19 cm :D measured, not self reporting XD

Anonymous said...

America is more diverse than Canada. Where as a large portion of Canadian Whites come from mainly 2 places (France, England). American caucasians come from all over Europe. They cannot be compared. Canada is far more homogeneous than America.

Anonymous said...

@ Kristina: Are you serious? Canada has one of the most diverse cultural backgrounds. People have immigrated here from everywhere, not just Europe. Have you ever visited Canada?

Anonymous said...

Me thinks Kristina is uncultured lol

Anonymous said...

Well if 5.1 is the average for the U.S.A. Then I'm doing pretty darn good ;) my fiance would def agree =Mike

Anonymous said...

my penis is of 6.3 when erected and can do sex for 10 to 15 minutes minimum? Will be good or bad as per women orgasm ?

Anonymous said...

I am living in canada and I'm quite a young age, 14 to be exact and my oenis length is 6.42 inches while erect, now I was born in England and I don't understand how a little guy like myself has such a decent size penis length

Anonymous said...

I have a 15 inch penis and im 13 years old!! i guess im doing alright ! ;p

Anonymous said...

Definetly not true! Probably 15 cm

Anonymous said...

I am 27 from south America and my penis is 22 cm when erect the girls give me dick suck every time they see it they tell me wow so big I am happy for this

Anonymous said...

hah, european this european that its all the same white, Canada is way more culturally diseverse and socialy acceptant of people from all around the world than american mexican, brasilian ,german, russian,algerian silly kristina

Anonymous said...

is this measured wen erect or not?

Anonymous said...

At 7.3" and 5.5" Girth, I suppose I am doing well!

I was involved in a Group Sex Session on a secluded beach in BC earlier this year, and I was easily the Largest(3 males,2 females).

Edmonton Alberta

Anonymous said...

I'm 14 I'm french Canadian and my penis is 6 in when erect and I'm still hitting puberty

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm salvadoran & I have like a 5 1/2 inch dick & I'm 14 is that good if I'm still goin thru puberty?!?

Anonymous said...

My man is from Lebanon and he has 22cm . So happy I am :)

Anonymous said...

I don't really trust any "self reported" measurements. Either you actually measured them first hand to verify it or the measurements shouldn't even be shown.

Anonymous said...

My Dick is well over 50 feet in length and I'm only 3.

Thane Macbeth .. Ashur said...

my penile length flacid is 6.5 but when erect its 7.3 and im 13. im mainly scottish but also french british germen . etc

Anonymous said...

im 26 an im native my penis hangs down my leg when i walk down the street it drags on the street i have road rash everyday an my mom says im a growin boy is this good?????

Anonymous said...

You must be Asian. My dick is 3,548 km long and generates its own weather patterns. And I'm only 6 weeks old.

Anonymous said...

Fuck this bullshit yemen 5 inchs my ass, I'm 15 and I have a 7.5 inch penis I think the yemeni not erected average penis is 5inch. I know yemenis that are more hung than elephants.

Anonymous said...

Frankly who really cares? Have you ever seen p0rn movies with the guys hung like donkeys? They can't even dip that last few inches in. It's just wasted flesh that sucks blood from the organ that makes the greatest lovers, the brain! Well at least according to certain studies that often reach the conclusion they want to :) The only thing a big d!ck is good for is for gloating in the change rooms.

Anonymous said...

That's for viewing asthetics.

Anonymous said...

I'm 14 from Central America and have a 17 cm dick and I'm happy with it

Anonymous said...

Mine varies 9.5 to 10 erect and girth is 6.5 i'm black american.

allen donald said...

If penis size really mattered to all of us, only guys with massive wangs would reproduce. This is clearly not the case, or else we would live in a society ruled by tripods and men would no longer be able to sit down on toilets. The proof is in the pudding. Your penis is fine. Your insecurity and need for validation from girls is not.

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Anonymous said...

Im a white Canadian...and I have 7 inches, measured;) Well above average:) Its funny though, I actually guessed around 5.5 when my gf asked to measure it. So finding out I underestimated my size is great:D

Anonymous said...

So my 7 3/4 inches erect with 6 1/2 girth is not bad then ... always felt self-conscious but feel better knowing now.. oh and am a white canadian. ..and this was a measured for me not by me.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it seem strange to anyone that all the countries that say "measured" are LOW on the list and all the ones that say "self measured" are high??? -_-


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Jeremy Matheiw said...

There is a big huge flaw in the data and it seems to be biased information. According to noor clinic, a medical research center in Karachi Pakistan the average size of a Pakistani dick is 5.8 inches when erect. Altough the more recent studies were based on men all over the globe and the average global size is 5.2 inches.

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