Sunday, March 20, 2011

Milton Crown Prosecutor Fails Canada on PETA Pie-Terrorist's Weak Plea Deal

Last week, the Milton Crown Prosecutor made a shameful and disgusting deal with the devil, an American PETA Pie-Terrorist devil that is, essentially condoning the planned and calculated assault on a Canadian Government Minister and telling anyone that if they disagree with a Canadian Policy, they should feel free to go right ahead and assault the applicable Canadian Minister without fear of true accountability.

The American PETA-Terrorist, Emily McCoy, waited patiently tofu-pie-in-hand, at a press conference where Canadian Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Gail Shea, was about to speak. As soon as she got up to the podium and started her speech, McCoy ran up to her and slammed the pie in her face, after which she started shouting her verbal diatribe about immoral seal clubbing and the unethical treatment of animals and etc.

Here is a YouTube Video that shows the incident:
Gail Shea Gets Pie In Face by PETA Activist!

I don't know anyone who could watch that video and not feel absolutely horrible for Minister Shea...

Now, I'm not going to get into the moral aspect of seal hunting and clubbing, as that truly is completely irrelevant in this discussion. Whether it's right or wrong has nothing to do with the willful planned assault on an elected Canadian Government Official, and the lack of justice handed out by our horrifying useless Crown Prosecutor and Milton Judge.

The deal handed to McCoy for carrying out this essentially terrorist assault was (as per the Toronto Star article: Woman banned from Canada over pieing minister):

Probation for 2 years which includes the following (to be enforced during these 2 years):
- Not being allowed to enter Canada
- Not being allowed to have any contact with Minister Gail Shea, her victim
- Not being allowed to have any contact with the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans
- Not being allowed to have contact with any Canadian Embassies or Consulates

And that's it. No jail time for the assault on a Canadian Elected Government Minister. No lifetime ban from entering Canada. This truly was an un-justifiable slap on the wrist, though even a literal slap on the wrist would have been a more harsh punishment.

The Milton Crown Prosecutor, in making this outrageous plea deal with the PETA-Terrorist, and the Milton Judge who accepted this horrific plea deal, both have failed Canada, and both desperately need to be removed from office immediately. Apparently they don't understand that in the current state of the world in which we live, it is absolutely critical to make examples of such assaulting acts on our elected Government Officials, regardless of what the righteous intention was, or even the severity of the assault (given that the PETA sympathizers will claim that it was just a pie in the face).

Unfortunately there hasn't been any press coverage of the Crown Prosecutor's or the Judge's formal justification for this lax and irresponsible sentencing, nor have they provided the names of these failed so-called public representatives who allowed this deal.

But in the meantime, I guess based on the Crown's and Judge's decision, we can take solace in watching a video of a PETA activist getting pied in her face while protesting and waiting for Prime Minister Harper. Apparently, that is ok and is condoned by our keepers of justice in Milton.


Screenshots from Video by nomorecruelty on YouTube


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