Friday, March 11, 2011

Disgraced TCHC Ex-CEO Derek Ballantyne Finally Tossed from Build Toronto!

Super Mayor Rob Ford said he would deal with Toronto Community Housing Corp's ex-CEO Derek Ballantyne who led the TCHC during its scandalous years outlined in the recent scathing Auditor General's report (see: Toronto Community Housing Corp. (TCHC) Board & Staff Swam in "Gravy") and who currently is the Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Operations at Build Toronto, was finally today rightfully tossed in the trash from his position at Build Toronto (as Mayor Ford promised).

Here's the story from the Toronto Sun:

Former TCHC chief leaves Build Toronto
Mayor Rob Ford is one CEO away from removing everyone he wanted to roll out in the wake of the Toronto Community Housing scandal.

The former head of the TCHC, Derek Ballantyne, has left his position as COO of Build Toronto, the city-owned corporation announced Friday.

“The board of directors of Build Toronto has determined that the recent allegations set out in the auditor general’s report regarding (TCHC) make it impossible for Mr. Ballantyne to continue to perform his duties for Build Toronto, whose sole shareholder is the City of Toronto,” read the statement from Blake Hutcheson, the chairman of the board.

When the auditor general’s reports on TCHC were revealed last week, Ford called for the resignation of the corporation’s current CEO Keiko Nakamura and its board of directors. Asked about the fate of Ballantyne at Build Toronto, Ford said an answer on the former CEO’s fate would be coming soon and that he had “expressed his concerns” to Hutcheson.

Ballantyne’s exit follows the resignation of TCHC’s seven civilian board members and two city councillors along with city council’s removal this week of the two tenant representatives and two city councillors who refused to quit.

Nakamura, whose fate is still up in the air, will take orders from the lone member of the interim board, Ford’s handpicked managing director, Case Ootes.

Now only ex-COO and current CEO of the TCHC, Keiko Nakamura, remains. As soon as she finalizes her severance package with the TCHC, you can expect her to be tossed in the trash as well, and then finally the TCHC can move on from this scandal and get back to its mission of "providing affordable housing, connecting tenants to services and opportunities, and working together to build healthy communities".


(Image: by antkriz on flickr


CheeMiss said...

I find it odd that Ballantyne was the only one NOT offered to re-apply. hmmmm?
I guess dismantling the Liberal Regime has begun.

If only Mayor Ford had the power to get his hands on Hydro One et al.
Hopefully Tim Hudak will have the same "Respect for Tax Payers" and downsize them once and for all.
That place really does need a total over haul.

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